The HUGE DO5 Neglect Scandal Is FINALLY OVER, But You May Not Be Happy...

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Philip DeFranco : Sooooo... you think that 'STAFFER' had a happy ending or nah? ahahahaha... Oh, Ted Cruz.

Diana B : I'm still shocked there are fans of Mike Martin

David Schwarz : It never ceases to impress me how wise centuries beyond your years you seem to be, Philip.

Alii Nui : Phil your work with the DO5 abuse puts you on the side of the angels...over the years I've come to believe you are hypocritical on racial issues...but, man you did a damn good things exposing those sadists...all aloha

Satan's Kitten : Congrats on the new baby Philly!!! :D

Zea M-H : After watching your channel for years and seeing so many awful apology videos that really was a well done apology

jac : It's a shame that they have two new channels now though, and people still blindly support them lmao. The DaddyOFive gaming one already has almost 100k in subscribers :I

yourmomsminge : Words are abstracts of thought and intent is the function of giving a word meaning and modifies the contextual. Language evolves like all things.

FinaleNinja : The thing is I still think he is a racist but I still accept his apology. Apologies don't negate racism, actions however can lighten the sting. Show people you care, admitting the obvious isn't enough

lindinle : you dont look like the type that looks like he would be good with kids.

Silo 8924 : 5:10 Did Phil say "he jerked it off"?

James Tishler : Oh ffs it's just a ginger, who cares?

Anna Vinopal : Thank you for working so hard to help those kids. We need more people who care.

FYCY : Lol TYT and BuzzFeed I hope that's a joke.

Evan Garcia : A little pick me up lol

flamshiz : remember when you said you'd only do one story? lolwoops

Bobbi Kline : Going forward in the Do5 case I hope that the mom, dad and the remaining 3 kids get some counseling. I am okay with the 5 years of probation if they take the steps to make sure they do not fall in to that pattern of abuse again. I am not sure if jail time would have been a good way to get this family the help that it needs.

GoldenBullet : the fact that the entire youtube community and people in general came together to get those kids out of that DO5 situation is awesome. without voices like you those kids would've suffered for way longer. i personally thank you, and so does everyone for what you do, Phil.

Alien Grl : I don't have a Twitter! 😢 So I can't vote?

HeroHearted : Just to chime in about the Pewdiepie thing, I think the disconnect in his comment sections is mostly due to the age his target audience is. I dont think a lot of his audience has the capacity to thoroughly think about the severity of some words and the context behind them. That being said, Felix manned up about it, got to give him some credit.

xx5t3phani3xx : Bummer. Wanted to vote for you but I don't have twitter xD

Insight : My thoughts about Daddy of 5 story? Conflicted but mostly sad. I'm happy that they parents were held accountable, and that if anything happens in the next 5 years the state will come down on them. But pretty much everything else about this makes me sad. ~I'm sad this even had to happen - that the parents would even do this and think it's ok. ~I'm sad it took people like "that Defranco dude" to see this and call it out while others already were viewing it and thought it was okay and even funny. ~I'm happy the two children are with their mother now, but sad that they will live with the trauma already done to them, and I'm sad that their dad is now going to be mostly out of their lives as he is still their father and this may cause emotional issues of its own. I also am concerned because I don't know why the mother didn't have custody in the first place - usually the moms win that unless there is a concern for the children, so it's odd. ~I'm worried for the remaining three kids. ~In a devils advocate way (as I also like to put myself in others shoes, including these parents), I'm sad for the parents because they claim to not know they were doing something wrong (which in itself is a huge issue), but if they truly understand what they did was wrong, they just "lost" two children. ~Still playing devils advocate, I'm happy because on the plus side for them, if they really have learned their lesson, Child Protective Service did not break up another family and take away their children. I hope they've learned their lesson and can keep their children because children being taken away from their parents is never a happy experience for the parents and children... The children will grow up without their parents in a home that could be just as bad. ~Most importantly, I'm sad that they might still, deep down, think they didn't do anything wrong since despite making a public apology, they also came back out and blame Defranco instead of themselves. ~I'm sad because they are probably going to continue to abuse these kids despite the probation, because this wasn't a one time thing - they have a huge and bad track record. I would have more faith in them if this was a one off - maybe they didn't think the prank through on how it would affect the kids one time or they got too drunk one night and overreacted. These are still bad, but people make mistakes... they could learn from it and their apology would likely be more believable... but these parents abused their kids for fun and views on YouTube, so I don't believe them. *I think they are sorry they got in trouble for it and this is shown in their attitude of blaming 'that Defranco guy'* Do I think this was enough? I'm not a judge, so I don't know the usual punishment, but I can only hope this will be enough. I'm sure the judge doesn't wish to break them up and wants them to succeed as a family... but them thinking this was ok in the first place plus blaming Defranco and not themselves has me concerned they haven't learned from this at all and it could continue in private. I hope they check on those 3 kids often. This whole story just is sad.

Sandra Johnson : On Do5- Do they have mandatory sessions/classes to educate them on the long term effects of their treatment of the kids? Will they be in counseling? If so maybe 5 years probation is better than prison. It is deplorable what they did. If their children can be kept together in their same school and the parents are forced to spend 5 years confronting and correcting their behavior rather than being shut away. It could do far more for the kids, and help them heal instead of just hitting pause. Hopefully the probation terms will keep the other children safe.

Mason Manning : i like when someone who is not famous says that word but when they are its the biggest thing ever why is it so bad to say it

Aaron Roland : "Thats the end of this story" Thank god!

Daremonster : When your famous you need to be careful...

RICO1 ART : those children will suffer there entire fucking life time because of that. only people that come from this kind of sickness can understand. narcissist bpd alchoholic sex addicted parents. I can feel that kids soul when he said you did this for a prank.? his heart is being destroyed, realizing hes unloved , un protected and a psychopaths play toy. it fucks you up permanently

Ninjabat _ : I dont think the Do5 outcome could get better. this was definitely the best option.

Bionically Challenged : The children within this story are the only one's that matter.

Miguel Hernandez : Thanks to you, they have stopped this idiots . They should be in jail!!

Brendan Kendall : I don't know if Hell exists or not... But if it does, I can guarantee the parents of Daddyofive have a reserved seat there.

Patrick Willis : is it bad that I know that porn star

Brian Kimbro : I think that the Martin's shouldn't have gotten that plea deal, it's too light because now people who do this kind of thing will try to exploit it. How ever it's all about the kids and nothing more. glad they are safe (for now)

Jayfeather X : Whelp Felix is forgiven in my book

The Mobile Gamer : I love how you immediately followed up a story about masturation by using the word quickie

Moto Lumpy : The thing with Felix is that a LOT of gamers say that, the people he plays online with probably say it, and it's not surprising to me that it slipped out. He swears a LOT and having heard that word in that way so often it could've easily been a slip of the tongue. People who don't play online games are assuming he said it in the context they hear it in, not the way he actually used it : the same way gamers used to say fag or gay. It's stupid, he is totally in the wrong, but it's not a racially motivated action on his part.

Morpheus Maximus : The kids are back to making videos on the 'MommyOFive' channel with their parents. Also, in case no one already knew about this-both parents have been regularly uploading on the MommyOFive channel, whos fan base is you guessed it...young children. They would fight in their videos and expose their young viewers to adult concepts on there. They haven't gone away

Brian Salazar : That's a green screen, right?

Stanified : And you forgot to mention how Cody and Emma were taken away from Rose, again

garden heart : They should have locked them up and threw away the key! And what about those poor 3 other kids left with them and separated from their siblings it's just terrible🙁

Overlord_Arlas : Some overhyped popular white guy gamer says the N word ONCE and people flip out? I hear 12 year old gamers say worse things for hours on end playing online games whys everyone not saying anything about that? Oh right because they aren't famous got it. Idiots.

Thor Arne Hopland : Quick note: "sad" (or "sæd") means "sperm" in Norwegian. Now you know... if you'll excuse me... it's time to get the sadness out.

twinkle 2 : The daddyofive and mummyofive are still making prank videos. They just started making videos using children they still have. How can they continue after pleading guilty to something so bad. They show no shame or remorse.

i Can't think of a cute user name : im so happy for emma and cody their story broke my heart they deserve to be with a mom that loves them and won't publicly humiliate them for views

JimmyWells : What the hell? Are they crazy or something? trying to blame DeFranco's show for covering a story about their horrendous acts? Please, justice hasn't even been served properly. Those kids did not deserve to have a childhood like that.

Alex : I think the commies should all take turns punching DaddyOFive instead of Nazis.

Leila Stone : While I think that the DO5 and Mo5 case deserves more to it- I'm glad that the kids will be away from them long enough to grow up and maybe get away from them before they are done with probation. But let me find them- let me run into them ONE time. See if they try to hurt one more person. I hope they "prank" each other like they do the kids.... Shave a stripe of her hair off when she's not looking. Or throw a tv at his head and laugh. Dumbasses

Heather Bennett : Maybe it's just me but I don't accidently say the N word when i get angry or any other really horrible word that is so filled with hate. I'd imagine, that's probably a word he says "playfully" (if there is such a thing) to people like "gay" used to be used and he just got caught. Either way, he owned his stupid and apologized for it which is nice to see, if he really meant it.

L0ck0n : This show was really satisfying honestly. PewDiePie apologized the best way he could which I now respect him for, and justice, for the most part, was brought to the Familyof5 parents. The change in background was still a nice change!

RevFury FoxFive : He was probably a victim as well, maybe, I guess. But that older kid Jake, he needs to know that he's hated and maybe getting his ass kicked would probably serve him well. It sucks to say, but that kid isn't going to learn anything anymore. The damage is done, he's a psychopath in the making.