Elmo the Communist (Original)

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Communism only works on paper, they said. MORE DANK MEME VIDEOS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEX4H6GGsoM Don't forget to like and sub for more! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabtheairbag Tumblr: https://www.gabtheairbag.tumblr.com

Comments from Youtube

Powah : I knew I was American when I felt like eating both the cookies.

Chairman Meow the Red Cat : And thus the USSSSR was formed (United Soviet Socialist Sesame Street Republic)

Justin Y. : Seize the means of baking production

Junie Milligan : Elmo is red Cookie monster is blue There are no more cookies left for you

WatermelonDoesStuff : Not his cookie, *our* cookie

VINOS : These are the last two *WHAT*

Mr. Moji Gaming : Even on a show made by members of a capitalist nation, the glory that is communism finds it's way here.

MrDHWong1989 : Elmo is red. The colour of communism is also red. Coincidence? I think not!

Sultans Of Zing : That was private sector charity, not real Communism (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)

The Laughing Rabbit : Communism, it's all about SHARING the cookies but doesn't deal with MAKING more cookies.

bosch : Well, Elmo IS red...

Derpiest Game-Blast : You've won the internet

THREEIO : Redistribute the oatmeal cookies comrade

Adam Abramczyk : 0:32 * *secretly hiding secound cookie* *

Lautaro Vidal : *OUR* COOKIE

Mr GameBoy : 0:22 Tell that to the -starving- Happy civilians

Taylor : elmo serves his country as it had served him.

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : "Oh Capitalism, why you mock me!"

Captain Ahab The Sea Bear : You forgot the part when they collectivize the bakery and no one get cookies.

QuickBasskey : Soviets took sharing and caring 1 step further

SuperNotGaming : Salute this Comrade. He has been taught well.

JOSEJOSESITO : If this was accurate to communism then there would be no cookies or food. And they would eb in GULAG

Snaily : Ah, now I remember why I worshipped him as a kid.

Spoons Are Occasionally Made Of Metal : *And that is why Elmo is red.*

XxAngelReaperxX : In Sesame Street, you eat and own an unlimited amount of cookies. In Soviet Russia, they eat and own an unprecedented amount of cookies.


JoJo Siwa Fan Boy : Unfortunately the tax for that cookie is 2 cookies

Lego Insomniac : An absolute masterpiece. You should be proud, comrade.

Gabriel Castro : Communism achieved

The Daddyland : When you realize it's food they are sharing *KOWALSKI ANALYSIS*

1312 Revolutionary : Lots of capitalist bootlicking trash in this dumpster fire of a comment section... COMMUNISM WILL PREVAIL Ⓐ☭

Buenomars : "We are pleased Comrade Elmo. Someday you will run the Sesame Gulag."

King Kehmi : Together we can bring down the bour-sesame Its a bourgeoisie joke

Mathias1048 danfan : Theu talke 2 fast on 1,25 speed

Shaggy Rogers : In Soviet Russia Cookies eat you

Aden xx : Now I know why Elmo is red

America ! : *all these commies*

Ti m : Moral of the story kids: Sharing is caring, so communism is caring

Cherno Stripe : You just ate. Off to gulag under the command of tovarisch Stalin.

ARandomSonicFan : How is sharing food communism?! oh that’s right, humans make no sense

The Noble Savage : this is the reason YouTube happened

TheEnderGuy and Brayan The fastsy : Elmo: These are the last two Cookie Monster: WHAT (TRIGGERED)

Paul Martinez : Elmo you little totalitarian bastard don’t give him that cookie now he’ll be dependent . .. oh I get it that was your plan all along God bless communism

Generic straight white male nigga picture : "Communsim/socialisim work" (Speech 100, Ilusion 1000000, 500 xp won)

Orlando Brant : Not Sesame Street, Sesa *OUR* Street

Justin Y. : Well, sharing is indeed caring, comrade.

CenTz : everybody is happy for a while

Mickey Mouse : *OUR cookies

aperson22222 : Communism isn’t sharing. It’s public ownership of the means of production—in this case, the bakery.