Curb Your Enthusiasm - Greg

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lena fan : The boy's not a bad actor

Jeremy Ampt : I tutor a kid like this. He's precious. I'm going to publish a book of his quotes one day

Codenamex47 : "He thought they were a bit much."

Evangeline Vandergeld : The first time I saw this, I started laughing so hard I thought I was going to choke.

John Doyle Wagner : Can we replace "Young Sheldon" with just a show about this kid?

Robert Gruber : I luv this kid!

nbkcq28 : It's funny how ignorant people can be sometimes. Giving a boy a sewing machine has nothing to do with whether he's going to like vagina or not. lol. The kid liked fashion. The gift was appropriate. Giving a gay boy a football isn't going to make him straight. One of my best friends was straight. He liked to look at hair styles his entire life. He became a great stylist. He's still straight.

Emilio Barzini : This is one of my favorite Curb episodes. Greg is the best guest ever.

Sniper0092 : Greg is adorable XD

kay jay : Can a mother really be this clueless?

Sanjosga - : Haha that kid is adorable

Ahmar Saeed : "...they're putting things in the water that turn the FRIGGIN FROGS GAY!"

scott mclaughlin : Greg is the only human Larry gets along with...

Anthony Passaro : "Hitler?" Haha

mizuhonova : Goddamn it, I was rooting for Larry lol

eihcuobllerrad : I just don't see it. He's overacting and trash

greg55666 : This kid's acting was by far the weakest moment in the entire show.

Hugh Mongus : This is one of the funniest gags in all of CYE. That kid should get his own show!

Lou Cypher : Hahahahahahaha!!!! The way the lines go straight and up and down hahahahaha

gaguy1967 : at 1:20 the kid loses his connection to the scene and looks at the director as if to say "Did I do it right"

george mikal : Susie has big breasts for feeding my young children

DrPastah : I'm scared, please stop society.

80sruler : I don't get tired of this

Daniel K : That kid is going places 

Heritage Inmoshun : Being gay/pre-gay does not conflict with being happy, normal and healthy...

Ben Schaum : He thought they were a bit too much😂

Gabriel Anderson : "Good show"

neukolonist : the boy is someway like me 7. i started acting in that age too. a really talent.

rdangelo : Nobody normal would really want his son to act like that. Please, Larry, buy him a football!

James Barkley : If that was my kid I would kill him

Quarter Nipp : I love how Larry just says Awe when Greg walks up to him

mxamiss5 : Where did Jeff come from

33kaus holokaust : Whats wrong with a swastika? I wear it in my necklace. Its allowed in hinduism

slowemm : OMG I'm crying

Dough Haitian : The funniest show.

John McCants : season 9 on the way!!!

René Moncayo : Get him a manji or a swastika on a sari