Jon Stewart Hosts Night of Too Many Stars

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Lostarte Films : Starts at 10:04

Troy8769 : Even in a show that benefits people in need, people that suffer, can’t be critic free! I think everyone that disliked the video or trash talked it should donate 100 bucks each!

RealRecognizeRealMusic : This shit made me legit tear up a few times. I've never cared for someone with autism but at 24 ive been caring for my blind/deaf mom almost my entire life. Now that she has dementia real bad, I look for these type of events in order to fund and raise awareness. I donated but wish I had more to give cause I can truly relate to what its like to care for someone with a disability.

jackier132 : Loved it. I wish the best for people who do things for others

Teddy Furstman : I was In the event with The ActionPlay Chorus we did a great job today, everyone works so hard, and I'm hoping everyone likes our Performance Rise Up. I'm autistic, though the show is not perfect we tried our best. It did raise money for Autism Charities. We worked very hard for the show to be good. It was so much fun to be on Live TV.

DylanDude : I have autism, and I have to give thanks to the wonderful people running this show for a great cause. It's one that deserves far more exposure than it gets.

pranav potter : What's with the dislikes ?

mike b : the carly moment and the way stewart handled it was so really puts autism into perspective.

Brooklyn Grace Heard : As a mother of an autistic son, whose family is on in the low income category, this was a a delicate balance between laughing and crying.. You have no idea how close this hits to home. I worry every day.. My son, daughter, and my husband worry every day.. We don't know how he will continue to cope.. It is harder than you think to even get into these programs. There is so much red tape. We don't know what will happen in the next few years, he is 11 now about to turn 12, let alone the next 10 years. He has a voice, though he maybe not always be able to use it like we use ours, but it's there. All we can do if have faith, faith that he will find his way, faith that unconditional love, kindness, and patience will push him farther than everyone that has everyone that has ever told him "you can't" or "he never will".. Our son will never be our burden, but always a blessing. There is a path for him just like everyone else. He doesn't need a "cure". He has taught so all so much. so for parents, or single parents who are overwhelmed and stressed and wondering if they are doing any good at all, remember to look into your child's eyes, because for them, you are moving mountains. You may have been told "they don't understand." But they are more deeply than you think. For all the people raising money, THANK YOU. I can not thank you enough. If we ever seen a penny, there are so many autistic adults, autistic children, parents, and familes that need these servies. I can not thank you enough for what you've done with this event.

MCL MG : God bless everyone who contributed, in kind, talent and cash

Stephen Paltoo : Adam Sandler was better than I expected

Shermanator92 : Warning: Don't look in the comment section. Nothing good down there. Thank you Jon Stewart and everybody else involved with this. This is about a cause bigger than any one bit you may not have liked. I admit that I skipped a couple of scenes I didn't enjoy, but the show was great overall and for a great cause otherwise.

ufkun20 : What's up with all the hate in the comment section? Trump's minions or actual, objective critique of the show?

Tobi Makkura : This isn't about "us vs them" for fucks sake... It's a charity event.

onyxsnape : All of you who are complaining about how unfunny or unorganised it was: stop. This show had one task: to raise money for people who are in dire need of help. If you need to be constantly entertained and need to get something in return, just to dig deep inside of you to find a shred of decency then there is something wrong with you. This show was good, and for a great cause. I applaud Jon Stewart and all the other celebs who took out time to do this, and a bigger applause for anyone who donated to the cause. The rest of you: try to be a decent human being.

berto luera : Skip to 10:05 for the start of the show.

Dvdsky : The glitches are the best parts! I, personally, love the rawness of it and it almost seems as if they did that on purpose. I havent really researched the production team on this BUT if the people behind the scenes are some of the same folks that ran the old Daily Show's, shit going wrong and embracing it for comedic purposes is kinda Jon and Crew's thing. Any long time fans of Jon and the Daily Show and even Colbert Report know that! You get to see how great these comedians and their improv talents really are! The genius is in the chaos. ;) And in terms of the accidental situation that arose with Carly(Karly?), considering the subject of this special-it was important to see. It wasn't a romantic pretaped story like the others, it was real life for her happening right then. It was extremely important for the audience to see.

Savage Beast : Who else watched the whole thing


Kenny : Starts at 10:10

BlueDreamKush23 : Sucks that Louis CK wasn’t there. I understand what he did was wrong but I feel we were way to hard on Louis while there are plenty of other folks that have done waaay worse. All his projects shouldn’t have been canceled either. It sucks dude.

Jack Hallauer : The way Steven and Jon handled the situation with Carly was so classy and heart felt. Props to them.

Ella DeMore : Aww I was really excited to see Carly interview Stephen. I hope she can get him on her show after this.

Felicia Gardner : I liked the police segment to help educate police when dealing with kids and adults on the autistic spectrum. That is a great a idea. Also, as usual I love Assad. He his so awesome.

Chirag Ganesh : Someone give John Stewart a sainthood.

Jeff Schroeder : Say whatever you want about the production, but this is a fantastic cause and the video segments were absolutely beautiful and moving.

TimeladyRose : Okay, I'm only at the 19-minute mark and already love it so much - but I have to say... WTF is up with Colberts hair? It looks horrible!

sean danielson : YouTube, Yes, I’ve made more reports on “comments” on this video than in the entire time I’ve used YouTube. I stopped reading them, they were so hurtful to the people we want to help. To negative or opportunistic commenters: The replies you make to them are read by them. These people are handicapped, not stupid. This is NOT a time or place to bully or abuse, and NOT the time or place to be advertising porn sites. Autistic people are PEOPLE, and this show is one way of supporting them. And yes, I speak from experience, not as someone with autism, but as an Auntie and a friend. Thankyou for your patience, Janelle (Sean’s wife)

Amber Ingargiola : The way Jon Stewart handled what happened with Carly seriously makes me so happy. He didnt have to say anything at all, but he did and it was perfect. Next time, Carly <3

Kineridge : Would it fucking kill Deniro to play along.

contactkeithstack : This was really good, the way Jon Stewart handled the difficulty that one woman had made me love him even more and I didn't even know that was possible.

Matt : 18:34 The best VP, Secretary of States, and POTUS.

Tanja Buchholz : This was so moving. Such a great cause!

greengenes : Adam Sandler is still incredibly talentless.

Deep Patel : Y'all motherfuckers dissing a charity event, what the fuck get some life, at least they are doing something for a good cause while you are living in the basement of your mother's house dissing a charity event.

Red CD : About Carly's distraction: guys, these are people that feel the world 1000 times more intensely, they can get very anxious and scared from very mundane stimuli, and thus they have very particular requirements from their surroundings - that's the bet ASD families friends and tutors need to win, that's why funding for ASD programs is so important! Depending on which part of the spectrum you are on, attention difficulties are bound to manifest. People with ASD have very heightened reflexes, so anything (loud sounds, flashing lights, disorderly surroundings) can cause them from simple distraction to severe meltdown. It's like having epilepsy and ADHD all at the same time (these disorders are considered connected with autism, actually). As Jon said, it was quite dumb of him to fill a stage with small glittery papers when severely autistic people would come onto there. On the rest, kudos to HBO and everyone who took part, major kudos to the ppl that donated, and major major kudos to the ASD people that went out on that stage and killed that song!!

Harold White : I'm an hour and a half in and I'm gonna call it- Michelle Wolf was the highlight of the evening!

George Hernandez : As a person with Asperger Syndrome within the autism spectrum, I have to thank Jon Stewart and company for making this collaborative cause known and for running an excellent show. You all rock!

FluffyForeskin : an unrehearsed show where cussing is allowed?! this is made for Craig Ferguson

Kamron Grant : I don't even care, I am gonna watch all the way through just for the inclusion of MJF being bored at the start! Then again, hosted by Jon I would have watched it through anyway lawl.

Gabriel Solano : Great intentions, awesome people...but WOW what a fucking mess of a show!

Stephan NAREN : Jon Stewart did an awesome job in hosting!

Haryo : show start at 10:05

DCMarvel UniversalAlliance : For Jon to own up to the Carly problem makes me respect and appreciate that man even more. I think Colbert was a gentleman and did his best, but that whole thing could've been handled better. For instance in the video they showed about Carly and her show, she was in a very controlled 1 room environment, with what looked like someone with her. They put her on a stage in front of thousands, and without the person next to her that usually was. She was far braver than I would've been, but props to Stewart for clearing that up.

Arthur BRIAND : These are very funny and talented people, and this cause is beautiful, but the show direly needed a rehearsal, some actors look like they are discovering some of their lines, the direction was really lacking, the technicians and the filming crew don't seem to really know what is happening next and are discovering as it happens. And the cuts between cameras seem to be random and not focused on the skit. Even Jon seem a little confused at what is happening and he is the freaking host.

Apophis : The police are trained to be pussies. They aren't there to help anyone but themselves. Training doesn't exist.

ATTRIA joy : Ya I no I felt bad for her .it just I have autism An have friends on all diff leavels so it diff when you live it all the time

Archer Sterling : Jon Stewart has a good heart. Love the guy.

Dubtowns Finest : All the fuck ups make this so much better in my opinion because the way they get back on track is pure comedy the one with the paper actually moved me more than most the stories...maybe my brain just works in weird ways

exactinmidget92 : seeing Colbert and Stewart not getting bleeped is so weird.