CLEARING A PATH! Napoleon Total War: Darthmod - Prussia Campaign #93

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A Humble Pear : Lionheart's History of Prussia Part 93: The second phase of the Prussian offensive targeted Greece, Transylvania, and Wallachia. The latter province had been converged upon by the largest gathering of the Prussian army in recent memory, with the likes of such legendary figures as Generalfeldmarschall Blücher and Prince Louis Ferdinand in attendance. Before the war host crossed the Danube from the south and east to march on Bucharest, there was a brief period where the ten different armies took the opportunity to shuffle their resources between themselves to ensure that regiments were kept at fighting strength. Many of the men used the time to hold ad hoc vigils for the many dead that had already fallen in the Austro-Prussian war. More than one hundred thousand had died in the opening days of January, and while large-scale death was familiar to the hardened Prussian soldiers, the intensity of the combat and the concentration of so much slaughter into so short a time period was not; it was carnage that hadn’t been seen in living memory, and it dampened morale considerably on both sides. The grand Prussian camp, which stretched for miles over the countryside and took tremendous logistical effort to keep supplied, was visited by King Friedrich Wilhelm and Queen Luise. The king had never pretended to have authority in military affairs, a point which many historians counted firmly in Prussia’s favour, but by this point in the war even he had become familiar with the matter of the war. Far from the bumbling, nervous mess the king had been for most of his life in public, the address to the troops at what would become known as the Speech on the Danube proved to the king’s skeptics that perhaps the man had finally gained some mettle. _My soldiers, my brothers, brave sons of Prussia, on this evening we find ourselves on the banks of the great Danube, the mighty channel of Europe’s heart. Become acquainted with this river, my soldiers, for the water that laps at these banks once lapped at the banks of Vienna, and has travelled the length of the Austrian Empire to join us here. Just as you look upon the Austrians across the Danube, so too do Prussians along its entire course. Wherever the Danube flows, there you will find a Prussian ready to die for his country. Your crossing here will mark the crossing of the Danube from here to Baden, and insodoing sound the trumpet that marks the end of the Austrian emperor._ _Your victories in Wallachia and beyond are of tantamount importance to the prestige of our nation, and the security of our homes. It is a heavy burden I place upon your shoulders I know, but I have no fear. I hail you as the pride of all Germans, and Germans being the greatest among earth’s peoples, I hail you as the greatest men alive. May the marching of your boots shake the pillars of the earth, and the triumphs you win shake off the yoke of the Austrian once and for all. Let the enemy worry whether fortune will favour them. Let them fear that the overwhelming numbers sent against you will yield, as they have before. Let them fear that neither rain nor snow nor any other natural maladie slow your progress, as they have failed to before. Let them fear that the roar of your guns, the bite of your blades, be every bit as worthy of fear as they have no doubt heard they are. Let the fear be theirs and theirs alone, soldiers, and let the iron and the glory be yours. Gott mit uns, Prussians, and may I meet you again in Vienna._ The Austrians were not as fearful as King Friedrich Wilhelm might have suggested to the Prussians. Emperor Francis, amid the preparations for war, was styling himself as a new Roman emperor. Amid negotiations with the Italian states and the pope, all of whom were anxious to be protected from a potential Prussian invasion, Francis began to notice that the borders of his empire were beginning to look a lot like the Romans’. His own addresses to his soldiers took on a very imperial air as a result, commanding his military to fight for the honour of their emperor. It wasn’t the morale boost that the Austrians needed after having suffered such great losses earlier in the year, and the friends that Francis had one in the Poles, Russians, and Turks worried that these new imperial designs might leave their homelands under foreign occupation even if Austria won the war. Prince Louis Ferdinand cast the first stone in May 1810, crossing the Danube to signal the next phase of the Austro-Prussian war, of which the people of both empires were now fully grasping the magnitude. He immediately sought out a battle with the nearest Austrians in order to gain a foothold on the west bank, and at the Battle of Viziru Louis Ferdinand brought his soldiers to bear on the first line of the Austrian defence. Louis Ferdinand’s army, which had seen active service since the very first battle of the wars, was arguably the greatest army that Prussia had with the only other to come close being at the command of Blücher. Observers of this important battle note that for every shot fired by the Prussians, Louis Ferdinand’s crack infantry could fire twice. Small wonder then that the Austrians were utterly crushed at Viziru. Even the Prussian cavalry which normally saw notoriously high casualties was unusually formidable, slaughtering their Austrian counterparts without contest before tearing through the panicked infantry lines. Perhaps the most striking account is that of General Grolmann, who had gone with Louis Ferdinand in an advisory capacity. Grolmann had served under Blücher as an officer, and had spent much of his time as a general in the company of the generalfeldmarschall. His descriptions of Louis Ferdinand’s army as ‘the greatest fighting force the world has ever known’ and ‘the singular culmination of strategic genius, the adoration of one’s subordinates, and the rare blood of the Hohenzollern line.’ speak for themselves. Despite his string of successes and his immense popularity among the common people, Prince Louis Ferdinand was not well. To the modern reader it would be clear to see in Louis Ferdinand a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but such psychological conditions were not yet appreciated and were often misconstrued as madness or cowardice. The prince had been suffering from an apparent mix of PTSD and depression for some time, seemingly brought about by the horrors of war of which he had experienced a great deal. His example as a war hero struggling with a debilitating psychological injury has inspired many in the following generations, and his tale is often used today to dispel ideas of the mentally ill being useless or dangerous to society.

Memil : yhea set it on no limit for that battle its going to bee a such Epic battle !!

ImperatorGamer : Prussian Accounts: Part 93 Captain Gesner stood with his arms folded behind his back, looking at the island of Malta in the distance as The Black Glory slowly moved towards it. Hermann was scrubbing the deck but focusing more on the captain than the mop in his hands, waiting for him to do... something. Hermann wasn’t exactly sure what he was expecting other than a spontaneous order for some more rum, anything to avoid scrubbing the deck. The waiting became too much for Hermann and he mustered some courage to awkwardly sneak up on the side of the captain. “What do ye think ye’re doing, lad?” Captain Gesner asked without even looking at Hermann. “I uhm… I was just... sorry, sir.” Hermann sighed and backed away.” “Have ye ever played tag, Herr Scharf?” Captain Gesner asked out of the blue. Hermann was thrown off by the question. “I have, sir.” “It’s been many a years since I played. Back when I was but a little fish I used to play with the other lads in the streets. Can ye remember any of the strategies in the game?” “Strategies, sir?” “Aye, strategies.” “I don’t think there are any strategy to the game, sir. You just kinda… chase and try to be faster.” “Aye, try to be faster. But let’s say ye’re being hunted and ye’re not faster, what do ye do?” Captain Gesner finally looked at Hermann, who thought about the question for a minute. “You zig-zag I suppose.” “No boy! Zag-zagging will just make ye slower, if your opponent is fast he can just zig-zag faster!” Captain Gesner shouted, Hermann felt like he was being scolded. “Come on lad, think!” He waved with his hand annoyed. “Umm… I guess you… ugh I don’t know, you do something unexpected, something they couldn’t anticipate.” Hermann felt like crying, it felt so frustrating. “Aye lad, that’s a good idea…” Captain Gesner acknowledged and looked back at Malta, pondering. “Are we going to play tag, sir?” “Go back to ye cleaning, lad. Let me think for Christ sake!”

Connor Buchanan : I'm definitely not the most qualified person to answer your question, but I'll give my opinion. I think you should set the time limit to unlimited. If the AI bugs out or something you can exit the battle and just fight it again? (I've no idea.) Also, I think that battle is going to be relatively large so you're going to need some time. That's just my opinion.

Francisco Moran Ramirez : Go for no limit for that big battle. It would be a shame if you lose because of time

Jeff Eamons : No limit for that battle only.

Danilo Melo : No time limit is better

Adicawida Suparman : no limit, it's kind of underwhelming for things to stop just because of the time limit

Pierre Wild : Lionheart could you play as Great Britain on Napoleon total war, it would be great to see the British empire dominated the world.

high im ReNeX : no limit for this battle only you need time to chase after win and clean them

prongs1421 : Fight them all lionheart and turn of time limit loved the video

Senshi Bat : one can layer a redoubt in front of ones guns with stake and mines? Napoleon Bonaparte: Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake. That's bad manners.

lgarza1594 : I would say no to a time limit; just in case. Especially if you are going to fight all these really LONG battles.

Ned Biltz : Save before turning the timer off which can be your save before the big battle next time. so if the game bugs out you have a good save

Senshi Bat : one may see the value on selecting fire and advance. picking a dance partner and fix bayonets on reserve and walk up sometimes they will focus fire 2 v1 on u.

James Cuevas : Definitely go to no limit and just save in case the AI bugs out.

Leonardo Dedonatis : In order to grant you best result possible in that huge battle you should turn the time limit off

Webster11234 / : I love the sound of this game i could spend hours listening to a grand line battle

Adam Redmayne : Yo lion how about you transfer the black brunswickers into the first army with the footguards and create a truly elite army that will annihilate everything.

David B : the size of the battle you will need no time limit

Royal Coyote : Great episode mate ima leave a regiment name on ep3 hope you see it its verry personal to me

Your average Brit : Sup lion heart I’m loving the series I have a problem when I try to download darth mod it instantly has a problem no matter what I try

Senshi Bat : Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher: Raise high the black flags, my children...take time limit off its one on the legendary battles of the conflict

ChrisWC342 : Time limit off please

Tim Sherman : Put it on No Limit.

ThatCrazy Drunk : That’s. Massive battle, I’d suggest removing the limit so we can have a truly fantastic battle.

Andrew : No limit

Senshi Bat : try the cheeky spy gambit to search in the woods and merge units to continue advance step the collum back and fill in replacements for lost. if you wish.. think tutorial for napoleon in egypt as example of holding or exploring brekthroughts ala rommel. ? here you see a mix of horse for roles of shock counter charge lance and gun run down bolters hussar.. was von Bluchers first major command..deaths head.

Razvan Stef : Unlimited time

ViJoker1 : The timer will still be against you, even if the AI intercept you, because it's your turn so in theory you're the one been agressive and wandering in enemy territory.

Senshi Bat : leichte Infanterie schießen -Bewerben Sie sich heute bei Löwenherz Ställen für den Pferdemanager [position ;3] JA! shoot light infantry and Apply today at lionheart Stables for the Horse Manager position \^-^/ halos won the easy way charge

Joey Myers : loving this series but cant wait for you ETW US campaign. Its a fun one!

ghost protocal : No battle time limit. And why ask us? Its YOUR gameplay you can decide.