Terminally ill boy Dies in Santa's Arms FULL

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Candace Alford : I heard this on the radio

Sugar Daddy : 20 dislikes? How is that even possible?

sami khoury : Please don't quit. Keep going on, you are an inspiration for adults and kids now. I hope one day we can make it to Nashville and see you. God bless you

Maddie Henao : Oh my goodness :'( God bless him

Kribo Ikal : is this real life santa?

Rearea — : We need more people like him to make kids everywhere happy

Diamor Rophael : thumbs up if you cried and your eyes started to hurt

Mayli Lopez : I can't believe what I just watched this is so sad and usually I don't cry but this got me!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Viktor Johansson : This is really sad ya'know

Geff : If santa was real I hope he was this man.

Christina Iles : GOD BLESS YOU SANTA!!

anime freak 2006 : i was crying so hard but i had to keep happy for the sake of this boy

Yoshi gamer678 : the sad thing is that will stay with him for the rest of his life

Katie Meuse : How can this video have any dislikes??? This man is too pure for this world

TRENDL reacts : God is holding him

Jalles Alles : What the heel is wrong with that person in the background making a ruckus

Mole : ... and can you imagine God is WAAAAY better then Santa?

Sahar Hammad : Hey, little kid, you're the no. 1 ELF😭😢😭🎅🏼

Katrina Miller : i cried

Rachel : RIP ❤

Reese Honeywell : I'm sure he was an extremely sweet loving adorable child. 😭🎅

Midori Gurin : This is so saddening that I had to cry...I'm so glad that poor little boy got his final wish to see Santa before passing...we really do need more people like Eric to make the world a happier and better place...but, R.I.P., little boy...

0nix : Coming from someone that usually doesn't get emotional, this is honestly one of the heaviest things I've ever seen.

Alison Hanna : That was so sad yet so beautiful. 😢❤

Josie Reynoldd : I cried watching this

Micheal Mylers : Takes a lot to bring a tear to my eyes now but this was so sad what a kind sweet man life is so evil

Clone Commander Fox : im so sad i have never cry this hard over video:'(

Milly Edwards : This is such a bitter sweet story.There still is good people in this world. Theres never to much LOVE!!! I know what its like to lose a child my heart goes out to the parents...Santa you were touched by an angel!!

Internet Explorer : He said 100 times YOU KNOW

Allison Copeland : This happens too often I can't wait till we can cure every sickness and stop all the shootings and terrorist

Mario Mann99 : I never thought I'd see Santa crying

lol eat me : I'm crying

danny li : Hes Santa... god bless him.

Isabella Tello : no words. I can't....my heart is broken...

David Simmons : things happen for a reason!!!that boy needed some1 strong like Santa so he could go without the fear and feel safe etc etc. and I think Santa needed him too!!!bless u Santa and that little boy merry christmas 2 u both😂

Kingslayerbeast2 Team : hey dont listen to all the haters. this is very sad. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭any one you lost in life is im your heart eavin if thir not in your family and love you

Piper's Vlogs : I met the little boys family

Lil Dipper : Stay strong, kid...😖😣😒😧😢😥😟

MarvellousMihaela : sorry santa to hear it I feel so bad

Kaitlyn Serratos : He was more sad of missing Christmas than dying... santa really did give Christmas♥️

KING MUSICAL : 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

samantha booth : I don't get emotional but I'm in tears

Huncho TV : I'm sorry for what happened to the little boy and hope his family is ok and God bless him n his family♡♡♡♡

Maria Rodriguez : Omg 😲 soo sad 😭 can't stop crying 😭😭😭it's beautiful story but at the same time it's soo sad 😭 god bless Santa 🎅 and the family 😔😔😔sorry for ur loss

Vanessa Olds : It's really upsetting because everytime a kid that has any type of tummy ache that's is really small or any type of kid at all he will probably think of that day. That santa could even fall into depression after something like that.

Marcin Wysocki : poor Santa he must be really sad that the kid died and I'm sad too Santa plz don't be sad were here for ya it will be ok ;..(

Neo Mazson : Santa all I want for Christmas is for everybody and I said everybody to have a wish or a great holiday and I wish we are all happy and could never die but that only happens in movies so I just with to have a safe Christmas and and I love you all my heart and all of yours will a Ways have emotions like this one so sad and so cute for Santa to do that but we all thank god and Santa for what we have even that little boy 😪😥😰😓😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I love you Santa!😓😥😰😨😭😪😱😳

Bubblan Bubblan : I just got sad by looking at the thumbnail

tony w : damn I teared up

Midori Ishida : Please Jesus take care of the little boy.