2020 Porsche 911 (992) - DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTARY

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2020 #Porsche 911 (992) Development and Testing.The new Porsche 911 – a design icon and high-tech sports car - I hope You Enjoy and Subscribe. #Porsche911 #Porsche992 The 991 embodies the highest development stage of the Porsche 911 to date. It is an extraordinary reflection of this sports car manufacturer’s leitmotif: striving for the best possible efficiency. This can be seen in all aspects, starting with its evolved design. A more compact silhouette, tension-charged surfaces, and precisely defined details mean the 991 looks more powerful than any other previous 911 – an effect heightened by the wider track and the wheelbase that was extended by ten centimeters. It also features adaptive aerodynamics: the 911 is the first series sports car from Porsche to adopt these from the 918 Spyder hybrid supercar. ⚡️ Discover ALL new cars before anyone else! SUBSCRIBE Now to Gommeblog Car and Performance ► http://goo.gl/sP8oKK 🔔 Don’t miss next videos: Press the little bell ((🔔)) to get notifications 🔥 My website ►: https://www.gommeblog.it/ porsche 911 2019 interior documentary development "SUBSCRIBE"


SCLA 213 : Now that’s why these type of cars hella expensive

Z3rschm3tt3rling : Also ich versteh ja sogar was die sagen😂😂

Progressive Viewer : More than just an elongated Beatle..

Alright so : 150k + USD💵 for a clay car with parts assembled in *Egypt?* I feel like a tap would make everything fall apart. The leather seat's string of metal stitch that has no under stapling is cheap!

Alex Ruiz : O carro está pronto pra encarar o asfalto de São Paulo...🤣

Sean Mason : I've already watched this.. but where??

Fikret Nart : Selam olsun, İşini Güzel Yapana. Elinize sağlık.

Arbaelo3 : That's why you say German engineering lol 😀👍

Michael Hybrid : Germans are the best engineers in the world 👍

Nov 5062 : Well it isn't from 2020 if it was made in 2019...

Sophie Liberte : Endlich mal ein Video ohne Moderation dafür mit Raum zum Denken und Genießen. Schön, dass sich Porsche das traut. Und natürlich auch die Treue zum Bewährten in Form und Technik. Danke

Cloud Strife : So is the next one gonna be called 993?

Aravind G : I don't no about ABCD about this things. We r too back.

Pawan Yadav : That's not a documentary. Its a video recording of design center.

Anime Fiel : Enquanto eles fazem um carro de argila não não consigo nem fazer um bonequinho de massinha

BlackPanda 777 : 2:04 when you cook mdma

Times are getting badPatrick Delgado : Ferdinand Porsche would have been very proud of them

En Win : Electronic steering, auto shift, driver assist, no thanks.

William Cochran : Porsche needed to continue the 991.2 for a few more years before they were to ruin an icon with the 996 door handles and a more luxury focused experience

ABDOULOVIC LONDON BOY : What a nice team work 🔥🙏

ac.initial.d. project : They no longer need 3d software modelers? I want that scanner to 3d file.

Norman Montgomery : Cheap for what u pay for

Cole Lee Aerial : Its just a car. Wtf? My money was well spent on the Corvette c7 GS.

EJB313 : I hope the workers can afford one too. At 19:30 thats how Michigan roads are everywhere 😂

Julio Rosas : me voy a comprar uno ...se tenía q decir y se dijo

Dead Skay : Porsche n'arrête pas de nous étonnais avec ces bolides toujours plus de performance.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😘

Adilson DeSouza : Now tell me why can't make this thing fly good sheep?

diego arismendi : el último modelo de automóvil debe ser ya propiedad de don Carlos, el que vive en el caño del río tunjuelito

You Tube : Make a digital mirror in speedo cluster

Владимир Буданцов : Водилы у вас деревянные какие-то

손인태 : 진자 자동차하는줄 알았네ㅋㅋ

Fikret Nart : Bir Araç Bu kadar yapılır.

NEWYORK BOSS : I want those easy ass whells on my car lol looks dope wit out rims🤣🤣🤣

Владимир Буданцов : Вот у вас технологии не то что у нас 😣

Osvaldo Ah : and at the end they created a porsche that looks like the other porsche’s

Владимир Буданцов : Время на тренировку


Terry Riverol : Los porches son carros muy estables yo lo he manejado en need for speed 😁

zZiL341yRj736 : Sup with the headlights, just keep the round headlights not even trying there.

Владимир Буданцов : Возьмите в команду у меня тоже жажда скорости

Benign Rabbit : Looks nice but while some may disagree this just make the car fake. It's not actually part of the car it is a film on top of the car there for is all aftermarket fake top bling.

Higgs Boson : Pretty good for clay models

Владимир Буданцов : Я тоже на трассе так смогу а может и лучше 😁

Владимир Буданцов : И до сих пор гоняют огонь

Владимир Буданцов : Да когда-то для ваз 2108 мотор придумали

فروسي الجاد : Very good and nice $$$$$

MUAY break my heart : Wow

Владимир Буданцов : Порш легенда

Norman Montgomery : Dont like it peel it off or let mother nature take it off