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spllitz : Plot twist: they would've honked if he wasn't even there

Pyro : next stop, the international space station

carTe : This is one of the most positive videos I have seen on Youtube for a while !

KeluskTV : Is this a trailer for Wayne's World 3?

joshuamc : Do the International Space Station

zzz zzz : why do blimps have horns -_-

アンダーソン : 10/10... this is the youtube i miss...

Waya Vlogs : Wayne's world here lol

Dat : wtf didnt expect anything from the hot air balloon or blimp

Pink Plant : *last half were green screen/added sound effects* 👏


old worm : Thought it was H3H3 girlfriend

mcspeed2000 : My life is complete, I can die happy now.

vaxshin : I love this! More of this type of content, please.

Atypical : anyone claiming this is fake is obviously not a balloon horn mechanic

any name : its going viral..

Brian Williams : how tf did they see that lol

Tony Music : A man is washing his car with his son. The son asks... "Dad, can't you just use a sponge?"

meisterじえろ : Not gonna lie, that was awesome 😎.

FreezY : Кто из России?)

Dale Lenze : Party time, excellent

Nick Gurts : The blimps are fake because the horn wouldn't be as loud for the camera to pick the audio up and if that isn't enough well, sound doesn't travel that fast

MegaShpoople : What kind of person dislikes this? Something's going on with the world :(

Eric Cartman : Is dis wat sex feel like?

Budds McSpanky : You need to travel the world and do this.

Nero : I never knew it was called blimping.

Lolicon Führer : Om telolet om

Benjamin Laureano : That hair is connected to the hat

tronable : Definitely going viral, this is so great.

Sam F : The reactions are priceless

FuriousNinja : 0:09 haha thats the sound the thing makes when it starts driving, nice try buddy....

Simon Kempe : Some of these are fake?

Goofy Emoji : I need this positivity in my life 10/10 😂

Keith Wiggins : Wow, amazed to see non-liberal propaganda trending.

The Internet Killed Music : Wooo he did it! Party on Garth.

Jack O’Connor : Do blimps have horns so they can honk at the nearby aliens coming to earth to get tf back?

Splarff : Actually I'm glad this is trending

everestfalls : I miss these kinds of videos on YouTube. Congrats on making it to trending it's well deserved.

miskee11 : next up: the ISS

J V : Calm down onision it’s just a horn.

Pankaj Garg : 00:38 that was awesome😂😂

Skirdus : "they're not honking at you, that's just something they do every 10 seconds"


lukeYDtravel : Joshhhhiieeeee Great work bud :)

Josh Hodel : So is this replacing dabbing?😊

Justin bustin : Horn blows ,how bout the blimpers?

Faby Kicks : How they get so excited is so cute

Gary & Almeda : And please explain to me why this is on trending....

Флэш [Аниме] : Кто еще с телеканала Пятница?

Musica : Hmm i believe they just got horn sounds and edited them in the background at lower settings