What Happened To Sonic's Crispy Chicken Tenders?

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DammitSinged : _T I M E T O R E F U E L_

Joker Productions : Brah, DunkinDonuts has new "Donut Fries". Maybe worth a look?

Veridian : I can't wait for Sonic to start selling fried hedgehog

Daniel : "Nothing gets you excited like *signature sauce* " *Oh no, my only weakness!*

AOB : Love the backdrop. Waiting for a vaudevillian cane to come out and hook you off stage.

Khalil : church is in session

duecedutchy : Just give me a stick of matter fam.

SergeantSlotters SlotMachine Videos : You are an inspiration sir.

Grace D : The impact of that "Wow, that's disgusting" was like a dagger to the soul.

Blunt Trauma : SAUCEY BOY

Elephant of Destiny : Woop woop.

SportsFan JW : I have no idea why I like this guy so much. I wanna meet em one day. Maybe cook a burger for em. I'm a chef. (Sometimes) haha

Queen Bee : hey buddy look at those donut fries before they leave!


Sh0gun : "Boy am I hungry, it's time to refuel." That's quite a Reviewbrah throwback.

Glowing ASMR : Can you please review the Dunkin Donuts fries ?

Whoopsy Daisy : That "Signature Sauce" bears a strong resemblance to infant poop.

Soy Boy Ahoy : "Boy am I hungry, time to refuel." starting of with pure fire. You just made my day. Lol :)

Butternut Squanch : I watched someone order this yesterday they ate one strip and fed the other 2 to their dog!

SportsFan JW : LMFAO!!!!! I JUST GOT A SONIC AD @12:00 MINS 😂😂 "THEY'RE CRISPY THEY'RE FLAVORFUL" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I died

Jazzy J : 14:10 😂😂

feroui hamza : am i the only one who hears a washing machine in the beginning?

Justin Y. : Stand Name: *Made in Heaven* Stand Master: *Reviewbrah*

Dankamemu : I want my teeth to S H A T T E R

AMediocreJuiceBox : The sonic in my city just got tore down, what good timing.

brothercartman : The silence after the first bite is deafening...the sip of the water...the verdict so eloquent...I'm witnessing a modern mastermind perform for us mere peasants, and it's glorious.

Cup o' Joe : "With due respect..." "And then they just pull them out of the customers GAPING MAW, ..." 😂😂😂❤

Steven Jones : When the first thing you see is curtains from the 70s you know it’s the lord

Daffy Duck : Roses are red Violets are blue Running on empty food review

Yoonus : Chicken Tendys 🙏

Carles Sabins : You had me at "customer's gaping maw."

Joey : Little Caesars started selling thin crust, you should review it!

shay_ box : You are a national treasure.

Epic Upstate : Review the Cheetos popcorn

Koh TheFaceStealer : The Blue Chalice has returned

4b : everytime i eat takeout i think of you my prince

josh2k01 : Good morning father.

Jackie Edwards : They have some 'thiccness'

qrayz : Has anyone else considered the possibility that a "tender" has feelings and may not even identify as a "tender" at all? We like to think we "just know" but do we really? It is safer to refer to a "tender" as a "xit" until we can determine whether or not a breaded chiken strip is an intelligent, loving life form. Thankyou and please no hating on me, just trying to navigate my way through this life without offending any of the beautiful creatures we share this journey with.

taylor love : I wish you could try Raising Canes. I know they aren't everywhere but their chicken tenders are the best fast food tendies money can buy, and the sauce, my god the sauce. Its all sooo good.

Jamie Shaw Gandy : “stir it up with a pencil eraser” 😂

Dustin Hoeft : "The realm of chicken strips, at times, can be a turbulent place"

Vincent Vader : The blue chalice really ties the whole thing together.

Commenter McCommentFace : "Wow. That's disgusting." What a devastating blow to Sonic. Damn.

beeradvocate : GIB TENDIES

Miss Christine : The blue chalice AND the ‘boy am I hungry, time to refuel’ line in the intro? I’m enjoying the vintage vibes in this video. :D

Steven Jones : Well my wife has never looked at me like he looks at food so it’s a sad day for me father blessings

brothercartman : I wanna be coated in your T H I C C sauce

Poochucker 007 : I knew the moment he put the second tender down that he didn’t like the sauce lol 😂 😂😂😂😂