Flight of the Conchords - Bret, you've got it going on

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K Lee : I watch this way too much, lol  It cracks me up every time.

sherwin leggett : i fucking miss this show

Richard Gomez : I put a wig on you... i put a wig.. on You..

Jimmy Lee : Pure talent

85geoffm : "You're good at finding shortcuts around this part of town." Best compliment ever. 😂

carcillian : Hey Brett...you know nothing John Snow!!!

Mostlyfpsclips : my name is Bret, I've got it goin on in a weedy shy guy kinda way.

Hanna Sandler : I watch this at least once a week

Pari Exon : omg ! Talk about funny :)

suerte tengo : Best song of the whole series.

Nyuyse : "How could that be gay, if you're pretending if they're a woman?" I guess we know Jermaine's stance on traps

Half-shot Jack : I sang this to my friend when he moved away and sang it when he came back

What-If Machine : "If one of us was a lady, and I was your man" LOL So he naturally makes Bret the lady. xD

Spodgy Shnoz : 2:47 tbh the logic there is pretty solid.

Beep Beep Larsson : 666th comment

magictoast15 : Love how he asks if it would be gay to write him a song, when he's obviously already written it.

The iron that V uses To iron Jin in FIRE mv : That's the conclusion that I've come to, but that doesn't mean that I wanna bum you! I died legit

pinazee : such a good friend

GoodOne917 : can i please have a look at the lyrics? so calm that bret.

Evilcrawfish : would it be gay to write you a song? lmao

PokerQueen87 : Lol brets face is so funny during that song when he's weirded out

killinueasy .BGW : LUIS! where is your profile picture from?!? :D

Mariosun : KappaPride

John Moyer : 2.5 million views. Half of that is me.

mikecantreed : How could it be gay if you're pretending they're a woman? Not that I did it

pinazee : I miss them

margomarie1 : I love these guys! They are so good.

The Parkour Four : too true. all my male friend have been scared off by my pseudo homo-eroticism.. I mean, I'm a nice guy- i play the usual sports and drink beer and smack the butts of my teammates post-game- but I guess all guys would rather be friends with a bad boy who doesn't cherish them. Like do i really need to say "no homo" before every friendly, open-mouthed kiss?? How is it "presumptuous and weird" for me to rent a single hotel room with a queen when my mate and I go on holiday? I wish I could sing something like this to my mates without them blocking my number with no explanation..

Zack Kubelsky : why cant a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?

peter frecker : They need to make a new season so badly!!!!

JDub McDook : I think this is another one of your weird songs, man.

Suraj Opinion is Never Better : now this is some messed up bromosexual love haha

Cinema_Roll : brett is a trap

T Jones : I like how it goes from "if one of us was a lady" to Jemaine assuming "if I was your man" :))

GirlFromIpanema : stacy's mom has not got it going on.

Allan Pedersen : If one of us Was a lady...... And I Was your man...

Finn McFrancis ;0 : Bret's face at 1:50 is priceless.

Aaron Wright : I think sometimes you hear what you want to hear.

Rae E : That fact that I know this off by heart worries me...

Kristina Brandow : Tried playing/singing this and couldn't make it through without cracking up. Some things are better left untouched. Like Bret's self-esteem, according to Jermaine.

Ollie Cowan : ''So, hopefully thit made you feel bitta...''

h4rdstiffy : You've got it goin on brett. got it goin on..

raroa777 : this is nearly 10 years old

Nota Realname : Your beard is good.

Jason Lefler : Ain't no doubt about it, we'd be getting crazy, if one of us was lucky enough to be born a lady...

Akimbo : Your beard is good.

Elena Adame : holy shit! that's lindir!

wetbreast : I know that the show had to end before it degraded in quality, but god, I miss it so damn much.