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Courtney Duncan : This nigga like a crack philosopher

Braedon Merletti : A lot of people laugh at this guy about his crack addiction not realizing you're calling the kettle black. Some people smoke & snort coke and that's their addiction. How many of you watch TV daily? Get an excited feeling when seeing notifications on your Facebook etc? Drink sodas and eat fast food? Gamble? Drink coffee? Or even exercise? Now exercise might seem like the healthiest but a lot goes into the worries of what others think and your own insecurities etc. You need to look in the mirror; or are you afraid of what you might see folks. Always easier to point the finger at the next one; as long as it takes focus off yourself.

Anil Löeb : this guy's voice is epic

Doagae Porbeni : This is tough to process... he was smokin crack back when it was still killing people. Nowadays it's not even odd to encounter people who have been functioning addicts since the 70s. At this point I am not sure who is worse, the user or the dealer...

Nathlie Andrews : you will never catch me on crack.

B Styless : People will sell their shit, suck a strangers dick, steal, for a high that only last 5 min.

Ronald Glover : realest interview I've ever seen.

Throwaway : Lol he died after the interview. Good riddance.

Cankerous Booch : That high time preference tho..

James Skywalker : bob williams lol

Cant Stump : fascinating guy. sad to see what drugs can do to a man. i've seen it before.. too much wasted potential out there.

john quackers : the jacket says engineer the glasses say crack head

Tony Music : I went to see a psychologist after I discovered cracks in the hearth of my fireplace... I told him I was having a mantle breakdown.

Sofa King Good : Although crack has a very bad reputation it is still a better investment then giving all your money to your ex wife.

Nathlie Andrews : water and fruit and vegetable gives your body the best feeling it will ever need.

black armor : how the hell he got died?

Alejandro Matias : The bitches always get you.

lmcdermott NineTwo : "Crack is the boss"

Dain Murdock : Crack epidemic set back to the African Americans -30 years, sad !

Otis Firefly : Sorry I messed the last 1up - "STONED",,and not on crack but a joint of some wicked weed fair play, but yea I've done the twelve step program 3TIMES (just to make sure I didn't miss 1thing) and to all you people out there who will never have to go through something that's so full of shit, believe me all it does is to try and preach /teach,Common Sense to people. If you tried to live your life by those 12 steps, it can be done, but trust me it would look so strange to everyone around you, you'd end up being called fake, - it would look that strange, basically it's perfection AND KNOWONE IS PERFECT, "I'VE NEVER GOT IT BUT OF ALL THE COUNCILLORS I'VE SEEN, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS PSYCHOLOGICAL, SOCIAL AWKWARDNESS, AND THESE PEOPLE LOOK DOWN THIER NOSES AT YOU BECAUSE OF ROTTING NUMEROUS ORGANS INCLUDING YOUR BRAIN (from alchahol) is sooooooo much better than running a few lines, c"Mon now everyone who loves opium, (and everything about it), give me a thumbs up on this one, even science should tell them they are wrong, thanks everyone from, "a very concerned person of earth who's worried they're gonna blow us all up who also loves smoking H or Opium. xx

ten4r : Chocolate rain

Des Troya : A great question would have been "where do you see yourself going with this crack habit of yours? What is it going to bring you?"

Seth Merson : This dude is like The walter cronkite of crack

Michael : This Earl Sweatshirt's dad?

tommytatt : damn that mic drop ending

Andrew Tolmasoff : It's Dave Chappelle

Jon Irenicus : That fucking ending... Well that escalated quickly.

Brandon Frazier : Damn the dude is dead

Terrance M. Rice-Lewis : Those last few seconds caught me off guard but I guess it shouldn't have

James Jones : this shit is fake as fuck, this was to scare people into not trying crack, fake interview people. mutherfuckers are so fucking stupid, why do think it was cut off after he said he died after the interview, why no explanation as to how he died, you mutherfuckers are stupid!

keith norton :

the bobo : acid better than coke

Dirty White Boy : he sounds like dave chapple doing prince

Jean-Pierre Meier : Was muss ich tun damit mir keine Neger-Videos mehr zum ansehen empfohlen weden ? Gibt es irgendwelche Filtersoftware zum gratis downloaden ?

Darren Shortall : Is he really dead someone let me know please

Nathlie Andrews : ain't nobody wants to try that shit.

Otis Firefly : I've got to say as a regular smoker of crack, (well not daily but 2-3 times a month and never over that. You know what and this is to everyong

that's not Gucci baby that's flucci : Calvin you snake Kermit the frog. Why'd you have to do ace boogie like that. No wonder Rico blasted you.

o g : At least he was honest and I respect that

Seth Merson : This brother got a voice that would put Walter kronkite to shame

zane Smith : damn last three seconds is the craziest part

Mitchell Lymon : If you ever escape this shit. Don't go back. please

Lucius Apuleius : This is the most intelligent crackhead I've ever seen in my life.

reality bites : aristoteles of drugworld

Pierre : dam cuh

Brandon Frazier : Crack is the boss 😂😂😂

colombianking127 : Damn... Earl Sweatshirt trippin

lmcdermott NineTwo : Smart crack head

The electric man 1 : once on drugs there is no way out, esp. crack, coke, heroin etc. he intelligently pictured himself is 100% true..... those who have not touched these drugs pls, pls, do not try them. not even once.....✌

Frank the Tank : 50 grand smoked in 9 months... wish I was his dealer