The smartest Batman goon ever!

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Night Rider : *I specifically search youtube for this scene it was so good.Thanks for uploading*

xXSilentAgent47Xx : The fact is he was already beaten by Batman. Didn't/Don't want to get another black eye from him.

xStrykerJ : That thug's life flashed before his eyes the second he saw Batman

MrKarnator : Goon: No sudden moves, do not scream, back up slowly, calmly close the door and walk away, do not rat out the bat, and everything will be fine.

Marc Zaddy : "All aboard the *Nope train* to *Fuck That Ville*."

The Fifth Lord: Silence : Only way that would have been more epic if the second goon came up while the first was still processing what he sees, sees Batman and closes the door for the first one.

carson1372 : And he kept walking until he was outside the city limits.

AdmiralHood : The nope is strong with this one.

DarkAeroWarrior : And it is here that we are truly blessed to see a momentously rare occurrence within Gotham City... a moment that is so rare that it only happens once a Blue Moon and lightning strikes twice in the same place at the same time... A thug using his brain, for once, to not attack Batman and to pretend that he did not see him at all.

Presto Puma : I wouldn't say he is smart as much as he cares more about his bones staying intact

Psychotic Ninja : Goon 1: "Something wrong?" Goon 2: "...Nope, now excuse me while I go change my pants..." Goon 1: *puzzled look, enters same room, leaves* "Looks like I need a pair too"

ØFaizØ The Edgy Masked Rider : If only games with Stealth levels had some goons like this.

James Jarman : And that is how you avoid getting yourself hospitalized in traction.

Entropy Spawn : Slow and steady wins the race... ...of who's gonna die last in Gotham city via broken ribs piercing through his vital organs (look it up)

ReduxEditor335 : I wonder if those two stormtroopers from The Force Awakens watched this before. (you all know the moment im talking about...)

TheGTAJoker : A wild Batman appeared! Go Goon! Batman used Glare *selects run* Got away safely.

Otto von Doom : If only the Arkham games's thugs were as good as this guy. Though their mook banter IS pretty meta.

that90sguy : Scared Straight in 5 seconds. The goon probably took a long walk to think his life over, then found Jesus on the way back.

Ashoi F : *This guy*.... Should get an *Award*

Aquarian Sage : That man literally noped it out of there.

Reality Rejection Service : Good call, sir. Good call.

No One : the goon is like "He cant see my if I don't move around much."

The Batman : Either he's blind or he fears me....Personally, I think it's both

JadeToniRitsa L : *stares* nope, I'm not paid enough for this. *Closes door*

E N Fitz : It was in that moment, he remembered how he got his black eye the first time.

Lucas Rackley : Now, why can't there be goons in the live action movies who are this smart.

Rod Ri : Batman: Stands there and stares at the goon. Goon has enough of a brain to close the door and walk away . Batman is a total badass

SnowyWolborg : Goon: Hnm, do I intelligently walk away and pretend I never saw anything, or foolishly try to take on someone known for leaving gangs of guys unconscious and maimed? ...Yeah, I'm gone.

Bongo : Lol I like Batmans face in the whole ordeal. Batman thinking: "Well, if Alfred ever decides to retire I may of found his replacement...."

SirFagg0t : 360 NOPE SCOPE

bounchofbeaners : just a straight up 'nope"   XD XD

MMagentaHH : it's missing some context, i believe batman beat up this guy earlier in the episode

Marrion Lulu : 0:13 R.kelly Whatchu doing here?!?

TheOpinionatedPerson : And they say Lex Luthor is the smartest in the DC universe...

Angelalex242 : Goon:Sorry, but I didn't level grind enough for this. I'd have to be triple my current level to even think about it.

TheSecretEye : These comments are gold.

Kyle Vanderhoof : Damn, Battys didn't even have to give him the "bat glare."

Temerith : later on in his life, That goon went back to school and got a PHD So remember 2 things kids.... "When you see Batman, DONT see batman" and "Batman may see you, but you DONT see him"

cyke33 : What do you tell a goon from Gotham with one black eye?......... Nothing Bat man already talked to him.

JM Jack McNally : Dangerously Genre Savvy.

Humphrey61 : That man saved himself an arm, legs, and his ribs

watsg00dn199a : Batman usually hides in these kind of circumstance bbuuut he was ballsy today and wanted to see what the Goon was going to do 

ZayIvory7 : You can just see the on his face the "ya know what?... I'm good."

TheArgh87 : This goon went home that night and reconciled with his wife, bonded with his son, and threw his gun into the river. The next day he used all his crime money to make a number of strategic investments in financial securities and real estate, making a small fortune and finally getting to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a classical cellist. He proceeded to tour throughout Europe for the next ten years under the performance name of Johann Vanderschmudt before retiring at the comfortable age of 63 to live out his golden years in the quiet French countryside. To his dying day when people asked him to share the secret of his success he would always smile, look them right in the eye, and say, "Nope."

Spartan Q77 : You see Batman let him go because he respects those smart enough to walk away.

Wordsmith012 : Batman was never there at all. In fact, this was the addled mind of an addicted gamer realizing he had to go home and finish Arkham Knight or Batman would not approve.

watsg00dn199a : Goon: Well I was going to the kitchen to get me a cold budweiser , and I thought someone was in the boss's room. I open the door and was like "great googaly moogaly it's Batman" I was scared for my life, I already got a black eye and no health insurance. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TYME FO DAY!!

Jeronimo McArthur : Goon: Someone in here? Batman: Who do you think? Goon: Oh crap... Batman: Well? Goon: No way I'm getting my ass kicked again....I'm just gonna.... Batman: Yeah. Goon: Go. *Leaves the room*

Asertix357 : Every time I come back to watch this particular scene, I can't help but think about a funny exchange that should take place. Thug: *Sees Batman* Aw shit. *Sighs* You realize that I have to at least make an effort at stopping you, right? Batman: Mhmm. Thug: It's gonna suck for me, isn't it? Batman: Yep. Thug: Yeah... So. Could you stop what you're doing, and just leave? Batman: Nope. Thug: Well, I tried. I'll just leave you to whatever you're doing.

DemomanX614 : "Something wrong?" "Yeah Bill Cosbys in there, why don't you go say hi"