Why Do People Like Exercise?

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WheezyWaiter : Greetings, I hope you enjoy my new video. Sheesh. I'm spending a LOT more time on videos these days. Currently in the middle of our next video, which is quitting the Internet for the entire month of October! There are a few exceptions, like uploading this video and writing this comment. I was planning on just uploading this video and then not checking comments or anything, but I just CAN'T do that! I'll be able to check for a limited time later tonight. So if you want to say anything to me, do it now! If you're a jerk and want to say something mean, well, I hope you find peace someday. Hope all is well! Craig

MaSTAR Media : I came just for his parents.

kindoflinc : i'm very impressed that you managed to make an 11 minute video on exercise philosophy entertaining

xisumavoid : I literally feel like screaming "these endorphins are great" when i run lol. Feels amazing after the first 10 minutes.

dlsgl407 : Your parents need their own channel. I would watch it non stop.

Kevin Lohmann : Hank Green: Consistent Objector.

3047 : I subscribed after I found this channel from the quitting sugar video. Just wanted to say you are doing a great job at on making funny, relevant, and entertaining videos. I am looking forward to the next one

geph c : Who the eff is Hank?

Vladimir Putin : Those crossfit "pull ups" always crack me up.

Vivi1586 : Your parents are everything 🙌😂😂😂

fleeb : Nope, don't enjoy exercise, but I do it to remain alive. Which is an overly dramatic way to put it, I suppose, but my health was not in an especially great place until I changed my diet, and changing my diet kinda forced me to exercise since I would otherwise lose weight without gaining muscle mass. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I started having panic attacks, among other issues. So, I thought I'd try to reverse it. And I did. I'm no longer diabetic. Went from 230 lbs to around 157 lbs (fluxes from 155 to 160). Unfortunately, I didn't exercise my rear enough, and my coccyx feels exposed... but hopefully I'll get some muscles built around there so I can sit more comfortably.

Youtube made me change my name : That lung burn on cold days tho ... 😨💀

Hobo Bobo : Beard looking swole

Vivi1586 : She should put that on her resumé "I can bust watermelons open with my thighs" 😄 she'd be hired on the spot 💁

Juice Box : 4:44 Watching someone eat while they watch someone watch someone play games. You are watching this comment about me watching someone watching someone watching someone play games while they're eating.

Mimi Tea : Are you saying Muscle Hank is fake??? 😱

homotron senpai : I love your parents oh my god #relationshipgoals

Arkansas Family : You mean there’s actually people who enjoy exercise? 😂

Nick Flesher : The new format is really really working. Like really well. Great job man.

Nate D : This is a very interesting video, because I just recently started my own sort of adventure with getting more active and healthy over this past summer. Six months ago, I weighed about 327 pounds, while now I'm down to 194 pounds. It's sort of funny to say this, but all it took was upping my activity level and watching what I ate. Taking (at least) hour long walks throughout my neighborhood every day was, at first, a chore - something that I felt I needed to do. Some days early on felt forced, but as time moved on I grew to really enjoy my walks. Being able to zone out and get into my own space while listening to music and enjoying nature has really become a new love for me. While my routine (walking, jogging, and hiking) isn't nearly as intense as cross-fit, it's still a rewarding experience in its own right. Thanks for making this video, Craig!

Sadi : I woke up this morning hurting all over and came to the conclusion I need to start excercising. Then I spent the whole day trying to get my mind in the right space to convince myself this time I wont stop after the 2nd or 3rd workout. And thought aboout why people like to excrcise. right when I want to go to bed I see this. great video.

langsense : This may actually encourage me to do more exercise. Thanks Craig. (not being a creep, i'm serious.. really I am.. serious.. not a creep)

Pepe's bodega : I do like this, I release endorphins when I exercise then I eat the donut for extra endorphins, litterary win-win

Dan Margetts : So glad so many more people are experiencing Wheezy and his beard

Daniel Boutin : With the title being what it is, I was sort of reluctant to watch because of my weird relationship with exercise, but I SO IDENTIFY WITH HANK. Thank you for including his point-of-view in this. It helps to know I'm not the only one who isn't keen on exercise and would rather just dance.

Kat Mackenzie : This is the BEST video i cant wait for it to go viral

Daniel Thrasher : The exchanges between your parents make me laugh my ass off every freaking time

Mininessie : Your parents are the best

Lifya : The Hank doing pilates scene 😂

Jose Nagel : I really liked this format Wheezy. Your parents are awesome LOL...

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Misanthropic Hermits Club. No meetings. Each member receives a club to fend off interlopers and the mailman.

Joe Lohkamp : Great job wheezy. This video was great!

MightyGodlikeG : I can't watch the crossfit lady excercise. the whole thing screams injury to me. So fast and hectic, few controled movements......

Lozridge : I've been a Beardlover and subscriber for years and years but fell out of the Youtube-watching life until a few months ago. Videos like these are what have gotten me back into it - great quality content that I genuinely feel enriches my life rather than just filling up time. I'm so appreciative of the no-internet challenge that you and Chyna are doing, and honestly hope that your results will inspire me to spend my internet time more wisely. I've found myself binging on too many other 'filler' videos since I've been back in the Youtube bubble, so I'm very interested to find out how you phase the internet back into your life at the end of this month. In any case, thanks so much Wheezy for all of the hard work you've put into your videos and for consistently being a channel that I can rely on for enjoyable and educational content. Just wanted you to know that you're genuinely making people's lives better. :)

LongJohn Vllasaliu : I started working out about 7 months ago for 1 reason: I was not happy with how my clothes fit my body. I started growing muscles slowly and didn't notice much, but looking back at my "old" photos I can see a clear difference, on top of having better mental and physical health of course. I spend 1 hour 4 days a week in the gym. That's it. I don't even keep a strict diet. I don't do protein shakes or anything. I didn't like it at first, but 7 months later... Boy is that one of the best decisions I've done in my life.

Christopher Fonseka : We all feel like hank right now

Kipper - : God I love your channel. Don’t ever quit the internet again though because I need more. You infatuate me.

Munkyboi : haha, when the ice cubes bounce off the face, damn its the simple things that get me

The Primeval Void : That beard is on POINT

SonOfAKing : Wow his dad looks EXACTLY like him, not just some features.... like everything. Well except hes older obviously.

Pixie&Paste : Loved it! And I’m one of the new subscribers lured in by the sugar video. Lol

Sara Bovo : Hey : ) Yes, your video about quitting sugar really blewed up because that's how I found you : ) I love your videos, they're too funny. Also, thanks to the video about sugar I have also quitted for one month and it was amazing. Today I treated myself with a piece of chocolate and a biscuit after 30 days without sugar and it was unexpectedly awful so I think sugar is not for me anymore. So thank you, you have changed my life : )

David Alan Goldberg : All the best YouTubers apparently live in the same neighborhood, hate exercise, and are in decent enough shape... while I'm over here after having three pots of coffee and a grocery store deli sub.

Matthew Gerrish : These new videos are great! Really liking the new format. Also I miss 100 Days. Really liked that series. They should get you and Chyna to do a sequel to it

Champion2905 : 4:09 Nice pull-ups btw

Henri V : I think you missed a big reason why people like excercise: sports! I love playing tennis, I hate running for no reason. Sports are fun and great excercise! The motivation can be in competition, comradery and improving your skills!

Kasper Stenbom : T H I C C B E A R D

Jess Wagstrom : I love love love love love these new videos. :) I think they are well worth your time and they are chock full of Wheezy and interesting information! Also Jordan! I watch her channel sometimes and get tired! This video made me really want to exercise but our house is small and there's not enough space unless I clear room and most of the time I'm too lazy to clear the space. Also it's weird because there are some days when, like Hank, I do not feel better after exercising but I feel better overall the more I do it. Then there are some days when I exercise and I'm like, YES!!! It was really cool to have all those other YouTuber's opinions on the video topic. Also your parents continue to be the best. :) Also I hate to be the person who prompts the "Wheezy Waiter Is Stupid" segment because I do not think you are stupid, I think you are smart and this video was GREAT, but...."camaraderie."

The Flute Channel : Where are the floating knees? I came for floating KNEES!

CheersKevin : Congratulations on the lakemancing!