Georgie Pants
Celebrate George Bretts birthday with the greatest story every told

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Textile George : It's snowing on Mt. Fuji

MickDog : Thanks, Dan Ryckert.

Colin Hughes : "who's the pitchers in this game"

Gardamis : God Bless Dan Ryckert. 

okkiddo1 : Pretty sure the 16 people who dislike this work at the Bellagio.

chest rockwell : "Who's the pitchers in this game" is the best line in the video.

Jeff Ullrich : Who else is here because Dan talked about this again on Kinda Funny this week?

Tonton Macoute : "Family Guy" sent me here. He...he....

RJ8812 : greatest segway story ever before asking who is pitching this game

GuiasMaurelChile : Goddammit Arin

SkywardPrimeGalaxy : "What a gifted storyteller." - Dan Avidan, 2014

uoko : This one time I was on a road trip, and we were stopping through las vegas on our way to cali, and we decided to sit down and have some in and out burger. So I ordered my meal and god a nice sized milk shake. Just wolfed it all down it was delicious. Then we're back on the road and I feel it I'm like "oh shit". Right at that moment we passed the last exit before the open road and I told my mom I was like we need to stop right now I don't care where we are I'm going to shit my pants right now. She tells me she can't stop now and that we'll wait till the next exit meanwhile I'm bent over in my seat and the shit just starts coming out on it's own. We finally make it to the exit which is basically an exit to nowhere, and we stop on the side of a small road and I rush over a small sandy hill and just let it all out. Looked like some campbell's chicken noodle soup. I finished, left my old underwear sitting next to the pile of shit, didn't have anything to wipe with so I just put my pants back on without the underwear and when we got to the next rest stop I changed out my underwear and that was that. So I bet somewhere in the desert is a now rotten pile of shit next to a pair of boxers, and that was the last time I shit my pants.

Manuel G : The causality of your life is real thing that you never understood.

Jason W : As a man who co-owner of a restraunt in Sel Segundo

Aaron Lennon : dan ryckert you are Loki incarnate. Me loves it.

Brandon Brown : Food know, from the crabs. Lol!!!!

Jim Carroll : Why doesn't this have more hits?... It's gold.

Libin Varughese : Game grumps again July 18 2016. Dark souls 3 episode 75

LogicXx : Thanks, Dan Ryckert.

Jason Brown : Man I love baseball

Richard Nelson : Great job, George! Wax Czar in Woodland Hills, CA for baseball cards/sports cards!

Marcus Brown : Anyone watch family guy tonight ? Ps uk

Dave : this video's about to blow up

Lord John : Legendary

Jack Martin : Dirty Dan Ryckert. What a legend

martinluthierking : I bet there was cork in that morning turd...

stiggy : . . . and some towels, and some towels.

RaiderDonnie : Happy birthday George! Hope you take a great birthday shit today, keep it out of your pants though!

Jeremy Enda : I Farted

MrGosportsteam : This is amazing

austin811 : whos the pitchers in this game?

CallMeDeathProof : i love the royals. Too bad i was 2 when they were relevant :(

KiwiFlavorMe : cool story bro

usct215 : True story!

usct215 : I love this man.

HoNyppah : i assume that both long-ends of the shit were "squeezed" or "tapered". sometimes you get big hunks, sometimes it was food poisionous watery shit like he did in his pants. but he got a pretty solid double taper in the morning. means healthy. like when dogs look at their shit and smell it. its natural instinct to check health.

MrFinsforlife : Not pine tar at all it was George Brett's shit. Don't ask this guy for his autograph!!!!

John C : what is a double tapered shit lol

Matt Springer : <3

Darren Doyle : I went to look up the pine tar video. Typed in "George Brett" and follow up of "Shits His Pants" come up. God dammit.

MeeshMellow : my most beutiful....MMMBBENEYSSS

Zethlyn GS : thanks grumps

Adam Finke : Grep

Sean Fleming : Congrats to the Royals, and yes, I wonder if George did it again!

trevax1278 : 2015 World Series brought me here

cfapps7865 : Not the greatest commercial for the Mirage...LOL....Happy Birthday George.

dan4932001 : I live in Kansas City and never seen this til now!!?!?!? Internet Gold

LeeahGalaxies : I'm definitely here from game grumps

Kiwi Gooner : He sounds like a old Dan Rykert