The HUGE DO5 Neglect Scandal Is FINALLY OVER, But You May Not Be Happy...

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Philip DeFranco : Sooooo... you think that 'STAFFER' had a happy ending or nah? ahahahaha... Oh, Ted Cruz.

FireSpark81 : #getthesadnessout

Anna : change your display name to "that defranco guy"

Einomar : That Defranco guy is best guy.

Steel City Show : It was all that Defranco guy LMAO 🤣😁

Mark Conger : I like the white shirt. Gives you a kind of "at the office" vibe.

Taking20 : That roommate comment.... hahahahahahahaha

Bouvardia : I've never been a fan of Pewdiepie but I've got to give him props for such a real apology. Also so happy those 'parents' got a punishment.

RandomnessUltraTV : "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling DeFranco guy."

Tarquinius999 : Thank you Phil for caring enough to make D05 news. Thanks to your hard work, kids are now safe and out of a horrible environment full of abuse. Much more than just a news guy. You eventuated justice, and for that you are a hero.

Marijke Cuffe : I'm very happy that Cody and his sister are no longer with them, I do however worry about the other children that remain in their care. Just looking at the content they shared with the world really makes me worry about how much is going on that we are not seeing. Psychological/emotional abuse can be very difficult to investigate because of how easily it can be hidden.

ChaoticMatters : Ovary Actions! 0:37

Indira Gutierrez : Daddy of five: "and I would have gotten away with it too, If it weren't for that meddling Defranco guy!"

Erica Stevens : When in doubt, blame That DeFranco Guy.

Escarcega : DaddyOFive more like DaddyOThree

TaizsiaG : I'm glad that Kody and Emma are away from them. But I AM still wondering about the other 3 kids. They are obviously desensitized, and see nothing wrong with what they were doing. That is grounds for those kids to grow up, and think hitting other people, is fine as long as it's a 'joke', and that's scary.

Taking20 : I'm happy with Do5 outcome. It was better than I hoped for, for the kid's sake. Thank you Phil. As a man who grew up in an angry abusive household... i just want to say thank you. You've given those kids, all of them, hope for a better future that simply wouldn't have been possible without help.

StygianLightning : God not that DO5 footage again. It's so disgusting.

CiderDivider : I don't believe Pewdiepie at all. He admitted he's been in a number of "scandals". Being in the position he is in, he has a huge responsibility to ensure he's making the right moves for an exceptionally young audience. And yet he has not made progress to change his actions. Slurs are not on the same branch as swears. They are not just words. Words carry weight.

Chinchilla ruby : >THAT DEFRANCO GUY<

Jessilin : thank you for getting involved and being the voice that those children needed. as an adult, when i look back on my own trauma, seeing how it was handled, i wish i could go back and save myself so every child i see helped fills my heart up with joy. thank you thank you thank you

Darkness Prevails : Phil, I'm never happy. Bring it on.

L0ck0n : This show was really satisfying honestly. PewDiePie apologized the best way he could which I now respect him for, and justice, for the most part, was brought to the Familyof5 parents. The change in background was still a nice change!

Gun Monkey Mark : Personally I'm ok with the suspended sentence but think they should have had their other kids taken away for the duration of their probation as well. People like that should not be influencing young minds.

That Guy Over There : That Ted Cruz story got me 😂😂😂

Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams : Ay yo fuck that DeFranco guy

Mordewolt : The stress ont court, the dread of the anticipation of punishment is enough of a punishment. Let them rot into oblivion.

Brian the Trainer : It wasn't all Pewds fault if CrapTube didn't demonitize his videos so much than he wouldn't be doing live streams and still be making videos like the good old days

Chloe Duffy : Haha Ted Cruz 'zodiac sperm killer'

Green Emerald Gaming : "They aren't real pranks" Bodyslams Kid Me: y u lying

The Doyenne : I'm unsubscribing from your channel, at least for right now, and I want it to be clear as to why; you had a chance to use your platform to hold Felix accountable for using language that is incredibly harmful, specifically, to black people. Not only did you replay the clip of him saying the word without bothering to censor it, a fact that could have spared me as a black member of your audience considerable trauma, but instead of sternly admonishing the action here in this moment or at least acknowledging the severity of the issue, you opted to ride the fence and stay neutral. I know you, Phillip, save the conversation for your Friday show and no, I for one didn't want you to outright shun or even scold Felix' behavior, but for the size of your audience you could have at least used this as an opportunity not to make clear that its never in any circumstance okay to have that word in your vernacular as a white, white passing, or non-black person of color. I'm disappointed. We really, really, really could have used some stern allyship here.

skoo ooot : Even the zodiac killer needs to have a bit of fun!

Peter Blower : There's no way The Young Turds or BuzzFeed ever should get an award for anything, except for a few Darwin Awards, I wouldn't mind reading "Young Turk Chokes On Turkey Dinner" or "Buzz Feed Electric (Accidental) Execution". Stories worth reading. :D :D :D

Brittany Jorgensen : Usually counseling would be mandatory in this situation, so hopefully that's required of them.

Sydanna : Philip Defranco, I know you have no idea who the hell I am, but I am so incredibly proud of you. The world needs more people like you in it, you see brokenness and you actually do something about it. You use your power and influence for good, without your videos those kids would still be in that situation, you saved them.

Hater Replicator : DeFranco, you better win.

Blako Productions : "and we would have got away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling DeFanco guy"

nicole : Thank You for using your platform for good and helping those two kids out of that situation that could have easily gone under the radar if it wasn't for the attention you put into the situation

BIGMINI : Holy shit going against the young turks and buzzfeed? triggering overload

Tyler Ambuehl : Now being a white male im not sure if my opinion matters on the subject but I have the belief that the best way to end the use of words like that is the remove the power it supposedly holds over everyone.

Karizma Charles : It's a FREAKING word, get over it...Theres names for all races we don't like, but yet we survive. WHAT HAPPENED TO STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME!? GTF OVER IT!!!

Freckles : it doesn't matter who you are or where you stand, making fun of ted Cruz is always fun.

That's What "i" Said : i think maybe Felix should have taken that video down.

multiSPEEDitUP : so glad those kids are safe... ty for shedding light on the whole situation and speaking out

David Crafty : DO5 is coming back but with the new channel MotherO5 which will soon be change and they are bringing the pranks back with the 3 kids left

Electric : Philip I'm happy

Adam Poirrier : Let me sit on your dog my fair maiden

Jin Wong : Daddy of five parents need to be in prison. Where I hope the father and mother get brutally tortured.

kaizen : In another "quickie" update... I see what you did there PHIL lol

Peter Thorpe : That goddamn DeFranco and his reporting of facts...