Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?

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My favorite scene from Moneyball. Starring Brad Pitt.

Comments from Youtube

0hsnappl3s : They're looking for good players and these scouts here saying shit like "the guy has a nice jawline" and "he's a good looking player." Shit cracks me up hahaha

keith ruddell : his girlfriend is a 6, at best

Jim Beam : I love all of the baseball cliches thrown around here. There is nothing scientific or professional about their analysis at all.

sr20DETdrift : "I like guys like that, that got a little hair on their ass..." What? lol

THE Sports Station : "Who's Fabio?" "He's the shortstop from Seattle."

Hello Moto : "if he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?" Wow that quote hahaha

Kevin Torres : This is what many - not all - people sound like when considering a candidate for president. Relatively few focus on a candidate's policies or political philosophy and instead fixate on their intangibles.

UncleSamsCabin : 'His girlfriend is a 6 at best' ROFL

Lt.Dan : he's got an ugly girlfriend lolol

Jupiter-Jesus : "That sounds like fortune cookie talk to me Billy" lol after they had just been spouting those BS sports platitudes for the last five minutes.

ILUVBlogs1 : leicester city.

Anthony Lodge : I upgraded my girlfriend after watching this. Never made it to the bigs though

Christopher Johnson : "The ball *explodes* off his bat" is actually tapping into something that statistically we've just discovered the importance of (exit velocity).

Harried Potter : This scene illustrates the shift in paradigm. The scouts are relying on a system of sorting players of unknown potential  by phenotype, then hoping that professional training will develop superlative players. The general manager knows that the richer teams will skim off the cream of that process. What Billy  ends up doing is sifting through data for under appreciated diamonds in the rough after that player has developed a pool of statistics at the professional level.

GetFuckedUTube1 : This group of guys is exactly how teams like the Cleveland Browns or Oakland Raiders sucked for 20 years...even with 15 first round draft picks. These guys would not know talent if it fell out of the sky and landed on them. They know nothing about "who can play."

Nozark : I love the acting in this movie! Especially from Brad Pitt!

Hunter Golden : Pitt packing a lipper.

YouCopyPoppy : "There are rich teams, and there are poor teams. Then there's 50 FEET OF CRAP.....and then there's us." Aaron Sorkin, you mad scientist of a writer.

Pagan Pilgrim : Good Jaw

nychold : "Who's Fabio?" "He's a shortstop." This says everything about the "wisdom" in the room. It's okay not to know something, or to ask and get clarification, but they make assumptions and pass it off as fact. That's why the A's were buried under 50 feet of crap.

rene hernandez : good ball film!!underrated!

- Pancakes : "One of our guys, he can play, lot of pop coming off the bat, good jaw, ugly girlfriend means no confidence, he's got the looks" do scouts actually talk like this? sounds like they don't actually know anything.

Ian Robinson : Brad Pitt was so damn good in this movie,for me it may be his best performance. Should have won best actor oscar

Ramon Salazar : "Who's Fabio? " "He's a shortstop, shortstop from Seattle" LMAO!!!

Pepe Sylvia : "whos fabio?" "hes a short stop"

JEUXolim : “Ok good. What’s the problem?”

Scallywag : We've always done it this way! I fucking hate that mentality....every time I hear that in the workplace I jump on that person. It is such a small minded mentality.

Ryan Royce : I heard the "...50 ft. of crap..." line from a Friends episode once. Rachel said it, and it was long before this movie's script was written. Funny that Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt at the time that episode was aired.

Mike M : I love the irony expressed in this scene. The one scout said "he drives it, it pops off the bat" but he has a hearing aid. How would he know that? It shows how full of shit these scouts are.

Sanghamitra Ahirrao : "No that's just logic". Awesome line.

Kelly KitKat : The poor cannot afford to do without quality. But how many understand this? Only the rich can afford disposable. "Plenty more where that came from".

Jason Taylor : "who's Fabio?" "shortstop...shortstop I think" LOL

William Thibault : The reason why JD is now a blue jay

Mike West : Whos Fabio? Shortstop

Ali Gh : 5 fabios have seen this video.

Matt Preston : Give these kids 400 at bats they're gonna get better". "Just needs to get some playing time". These guys do know the minor league exists, right? That's where you give a guy at bats to see if he improves.

Chris Susini : You forgot to carry the 1

luvfreedom : They should make a movie about the 2017 Astros. They actually won the championship with this approach.

Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur : 2:22 Barry: We need 38 homeruns, 120 RBI.... Bill Beane: MEEEPP (with the sound of the wrong answer from Family Feud).

Lars Hansen : WhO’s FaBiO???

Luke Skywalker : "Who's Fabio?" "He's a shortstop... a shortstop in Seattle."

Jonas Stalpaert : For me one the best sports scenes in movie history. Such a great movie and I'm not even a baseball fan. Brad Pitt is such a legend in this one.

Bill Saucier : "Who's Fabio" "Shortstop from Seattle"

Vinícius Enéas : The guy with glasses is just saying the players are goodlooking. Is that a real job? Looks easy

Chris King : So having a good looking gf makes you a better ball player?

Terrance Thomas : He's been in the room two minutes before he gets there.

al d : Its not unfair. The Oakland owner is cheap. Spend the 35% in revenue sharing on decent players instead of putting it in your pocket.

dape : The older gentleman with the hearing aid and green jacket is Phil Pote, a dear friend of mine who recently passed away. Phil was a longtime scout for the Dodgers, A's and Mariners. The man with the half glasses is George Vranau, who has scouted with the MLB Bureau, Reds, Pirates and Brewers. Also a friend and one of the finest people in the industry.

Ramon Salazar : Such great dialogue! Great one liners in this scene!