Nigel Sylvester | GO - London to Paris

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CaseyNeistat : this is regoddamndiculously good.

Alf YT : My guy jus payed 20 quid for a sprite

surfxjai : 3:25 where tf is the camera :o

MrsSTEMO : You spent 20 quid on a sprite you got mental issues

SIR MEOWS A LOT : 3:26 Wait hold up, where’s the camera?!

Billy Perry : So dope every time 🔥🔥🔥

Burak Yüksel : GO THE TURKEY

Dreyphus : NOT PSG !!!!! L'OM C'EST MIEUX !

PianoTube : You have remarkably good edit skills!

VanliGabarnet : Good Montage

JAKE 100 : Honoured To Be A Part Of This Film Bro, Catch You Soon 🙏🏼 SMASHED IT!!

Hood Mentality : *GO TO TORONTO*

Michael Kourinnoi : Man I wish I was him. He lucky 🍀

zacmos yt tv : Nigel come in greece

Maks GFX : Awesome edits.This video motivate me

StormFreerun : Epic to be a part of this! Smashed it bro 👊👊

Harry Evans : Little Harry and dat, Wings and dat, London tingz and dat...

Will Freeark : This one is EPICCC. So diverse. Insane stuff as always

誰もが死ぬ • : This so damn amazing

AlmightyEmperorBiggs RBLX : Do Birmingham grand central

Dre Vibez : Upload these more often 🔥

Eyo Hayo : Paris to sweden

Alexsander ok : Что я сейчас посмотрел? Объясните пожалуйста!

Damian Frank : Nigel must be rich

[iQ] Twitch_Essentail : Pls go to Amsterdam

Skills With Phil : I've been waiting for this video! As always, quality stuff Nigel!! 🔥🔥🔥

iccyyoky : Super la vidéo !! Continue comme sa 🔥💪

Fredded Wheat : AAAAY HE WAS AT PECKAM BMX :( if only I was training with him at the time

Mitsos Tube : Go to greece!!!

민준김 : you are the best youtuber

Mashox : *finally something good on youtube !*

Migi San : Waited long enough!

Артур : Cool video bro I really liked

Kareem ABNORMAL : What phone do u have?

4649シルバーズ : tha best!!

Phil B : NIGEL...this is legit!!! Thank you for a new video!!! You need to visit Turkey bro and rip some of these ill lines. Keep up the amazing work.

Flow 23 : I saw storm freerun !!!

Mati Gaming223Xd : That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!😲

Whyphy : My guy Tim Weah NYC📍

Icee tray : This is the best editing

Domi JePan : so good that s it s osm

nationGamer Cedric : Nice

SIR MEOWS A LOT : Love the editing!

Twitch Kxmpy : This is 🔥

Conner Wilson : Never stop making these. Best content on Youtube

cardinal : Very good video my friend :-)

충로가스 : You ride so good bro.

weezzy : *Dope!*

Sozixl : Lit

Mihanik : Go to Russia