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Anil Löeb : this guy's voice is epic

MsNooneinparticular : WOW. What an intelligent guy. Just goes to show that addiction doesn't care about your intellect, talent, achievements or income level. Hope he got it sorted out eventually. Edit: Nevermind, he died :(

Stephen Loflin : The Nasa jacket is boss.

Braedon Merletti : A lot of people laugh at this guy about his crack addiction not realizing you're calling the kettle black. Some people smoke & snort coke and that's their addiction. How many of you watch TV daily? Get an excited feeling when seeing notifications on your Facebook etc? Drink sodas and eat fast food? Gamble? Drink coffee? Or even exercise? Now exercise might seem like the healthiest but a lot goes into the worries of what others think and your own insecurities etc. You need to look in the mirror; or are you afraid of what you might see folks. Always easier to point the finger at the next one; as long as it takes focus off yourself.

Lucius Apuleius : This is the most intelligent crackhead I've ever seen in my life.

alphatan2 : The passion this guy has for crack...

o g : At least he was honest and I respect that

Sabrina Estrada : It ruined my childhood because my parents were on it. I will not go near any drugs. It's so very sad to see people dependent on a drug.

Ronald Glover : realest interview I've ever seen.

Frank the Tank : 50 grand smoked in 9 months... wish I was his dealer

Christianity Boxing Mafia : This guy's voice is endearing, and damn he loves that crack

Aaron Daebak : he might have died but he did so in style. those kazelles are fresh

space monkey returns : I've tried decent crack once and it was amazing. I'm not proud to admit that I've tried pretty much every drug with friends, even heroin and have never once craved it again except for crack. We've done other drugs many times and never had the feeling of craving it the next day but just trying crack once and I can understand how people get hooked. I do love the feeling. I even dreamt about it the other night and right now I want it so bad! Not good haha. That's why I will never do it again and hopefully the desire to do it will fade with time. I feel sorry for this dude and anyone else who suffers with addiction. It could easily be me if I'm not careful but I don't want my life destroyed.

TonyMon16 : dam the crack must have really pure back then.

berner : "Who turned you onto crack?" "I dunno, some guy named Bobby Brown, or Chris Brown or sumthin'"

Nichole : Smoking crack at the rate he was likely led to a heart attack. His downfall was the he had the money to use it as much as he wanted to and we must remember that crack was more potent back then.

MJW : No way this is 1981, Crack was no where near mainstream in 1981, in fact there wasn't even actual crack houses yet. The things that he's talking about didn't even begin to manifest to at the earliest 1984. If I'm guessing, this is around or between 1986-1988. Someone went back and re dated this years later and simply got the airing date wrong. Anyhow its so many unanswered questions about this brilliant man/ trajedy.. how old was he and how did he die would be what I would like to know.

Sean John : Things I noticed Bad ass Nasa Jacket his delivery of almost perfect sentence structure his passion of crack how nice of a guy he seems to be his intelligens

Jacque Renee : Bob Williams RIP

Alfreda Simmons : Wow, he died...seemed as if the crack hadnt riddled his body, still seemed to have had a sound mind of some sort...THIS IS SOOO SAD!!

LAking-1 : if you're reading this and hooked on Crack quit now! there is more to life then just getting high. life is good.

Just my opinion : That sucks that that man died he seems like a very articulate man Very well educated And he seemed like an all-around nice guy It's too bad he didn't clean up his life because if he did he would have been some special


Fumanchu : Some ppl smoke crack and youd never know it

The Cats Meow : One of the many Destructions of Melanin 😓

Dirty White Boy : he sounds like dave chapple doing prince

AlexanderW : Sounded like Dave Chapelle

Luckey F. Starr : so sad he didn't make it back to life. Crack cocaine is one hell of a drug...

K06E : Ppl if you want to do drugs stick to only weed

nightmuffin937 : I love his Barry White voice

friedston bowen : Sad Bob Williams was a very smart brother who lived in Harlem I can say he was a friend that disappeared. Love you RIP

colombianking400 : Damn... Earl Sweatshirt trippin

bricbrac28 : My grandma ex man friend,got on crack the same way. He was retired, had a wonderful retirement package,got with a 50 yr or 40 yr old lady got him on it within hrs,because she said they would have the best sex. He was 80, the house fell apart,they sold his belongings and completely emptied his retirement. He live on the streets now. This all happened within 90 days. He dated my grandma for 10-15,my grandma said she cried for hrs when she saw im pan handling outside a store

kd47730 : Man I miss the 80s.  Everything was innocent.  We had conservatives in office, great economy, and people treated each other with respect.

Kiedy Silniejsza : I like this guy.

Luz Figueroa : I'am shocked he didn't die earlier from all that crack that he smoked.I bet he went into cardiac arrest my god there is so much abuse your heart can take.

sactown916 : I've never even thought of hitting crack. Probably cause I don't like uppers. Why do a drug that gives u such a short high and makes u a fiend. I don't get it.

Caesar 1 : I think his job is now extinct

S M : Although crack has a very bad reputation it is still a better investment then giving all your money to your ex wife.

Pietrangelo Zampicinini : He don't look like a $50K addict.

kd47730 : Crack kills man!!!  When are ya brothas and sistas goin to realize this!  You gotta stop for the sake of yo kids!  Fight the power! 

prinsexed : This was essentially a 12 min crack infomercial...

king shaman : Whatever - you mean Bob Williams got slugged by a drug dealer.

Dylan Voltura : this guy is acting, no user talks like that

Pietje Puk : Ive seen people go to lunch and never come back ..🤣🤣🤣

lucaspenido : This video is so sad (for all this guy could've been abd become)...but it also serves as an alert! As the interview was almost over, I was ready to google him, hoping for a beautiful recovery story...😔 Crack is not a joke.

stone cold : "Crack is the boss"

Tony Music : I went to see a psychologist after I discovered cracks in the hearth of my fireplace... I told him I was having a mantle breakdown.

Nathlie Andrews : water and fruit and vegetable gives your body the best feeling it will ever need.

ms missy : Wow this aired in 1982 ?? Dam I thought Crack came out in 83 -85 wow.