YouTube Killed My Channel Tonight | Patreon In Description
Youtube is demonitizing videos of tobacco cigars firearms and alcohol related channels

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You can now support CigarObsession on Patreon: I wish this was clickbait, that's all I can say.  My channel has been hit by bugs many times in the past, where hundreds of videos were erroneously flagged for weeks or months for demonetization.  It always corrected itself.  I have been a loyal YouTube creator for over 10 years, producing thousands of videos, never breaking a single rule, making a living AND earning income for YouTube in the process.  Over a week ago, my channel was once again hit and I was confident it was yet another bug and would be fixed.  Tonight, YouTube dropped the bomb on a ton of channels, that they are no longer welcome.  Anything to do with not only illegal drugs, but TOBACCO, firearms, alcohol, vape, or anything that 'alters the mind' is now 'unfriendly for the platform'.  What they are moving to is up for debate but one thing is crystal clear, they don't want me anymore.  It feels like being laid off after 10 years of loyal service and hard work, because the new boss flipped a coin. CO Recommended Products: CO Fans Group: Top 3 Best Cigar Starter Sets $50 $135 $240: My other channels: TwoWheelObsession: CO Guy Stuff Don't forget to comment, rate me a thumbs up and subscribe! Some background music by


Ryan Jesse : YouTube is dead. Time for a new platform

Dirty Bay Adventures : A new platform is needed. If someone builds it, everyone will come.

H.M. Delgado Jr : This is happening across the board. Youtube isn't what it used to be.

Quiten Tafek : Steven Crowder in one of his streams offered help to smaller channels who are being attacked by YouTube. He is a cigar lover and might be able to help

Peter Jones : YouTube is getting absolutely ridiculous with their rules and regulations. It's not only pissing off the creators. The viewers too.

Timothy Poole : Reach out to Steven Crowder, Joe Rogan and Tim Pool. You are a prime example of the tech censorship that they’ve been talking about.

jose perez : Put paid sponsor ads in your videos. YouTube can't stop you from doing that.

Shawn P : I once considered paying for YouTube to remove the ads. I'm so glad that I never gave them a dime.

Aaron Kelly : This is bullshit.. I subscribed to you at the beginning of this year because I love your channel, now this shit’s happening? 😡🤬

Dann Moesta : You have been offering a valuable product for years. I am incredibly sorry your pipeline has collapsed. You have my support in whatever is next for you. Take care!

Donn Testa : They are attacking all things tobacco check out shouldismokethis and stuffandthings same deal

iamramekin : If creators boycotted youtube together and stopped uploading content for a month - youtube would listen.

Marc I : They never "appreciated" creators, they used them to build an empire.

OFF ROAD : Welcome to new censorship.

Maxwell Rosa Casillas : Wow, Youtube it's so trash right now, hate what is happening

the Godfather _ : YouTube demonitizes a dude smoking rolled up leaves yet leaves a video of a twerking 10 year old on the platform still good logic

WorthyofJustice : Thumbs up to show Brian how many of us would contribute on Patreon!

Israel Barrera : Sir, you were one of the people who made me feel knowledgeable and comfortable at a cigar lounge and have helped me learn so much about the beautiful hobby that is cigars. Thank u so much for helping me find my tastes and be part of this family. We support you!

Bruce Lee : I remember YouTube showing kill videos.

John Smith : Welcome to 1984 ladies and gentlemen.

Carlos El Gato : Also soccer channels ufo channels etc something is going on in a bad way. Internet police ... stopping the good guys.

Cody Hemingway : This is the beginning of the end for YouTube. They've completely destroyed their platform by not staying true to "Broadcast Yourself", now its Broadcast Yourself if we allow it.

Ryan K. : Unfortunately this has been happening for years for firearms channels. Google is a worthless company...

Chris Mackavich : You tube is going to lose a ton of viewers . I’m sad to hear this, your videos have been a great compliment to my cigar smoking , knowledge and enjoyment , I’ll follow to patreon

Brian watson : Yet YouTube will still allow "bumfight" videos and ones showing people how to break into vehicles

Broken OS : New platform is needed

Eric Silver : Bryan, I’m appalled! Is there anything that I and over 100,000 of your subscribers can do? Is there any pressure that can be brought to bear against You-tube? I do not give them permission to determine what I may enjoy and I’d like to strike back in some way if I can. And if Patreon is the answer, I’ll back you

Kosher Dill : YouTube is no longer a platform. They are now an editor. They now need to be regulated as an editor or get their hands out of the pot and go back to being a platform.

Luis Reyna : Funny enough fast food/junk food reviewers are still monetized.

TheStig ZeroZeroZero : If you make a Patreon, let us know. You have my support. You got me into cigars and I've had a ton of enjoyment following the hobby!

tear drinker : It's a money grab. All the money that went to content creators will now go in their pockets. They built their product on your work and now they think they don't need you.

John Smith : Same thing happened to Stuff And Things with his Pipe videos! Youtube is out of line, they should not be censoring the platform.

JCnVee Music : Also, Jordan Peterson is coming out with a new platform that will actually be fair....might want to look into that....

Dooms Dave : The Modern Equivalency to Burning Books! Complete BS

Aspyre : This all comes from the Carlos Maza debacle a few weeks back. This is a disaster and Youtube is going down the toilet. I'm so sorry this has happened. Patreon or some other crowd funding option should be on the table now. Your content is REALLY appreciated.

Dan C : Take ads off your videos. If they're not gonna pay you then why should they get paid from your traffic

brians09crf450x : Political correct BS. More like political corruption. Good luck to you and thank you for all the the hard work you put into your videos.

The Objective Believer : Patreon isn’t a great alternative. Ask Jordon Peterson and the likes. Same thing started happening with them that youtube is doing to you.

Clark Lindquist : Do patron..... Also let's look into other platforms.... YouTube is a dying platform for their restrictions. Thanks for not stopping. I'll support your patron

bjjonesadventure : A.T.F. should be the name of a store, not the subject of regulation!

Travis Jordan : Will someone please make a new platform so we all can leave YouTube

Grim : Patreon kind of sketchy too, subscribe star is the alternative of patreon. Bitchute is a potential platform to look into.

Ryan Miller : I'm betting that the pot channels are still being left alone.

Mat Satty : I'm sorry to hear this.. :/ I hope you can figure something out, if you do set up one I'd gladly donate to you. again, I hope you can figure something out.

armed alone depressed : Bryan has two other channels that are monetized so a solution is to watch several videos on the other channels before or after watching a CO video.

Lee King Snatch : Beheading Americans is ok. Smoking a cigar, how dare you?

Dexter Morgan : This is total BS I am tired of this Political Correctness and Censorship crap!

HO LEE PHUC : It,s called Cultural Marxism folks and the end result is always the graveyard.

Sark Karmir : Smh this shit is absolutely shameful. Would a class action lawsuit even be feasible in this case? All the years of work just turned into ash pun intended.