Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?

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Max Marko : "If he's a good hitter why doesn't he hit good?"..... Perfect

Jim Beam : I love all of the baseball cliches thrown around here. There is nothing scientific or professional about their analysis at all.

keith ruddell : his girlfriend is a 6, at best

ILUVBlogs1 : leicester city.

THE Sports Station : "Who's Fabio?" "He's the shortstop from Seattle."

Hello Moto : "if he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?" Wow that quote hahaha

Neo : Brad pitt's performance of a life time!! This movie itself is a magic!!

Christopher Johnson : "The ball *explodes* off his bat" is actually tapping into something that statistically we've just discovered the importance of (exit velocity).

0hsnappl3s : They're looking for good players and these scouts here saying shit like "the guy has a nice jawline" and "he's a good looking player." Shit cracks me up hahaha

Ryan Royce : I heard the "...50 ft. of crap..." line from a Friends episode once. Rachel said it, and it was long before this movie's script was written. Funny that Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt at the time that episode was aired.

Roger Kincaid : 1:31

rene hernandez : good ball film!!underrated!

dave4248 : "His girlfriend is a '6' at best" Yes, God forfend we have a guy on this team who can see a woman's inner beauty. That's a good reason to bypass him. Great science there.

Pagan Pilgrim : Good Jaw

nychold : "Who's Fabio?" "He's a shortstop." This says everything about the "wisdom" in the room. It's okay not to know something, or to ask and get clarification, but they make assumptions and pass it off as fact. That's why the A's were buried under 50 feet of crap.

Hunter Golden : Pitt packing a lipper.

Abdullah Mahmood : Great biography

Nick Jasper : Yet the A's have NEVER won a championship using the "Moneyball" system. When you keep getting young inexpensive good players in trades and once they become great, you have to do the same thing over again and trade him because you can't afford him. It's a revolving door and it just doesn't work -- no matter how great the player's on base percentage is. It's a mix of young players and a couple of high priced players that will win you a championship.

Nozark : I love the acting in this movie! Especially from Brad Pitt!

Giggidygiggidy12 : Ugly girlfriend = no confidence, take notes guys

Herv3 : in fairness, wouldn't this be the same guys that found Giambi, Dye and Foulk in the first place?

Harried Potter : This scene illustrates the shift in paradigm. The scouts are relying on a system of sorting players of unknown potential  by phenotype, then hoping that professional training will develop superlative players. The general manager knows that the richer teams will skim off the cream of that process. What Billy  ends up doing is sifting through data for under appreciated diamonds in the rough after that player has developed a pool of statistics at the professional level.

Lt.Dan : he's got an ugly girlfriend lolol

Ali Gh : 5 fabios have seen this video.

Pepe Sylvia : "whos fabio?" "hes a short stop"

UncleSamsCabin : 'His girlfriend is a 6 at best' ROFL

sr20DETdrift : "I like guys like that, that got a little hair on their ass..." What? lol

Habsfan34 _ : The reason why JD is now a blue jay

Helga : *Google truth contest* and read "the Present" to see the solution to all our problems. It can enlighten everyone and thus make this world into a heaven.

Bobby Nagel : My favorite scene in my favorite movie!

al d : Its not unfair. The Oakland owner is cheap. Spend the 35% in revenue sharing on decent players instead of putting it in your pocket.

Life Itself : 0:00 0:04 'I like guys who have some hair on their ass' Wtf

Kelly KitKat : The poor cannot afford to do without quality. But how many understand this? Only the rich can afford disposable. "Plenty more where that came from".

- Pancakes : "One of our guys, he can play, lot of pop coming off the bat, good jaw, ugly girlfriend means no confidence, he's got the looks" do scouts actually talk like this? sounds like they don't actually know anything.

Ramon Salazar : "Who's Fabio? " "He's a shortstop, shortstop from Seattle" LMAO!!!

Amar Nath : Story of ARSENAL FC for last 10 years....

Kevin Torres : This is what many - not all - people sound like when considering a candidate for president. Relatively few focus on a candidate's policies or political philosophy and instead fixate on their intangibles.

Natural Prep : i like guys like that, that got a little hair on their ass

Ian Robinson : Brad Pitt was so damn good in this movie,for me it may be his best performance. Should have won best actor oscar

SLagonia : If it's so unfair, then why does baseball have the best balance of all the major leagues? Why do poor teams constantly have winning seasons?

K Mac : One of the best movies. Ever.

aburg10s : Five tools guy

ThePumasboy300 : i wonder how bad the A's would of been had billy followed the advice of the scouts instead of going with the OBP formula

Ramon Salazar : Such great dialogue! Great one liners in this scene!

Shadow Lands beyond Asshai : A's won the World Series without moneyball, what have they win with moneyball

Scallywag : We've always done it this way! I fucking hate that mentality....every time I hear that in the workplace I jump on that person. It is such a small minded mentality.

G123 : Billy Bean is a hack! He comes off as smug and arrogant, at least in the movie. Not sure how he is in real life. But the fact is he's never won shit and is very overrated! For as much praise as the guy gets you would think he has a few rings but NOPE!

KG : Before Beane came in, Oakland won 9 world series. After 19 years of Beane, 0 world series.

whyamimrpink78 : And how many playoff series have Moneyball won?

GetFuckedUTube1 : This group of guys is exactly how teams like the Cleveland Browns or Oakland Raiders sucked for 20 years...even with 15 first round draft picks. These guys would not know talent if it fell out of the sky and landed on them. They know nothing about "who can play."