Nigel Sylvester | GO - London to Paris
This guys editingtransition skills are god like

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Professional BMX Athlete, Nigel Sylvester, give us yet another remarkable tour with insane riding in the 5th installment of 'GO', the global adventure series. This time, popping wheelies in London and falling in love in Paris. For Photos, Merch and more videos - Created by: Nigel Sylvester & Harrison Boyce Directed by: Harrison Boyce Written by: Nigel Sylvester Co-Produced by: Danielle Salzedo Where should Nigel 'GO' next? Features: Timothy Weah of Paris Saint Germain Football Club, Stéphane Ashpool of Pigalle, Dolly Cohen, Manon Bresch, Piu Piu, Places + Faces, The Chicken Connoisseur, Octavian, Flohio, BitBeefy, Jake 100, Street Elitez, Kie Willis, Joseph Hendo, Korahn Gayle, Nous Paris, Parc des Princes - Home of the Paris Saint Germain Football Club, Somerset House, Centre Pompidou, Gumball 3000, Knightsbridge Fencing Club, Thorpe Park, Peckham BMX Race Track, Paris Tourist Office: @Parisjetaime, Ballie Ballerson and Greg Yuna. Music In Order: Artist: Section Boyz, Song: 'Bimma' - Artist: Octavian, Song: 'Party Here' - Artist: Vory, Song: 'Control' - Artist: Flohio, Song: 'Bands' - Artist: Brent Faiyaz, Song: 'Invite Me' - Artist: Selfmade, Song: 'Standout' - Artist: Fleego ft. Mitch, Song: 'Regardless' - Artist: Eagles of Death Metal, Song: 'Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)' - Artist: Elohim, Song: 'Half Love' - Artist: Buddy ft ASAP Ferg, Song: ''Black' - Artist: Octavian, Song: ''Hands' - #GOmode


Dazz _ : I swear this guy knows everyone

surfxjai : 3:25 where tf is the camera :o

cosmicpickel77 : You have remarkably good edit skills!

CaseyNeistat : this is regoddamndiculously good.

Dom DrPepper : 1:26 he paid £20 for a sprite

Joseph Ken Ben Marcos : 5:22 O, c'mon man!!! 😡🙍

ocBTyga : 5:01 Whhhoooaaa nohomo man !

Jadez : Bro I love this man he has the most smoothest transitions I’ve ever seen I also like how he takes his bike every where he’s a savage and has good tricks I can’t do any lol 👌😂♥️

Mafia Studios : Where does he always leave his bike tho?

SIR MEOWS A LOT : 3:26 Wait hold up, where’s the camera?!

MIRACLE JANSEN : 4:48 You has been slain😂

Christian John Guanzon : Bro why does Nigel only have 300k subscribers... he deserves 1 million subscribers instead!

banzii is trash : Shoulda tap dat first but but aye fly vid

MrsSTEMO : You spent 20 quid on a sprite you got mental issues

THEOR3T!C4L 波形.mp3 : 7:12 😬

Charles van der Wal : Your editing is crazy AF

Dominik Drapák : Yo your vids are lit, please go in Prague bro

JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan : 8:02 thats illegal footage. But nice video anyway

Levi Siebra : 6:23 what a reference to Nike commercial, nice man

NL Gaming : Bro this is the first vid that i see from u but your edit and everything is so nice😍😍

Conner Wilson : Never stop making these. Best content on Youtube

Colin Brady : Nigel: Doesn’t drink tea with pinky up People from London: ~~~~~TRIGGERED~~~~~

Max Davis : I felt like my skin was about to come off at 7:12

LispyJoey ツ : 5:05, When you finally have a good dream and someone knocks on your door....‼️😂

anderson Gabriel TM : Oi algem mas fala português deixa o seu like

Billy Perry : So dope every time 🔥🔥🔥

Whytii : The production quality of this is amazing.

Blue Ninja : Nigel how do you have a french girlfriend yet you dont speak french logic where you at

drojim184 : Very well made video. Good shit bro. I'm from NYC. I love watching city riding. Great stuff

Joshua Williams : Didnt know who Nigel Sylvester was until hearing about the Noise Cancelling Jordan release. His editing skills are incredible nice work my man!

Keese Buzz : The energy of dis vid bruh🔥🔥

obitx spams kamui : Bro insane cut skills bro amazing vid

Della Beatz : Wtf I’m speechless best editing I’ve seen on YouTube

Mukie : Probably the most entertaining clip I have seen. The transitions are perfect

Alf YT : My guy jus payed 20 quid for a sprite

Joshua Waller : Bro nygiel is the best

iccyyoky : Super la vidéo !! Continue comme sa 🔥💪

Beraiah Yisrael : Idk who this guy is, but thanks for that amazing trip.

I Love Bananas : CHICKEN CONOSUEIR!!! RUDE BOY Edit: you went to the marathon we're I lived. It was at limehouse

Kungull : ur living a REAL LIFE bro! This is amazing, keep doing this kind of videos !

Flaber Fire : Can you do 1 in Australia plz

Brawl Mania : Plase donate me your BMX i don`t have

kyle watts : REI content editing thanks for sharing awesome adventures

xKrystal RL : Awesome edits.This video motivate me

JeqGoon : Best 8 minutes and 27 second video I've seen in my life

Y E E T : Dope editing.

Mango Xpress : Such a sick mix up. Mad video bro. Mad respect ✊🏼

Mihanik : Go to Russia

Cain Film Studios : This video quality and editing is fire 🔥🔥🔥💯