Self recognition and the rise of what most refer to as personhood.

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michael eli : Is it just me but is this one of the most incredible videos out there.

KingBowserVlog : This is so amazing...

DMTryp : Truly one of God's wonders

Brittany Dejesus : she was cleaning her teeth! crazy!

groomedtodie : I could watch that baby chimp fall over trying to act tough again and again.

Nurse Kathg : I thought that some species of macaque were self aware.

Jameel Mirza : I love this video!

Miss GIJoe : Thanks so much for these amazing videos.

jbomber44 : What video is this?

J. Patrick Malone : A question is asked almost annually, though answered on the front page of this channel, that I need to address. Under the advice of an intellectual property rights lawyer, I add my copyright to indicate my own editing to present ideas not necessarily those of the original creators to whom I give credit. I take responsibility for these ideas both explicit and implied, while ensuring protective distance for the original creator from any ideas expressly stated or implied due to my editing.

Don Corleone : 1:12 - "What sorcery is this?" xD

Vincent Vega : Whaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaa! everyone who say's Charles Darwin was wrong is a complete IDIOT!!

Diana Romero : que inteligentes son adorables

zenerd : excellent collection of videos....thanks