The HUGE DO5 Neglect Scandal Is FINALLY OVER, But You May Not Be Happy...

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Philip DeFranco : Sooooo... you think that 'STAFFER' had a happy ending or nah? ahahahaha... Oh, Ted Cruz.

Amalee Bowman : Thank you Phill for helping report the Martins . Its so terrible what those people were doing to those kids for youtube views

Tab Vlogs : MY concern with the D05 is they are now placed with their mother who they were taken from to begin the mother unstable or unfit? Are they now in a worse situation than they were in?....I truly hope they are being taken care of properly

Yashodha abeysingha : For the Pewdiepie thing, I honestly am still a little disappointed but I don't know what else he could do to make the situation better so I "forgive" him.

PlannedStupidity : why do some of philly d's titles look like trump tweets

seynabou mbaye : Is he still talking about daddyofive

Diana B : I'm still shocked there are fans of Mike Martin

David Schwarz : It never ceases to impress me how wise centuries beyond your years you seem to be, Philip.

Alii Nui : Phil your work with the DO5 abuse puts you on the side of the angels...over the years I've come to believe you are hypocritical on racial issues...but, man you did a damn good things exposing those sadists...all aloha

Satan's Kitten : Congrats on the new baby Philly!!! :D

Zea M-H : After watching your channel for years and seeing so many awful apology videos that really was a well done apology

Violet Uzieblo : :')

jac : It's a shame that they have two new channels now though, and people still blindly support them lmao. The DaddyOFive gaming one already has almost 100k in subscribers :I

Pondering Panda : I'm so happy the kids are safe

jobriq5 : Philip DeFranco still has THE LONGEST ASS IN THE WORLD!

andy : I'm glad that those children are safe, but the fact that the other three children are able to remain with such toxic and damaging people scares me. How long will it be before one of them replaces the two who were targets of most of the pranks? In my opinion, the parents got off too light. They should have lost all of their kids and received some other kind of punishment so they know just how serious what they did was.

Justice Smith : I hope living with Rose is actually a good thing for the kids. They were uprooted from their family man. And no one cares about the other kid, Alex, who went through the same situations as well.

FinaleNinja : The thing is I still think he is a racist but I still accept his apology. Apologies don't negate racism, actions however can lighten the sting. Show people you care, admitting the obvious isn't enough

lindinle : you dont look like the type that looks like he would be good with kids.

Silo 8924 : 5:10 Did Phil say "he jerked it off"?

kris1976melo : Little slag mommyOfive still got youtube channel and she pre-approving the comments...

JimmyWells : What the hell? Are they crazy or something? trying to blame DeFranco's show for covering a story about their horrendous acts? Please, justice hasn't even been served properly. Those kids did not deserve to have a childhood like that.

Alex : I think the commies should all take turns punching DaddyOFive instead of Nazis.

Leila Stone : While I think that the DO5 and Mo5 case deserves more to it- I'm glad that the kids will be away from them long enough to grow up and maybe get away from them before they are done with probation. But let me find them- let me run into them ONE time. See if they try to hurt one more person. I hope they "prank" each other like they do the kids.... Shave a stripe of her hair off when she's not looking. Or throw a tv at his head and laugh. Dumbasses

UnVillafrancaMas : Im not good on english but i usually see this videos and help me to understand better what other people say and plus i learn about stuff like this 😂

matilija : "we're up against the young turks and buzzfeed"  It appears our pickings are slimmer ever year......

Dom Sadler : they showed the 3 other kids they really wanted to be on cam again witch is pretty cool so i think the 3 others are fine as of now

Donald Sams : Again, x a Millinon Glad those 2 were finally handed down the law like they did to the kids. Pranks or Not, you shouldnt do those things period.... Their old enough to have kids then they should know how to and if not learn whats good and not good. If your going to have sex and procreate you should know its not ok to do those kinds of things. And them Blaming YOU? WTH?? Get outta here with that ish. Their just posting the blame to you as "if it was for tht defranco guy".. Like if you didnt say anything then it wouldnt matter?? WTH?? Gah those ppl deserve to have those kid put some place better!!

FpsStang : Think it's ok as it protects 2 of the kids but what is in place to protect the other 3?

KAY9 : This DeFranco guy is after me! If it wasn't for DeFranco!!! Lol

Rusty Greer : I am overall glad that the internet got something done to rectify a very bad situation.

Human. ರʖರ : *Thank you* for saving these kids.

Moose Chocolate : It's wasn't any real abuse

Jessica CC : Quick question can a half black half white say the N word?

Amanda Rosalie : "It's just a word." A word that has bodies on it. Welcome to racism in 2017.

Lord Hades : I'm glad those kids are safe now. Its still troubling to know the other kids are still in that sort of environment.

Bri Routhier : On the PewDiePie thing; I personally think that it IS enough. If he had made a longer video on the topic, it would have just come across as extremely insincere, no matter how genuinely sorry he was. If he had rambled longer or kept talking, it would have seemed like excuses or begging for forgiveness. The short video he provided, to me, gave you enough information to know why it happened and how he doesn't think it was okay. I appreciated it more than a 5 minute long sob-story apology.

the dank man : :D its over no more abuse ing children

Gnosticman00 : As an educator and a parent, I can say that all that matters is that the kids are safe.

Evan Fields : If we don't masterbate on 9/11 then the terrorists win.

Miguel Hernandez : Thanks to you, they have stopped this idiots . They should be in jail!!

Brendan Kendall : I don't know if Hell exists or not... But if it does, I can guarantee the parents of Daddyofive have a reserved seat there.

Patrick Willis : is it bad that I know that porn star

Brian Kimbro : I think that the Martin's shouldn't have gotten that plea deal, it's too light because now people who do this kind of thing will try to exploit it. How ever it's all about the kids and nothing more. glad they are safe (for now)

Jayfeather X : Whelp Felix is forgiven in my book

The Mobile Gamer : I love how you immediately followed up a story about masturation by using the word quickie

Moto Lumpy : The thing with Felix is that a LOT of gamers say that, the people he plays online with probably say it, and it's not surprising to me that it slipped out. He swears a LOT and having heard that word in that way so often it could've easily been a slip of the tongue. People who don't play online games are assuming he said it in the context they hear it in, not the way he actually used it : the same way gamers used to say fag or gay. It's stupid, he is totally in the wrong, but it's not a racially motivated action on his part.

Brian Salazar : That's a green screen, right?

Stanified : And you forgot to mention how Cody and Emma were taken away from Rose, again

garden heart : They should have locked them up and threw away the key! And what about those poor 3 other kids left with them and separated from their siblings it's just terrible🙁