Curb Your Enthusiasm - Greg

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Butter of Sorrow : GET A LIFE JEWS!

Codenamex47 : "He thought they were a bit much."

kay jay : Can a mother really be this clueless?

Sniper0092 : Greg is adorable XD

Gabriel Anderson : "Good show"

Ben Schaum : He thought they were a bit too much😂

Anthony Passaro : "Hitler?" Haha

lena fan : The boy's not a bad actor

Robb Stark : 0:32: Oh I would kick his but Correction to what he wanted to say: Oh I would lick is butt

80sruler : I don't get tired of this

Emilio Barzini : This is one of my favorite Curb episodes. Greg is the best guest ever.

Dough Haitian : The funniest show.

John McCants : season 9 on the way!!!

Jordan Schroeder : Get a life JEWS!!!

eihcuobllerrad : I just don't see it. He's overacting and trash

Evangeline Vandergeld : The first time I saw this, I started laughing so hard I thought I was going to choke.

gaguy1967 : at 1:20 the kid loses his connection to the scene and looks at the director as if to say "Did I do it right"

Jeremy Ampt : I tutor a kid like this. He's precious. I'm going to publish a book of his quotes one day

Daniel K : That kid is going places 

Heritage Inmoshun : Being gay/pre-gay does not conflict with being happy, normal and healthy...

Jordan Schroeder : Get a LIFE JEWS!!! <3!!

DrPastah : I'm scared, please stop society.

beanie0112 : Ya know, back in the day when Susie Essman first came out as a comedian when was all young and cute, I wanted to fuck her brains out. However, after seeing her in a few seasons of Curb, I still wanted to fuck her brains out, but I also wanted her to say most vile, hurtful things to me during sex. That way, I could take that extra aggression out on the pussy.

Robert Gruber : I luv this kid!

rdangelo : Nobody normal would really want his son to act like that. Please, Larry, buy him a football!

René Moncayo : Get him a manji or a swastika on a sari

James Barkley : If that was my kid I would kill him

TheCat86 : I dont have anything against homosexuals, but I find this shit really disgusting.