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spllitz : Plot twist: they would've honked if he wasn't even there

old worm : Thought it was H3H3 girlfriend

Dat : wtf didnt expect anything from the hot air balloon or blimp

アンダーソン : 10/10... this is the youtube i miss...

KeluskTV : Is this a trailer for Wayne's World 3?

Not Pyro : next stop, the international space station

Eric Cartman : Is dis wat sex feel like?

carTe : This is one of the most positive videos I have seen on Youtube for a while !

Waya Vlogs : Wayne's world here lol

mcspeed2000 : My life is complete, I can die happy now.

Pink Plant : *last half were green screen/added sound effects* 👏

joshuamc : Do the International Space Station


vaxshin : I love this! More of this type of content, please.

MegaShpoople : What kind of person dislikes this? Something's going on with the world :(

Dimston : i swear if this video gets viral i am jumping off a bulding....

everestfalls : I miss these kinds of videos on YouTube. Congrats on making it to trending it's well deserved.

Lolicon Führer : Om telolet om

tronable : Definitely going viral, this is so great.

Justin bustin : Horn blows ,how bout the blimpers?

Gary & Almeda Reacts : And please explain to me why this is on trending....

lukeYDtravel : Joshhhhiieeeee Great work bud :)

Andrew Krikorian : First fucking thing on trending that deserves to be there

Dale Lenze : Party time, excellent

Simon Kempe : Some of these are fake?

Faby Kicks : How they get so excited is so cute

Atypical : anyone claiming this is fake is obviously not a balloon horn mechanic

Kyle Julien : You need to travel the world and do this.

Benjamin Laureano : That hair is connected to the hat

yaaboieli 30 : GODLIKE LMAOOOO

Tareq 315 : Why is this on trending?

eerereps : oddly satisfying

Pankaj Garg : 00:38 that was awesome😂😂

FreezY : Кто из России?)

じえろ meister : Not gonna lie, that was awesome 😎.

Tom Brady : Do blimps have horns so they can honk at the nearby aliens coming to earth to get tf back?

Josh Hodel : So is this replacing dabbing?😊

Goofy Emoji : I need this positivity in my life 10/10 😂

miskee11 : next up: the ISS

SpaceClown404 : Fakeeee

Mike R : Blimping ... still not as good as blumpkin

Robert Brunello : Fake and gaaaaayyy!!!

Vape The Waves - Vaporwave : You look like that guy from Wayne's World

Trust is a Big step. : Trending

Григорий Скондаков : Кто еще с телеканала Пятница?

Shaw Dalli : Copying OM TELOLET OM..

Winnie Yuan : He's was blimping a blimp......let that sink in


Musica : Hmm i believe they just got horn sounds and edited them in the background at lower settings

Elvis Dimas : Please tell me this is real