LOL Facebook Announces Netflix Competitor, "Facebook Watch"

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Master Jedi Sam : Facebook is spyware.

Cakedy : ooo.... very good facebook. really nice name (jk its stupid)

Hylje5000 : Lit👌🏻

Sean Nanoman : If it is free then fine otherwise I will be visiting the Pirates in their Bay.

James Matsuzaki : Facebook is dead. Snapchat us here to stay.

Alejandro Objío : *_FACEBOOK + VIDEO = CANCER_*

ThioJoe : More like watch it fail am i right lol

i sleep : Screw facebook the already ruined Whatsapp and instagram

My Reviews : I have nothing but YouTube and instagram. That's it. Deleted Facebook a long fucking time ago. I see no benefit of reading/watching what people do in their daily life. Why would I care. I do see that Snapchat is killing it, because everywhere I go people are snapping shit and it is so fucking annoying.

GoDzM4TT3O : Lmao zuckerberg is drunkkkkk

Levente Proksa : My generation (16-17-18 atm) mostly only uses facebook to chat, because everyone has it. There is no other good use for it.

Ethan Armbruster : I'm surprised Facebook is still around, the only reason their still online is because of Instagram

Mr. X : hi

Kamil118 : *this video is unavaible in your region* i can already see this


Agustin D. : I think it’s not that bad

Vik Masih : hahahhaha you will all watch your lame shows on facebook soon,

Ardis Griffin : This guy is funyyyyyyyyy

Sammy : Messanger is "hip" but most people don't have facebook.

RRainerss : Wassup thio, it's ya boi loyal subscriber

Gaming Ghost : 1

Jim Evans : Not a chance on FB for watching anything other than MiketheCop but that is embedded from youtube I believe

Thetreetroll : I stopped using facebook when i realised they where selling you to the highest bidder.

OmegaWolf747 : I probably won't watch Facebook Watch. If they offered TV shows and movies at a low, low price, I might.

Akshar Dave : 2:19 they bought up WhatsApp... They're just trying to be Google, 'A TECH COMPANY' instead of a website

Mari Anderson : Mark Zuckerberg ruining the First Amendment free-speech taking it away the Little Hitler Nazi he should be ashamed of himself for kissing Obama's ass he didn't stand his ground like the rest of us well noted that's why I quit Facebook fuk Zuckerberg who needs Facebook or Satanist Democrats if it's Jerry Brown flush it down California's been lied to and misrepresented we are red state voter fraud big time in California Democrats are liars non-Christian fake news Clinton owned you vote for Democrats then your stupid and you will get what you deserve more Obama made you guys dumb he said he would he said it would only take him 11 years I wonder what he was thinking about he really thought people would vote for him he never won the vote to begin with he paid for his senate seat excuse me someone else did the Illuminati luciferian satanists New World Order creeps

jocel bravo : ThioJoe, do you know how to change facebook theme into black for android?

SimsForever2000 : I don't use Facebook I only have it for messenger and to talk to friends and family

I DID NOTHING WRONG FEMALES HAVE MORE RIGHTS : Disney also removes their shit off netflix and creates their own server. Now Facebook. Prime Video.... like this comes to the point where poor fucking skrubs cant watch it all in one place....

Rahul M Prathap : I also don't like to use facebook

Will Crotser : I have a Facebook account but rarely ever post on it, I do however use Messenger on a daily basis to get ahold of friends and co-workers. Other than that, I really don't care about Facebook. I use Tiwtter and YouTube a lot!

Wjimenez923 : It's a just sad seeing them try😂😂

Gavin The Crafter : I love facebook it is the only social media i have

Samsung assistant : Sir my fb Account not change 2nd time my name help me

DaBluDood : WAIT! Do people actually still use Facebook?

MightyJP64 : Facebook is the new Myspace

Kozmic D. Saitama : Sounds like Youtube Red.

DuBsTeP Mxnster : Look at this dude (Laugh) 😂😂😂😂

Yasin Abir : probably people from your area don't use facebook, but trust me dude, there are still billions of active users, which is more than twitter & insta. n snap lol You can do everything at fb. whereas there are limitations on twit snal n insta :')

Dawson Ford : Facebook Watch vs. Apple Watch

Amari - Roblox & More : Liked subbed and turned on post notifications

George Boisvert : Facebook Watch!  What's Next Facebook Blue

Baby Groot : 1st

JD Vlogs : First

genocide : I only use Facebook to log in to other Websites.

X Gunslinger X : Thiojoe i luv the random poles you put in 😀


Samsung/Android Is the best : Facebook causes me depression

Thepiesong : 🅿️🅾️🅾️🅿️

Pooper Scooper : Pin Me or else you will watch this facebook crap for the rest of your shitty life