Comic Con 2010
Comic Con 2010

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Gnome Child : @Snakebite105 No, thats spiderman.

Snakebite105 : @Ninthkiller I think he was deadpool.

I ForGive U : ... in a nutshell.

TDUD3 : FAT!! FAT!!!! FAT!! FAT!....fuck...FAT!!!!

HogisGuy : Needs more fuck

MrNerdyreviews : @MrEskeymoe it's actually the Red Hood

Brassman87 : @omnimon64 It's those Street Fighter IV skills that do it, man.

JoshJamesification : Jenny has a cock

metaleggman18 : How do it know?

Devin Crampton : What the *insert video here*!?

Samuel Rodriguez : @ssandwproductions its not deadpool. thats the new version of the red hood.

Efeff1988 : FUCK

Ryan Kaminky : This must be the new "mature Deadpool" Marvel was talking about!

crazyrockman : Marvel Vs. Mega 64?

TheRealBobbyMC : Jenny is pretty.

Marshal Ellison : FUCK!!

smitched : yup, thats deadpool

rfwill13 : I see Toby finally snapped

Ninthkiller : The alpha dom male holds his ground while the male "spaderman" yells "fuck" over and over trying to get the females attention off of the alpha dom. Clearly doesnt work as the alpha dom doesnt even blink through this verbal assauslt. What a champ.

Kriskazam : @ZetsubouTV Y'aight

Lilith : @Kriskazam Spiderman.

Kriskazam : @ZetsubouTV It's Deadpool idiot -_-

Sonoftutuchoppy : Blink mid 0:02 and he'll just appear.

Beznet : @Tenriyuu86 lmfao, totally agree with you

MeatGoblet : That spiderman must have seen my vids and been BLOWN AWAY.

KHROMATICxKHAOS : I think he forgot to say "You"

warmth : fuck you green lantern

Edges : Spool?

z0diak : Dominic is a fucking champ

Canadian Crissy : a spider in a pool???(((shudders)))

nugbutt : i must have watched this 100 times in a row an it's still hilarious

ValenKnight : That chick was checking out dominic i think someones getting laid

d le : is that Guy Fawkes

voltin : If he wanted to make him laugh, he should have kissed his nose at the end.

xxdissolvedgirlxx : dude why was the hulk getting in that guys face

Josh Boyo : Batman 3 behind the scene footage! Aftermath of Eric Badour (seen here as Red Hood) being kicked off the set by Christian Bale for fucking with the lights and being in general "fucking distracting"

GhostsKSG : spaderman is a total dick

Wainshilbaum : Since when is Batman such a douche?

Kriskazam : @sLeighTkiLLa ummm that's not Spider-Man, look at the mask, it clearly show's Deadpool.

Karl : FUCK

MysteriousMaxXx : Is that deadpool Eric?

KHROMATICxKHAOS : Relax, he was saying Fauck. Not Fuck.

Jason Voorhooves : Man, they made Forge more targeted towards adults these days.

J : I didn't know Aquaman was so obscene

LiquidIsokisok : Whats Captain America's deal?

adrianchen19888 : Even Spiderman Hates Dom

Toaster : lol spiderman


daneofurexistence : WUZ THAT RYAN REYNOLDS?!