Elmo the Communist (Original)

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THREEIO : Redistribute the oatmeal cookies comrade

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : "Oh Capitalism, why you mock me!"

Snaily : Ah, now I remember why I worshipped him as a kid.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : I knew I was American when I felt like eating both the cookies.

Lego Insomniac : An absolute masterpiece. You should be proud, comrade.

Justin Y. : Seize the means of baking production

MrDHWong1989 : Elmo is red. The colour of communism is also red. Coincidence? I think not!

Kaergaard : What the hell!? Are these ukranian farmers hoarding food from the state and sharing it volentary??? We need a breadline or its Голодомор ! ! !

The Noble Savage : this is the reason YouTube happened

Communist Elmo : YES MY ORIGIN

thehostagekilla fuze : Elmo is red for a reason

Mr GameBoy : 0:22 Tell that to the -starving- Happy civilians

JOSEJOSESITO : If this was accurate to communism then there would be no cookies or food. And they would eb in GULAG

Doge Charger : This is exactly why communism doesn't work, because there are only two cookies and millions of other workers


Derpiest Game-Blast : You've won the internet

Mr. Moji Gaming : Even on a show made by members of a capitalist nation, the glory that is communism finds it's way here.

Isaac Hoehn : This is the best video on the Internet.

Felipe Rivas : Give me one dollar for every single time I've seen this and I'll be able to pay my university debt.

Papa Stalin : Elmo no gulag for you

Gabe The Sesame Street Fan Est. 2001 : So Communists are generous? That’s not exactly how I pictured them.......

Lancaster : I don't even know why but this makes me so happy!

Nautilon : This is the only cartoon my child watches. I couldn't be more proud.

Doença Aa : Thats fake,communists don't have food

loldozer : Interestingly, Elmo (Red, Socialism, The People) generates the cookies is one who shares and Cookiemonster (Blue, Capitalism, The Elite) is typically the one who wants all cookies for himself, hoarding them. Why did you guys make a Cookiemonster president in 2016? The outcome was predictable.

Darius Sabat : Then the Ukraine starved. No more cookies.


SuperNotGaming : Salute this Comrade. He has been taught well.

Freddy__Fast : Except elmo had to work hard to get that cookie while Cookie Monster didn't and just wanted it from Elmo.

VINOS : These are the last two *WHAT*

swiftgaming : 😂😂😂

Pine Cone : This isn't true communism! In reality they would have no food and be fighting over the last ration stamp

Lou McGopher : Elmo shared voluntarily. Not real communism

ArmoredTerrier 15 : This is the reason YouTube is red

Ben Miller : This isn't true communism... Cookie monster did not starve XD

Da Soviet Union : proof that the media id teaching kids communism. i love it.

CenTz : everybody is happy for a while

Junie Milligan : Elmo is red Cookie monster is blue There are no more cookies left for you

Skodward : This is fake! Everyone knows real communist dont have food!

It's Thinzy : We love it.

Dan and Jen Photography : See Communism works!

mollywalle : I can't get enough of this XXDD

Seargent Gaming : There is a reason why Elmo is red

gamer fox : I am not crying I just caught something in my eye

maple leaf : False. If he was a communist he'd have no food

Flapperdoodle 45 : Real Men don't eat cookies. REAL MEN ARE COOKIES

Allan Donohue : 0:11 Replace "Fate" with the word "Tsar".


scrumper : elmo serves his country as it had served him.

Queenofawesome25 L : Is it just me or does Elmo sound different?