Caesarean Pregnancy Delivery Procedure Video
Caesarean Pregnancy Delivery Procedure Video

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Caesarean Pregnancy Delivery Procedure Video To expect a baby is the most beautiful thing for a woman and equally important to the family. Would-be parents start preparing for a lot of things when they hear this good news. They start with initial preparations like reading parenting books, prepare baby's room with colorful walls, buy toys, clothes etc. One important aspect of birth process is selecting the child delivery method. One is the vaginal delivery and the other way is by caesarean method. Though many women have to go through caesarean delivery because of complications related to their pregnancy, some females choose this method to avoid the pain that occurs during normal vaginal delivery. Also, many mothers who opt for vaginal delivery have to switch to caesarean section at the time of giving birth if any complication arises at that time. A caesarean section process which is also known as C- section is the process of taking out the baby from the womb rather than the usual way of allowing it to proceed into the birth canal and then taking it out through vagina. This process of delivering a child was earlier practiced in Rome, Greece, Egypt and also some parts of Europe. This method was initially performed to take the baby out of the womb of mothers who died during the childbirth, but it was only in mid 1800s that a mother survived after the surgery. Disclaimer: This channel is for information purposes only and this information is not a substitute for real medical advice. Please seek medical attention if you are suffering from a serious ailment. Follow E Lawson Here --- Article Source: