Vintage 1940's old Otis Traction Elevator at Alioto's, Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA.

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DieselDucy : Nice gentleman at the end! If i ever get back there i will have to pay them a visit.

Dana Danarosana : Now I'm hungry... thanks!! Just kidding :-) But seriously, I learned the difference between lobster and crab here. Most importantly, I learned that I like crab better. But, did you know that a crab and a lobster once played rock, paper, scissors for a week and a half. They finally gave up after ending at a tie with scissors 28,512,000 consecutive times...

Elevation Station Productions : I was right there and didn't bother to film it :(

Train & Busfan3712 : It's OTIS TIME!!!!! This it really neat!!!

Floridian Elevators : Actually this is traction. Also, I'm not sure if this is from the Late 40's or The Early 50's, but it was installed around then. I'm sad knowing the Houston Club Building got demolished.

Cyclonic Johnson : Love this dude! Keep it up!

Mitzi Henson-Ruetsch : The door shut really quick after you pressed the button!