Nigel Sylvester | GO London to Paris

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CaseyNeistat : this is regoddamndiculously good.

Skills With Phil : I've been waiting for this video! As always, quality stuff Nigel!! 🔥🔥🔥

Dre Vibez : Upload these more often 🔥

Billy Perry : So dope every time 🔥🔥🔥

JAKE 100 : Honoured To Be A Part Of This Film Bro, Catch You Soon 🙏🏼 SMASHED IT!!

Phil B : NIGEL...this is legit!!! Thank you for a new video!!! You need to visit Turkey bro and rip some of these ill lines. Keep up the amazing work.

StormFreerun : Epic to be a part of this! Smashed it bro 👊👊

Dre Vibez : I’ve been waiting for this! This is quality content

Mashox : *finally something good on youtube !*

Conner Wilson : Never stop making these. Best content on Youtube

Mihanik : Go to Russia

ILAN LAMPL : Killed it! Can't get enough of the GO series, love it!!

Dare RBN : That was incredible. More pls.

Akkuzi : Another spicy upload! 🔥🔥🔥

Mira laz : Why you have only 250k subscribers? Your films are awesome! <3

Shacrow : 3:42 oh dang. that's the chickenman himself <3

Sergey Stilov : ЖИР!!!!

sieve5 : Came here like Casey N to say that I like this editing.

Pasha Zarrinkafsh : He rode with the off whites!!!😱😰

Ahmet Ferhat : Hey Nigel come to İstanbul🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Cameron S : This is cool and all but who is the girl and whats her IG haha

Sudhanshu Sharma : this us the best video that I've seen on YouTube in my entire life !!!!

jczzyIV : Yo this is ill!

misstrevor84 : That was dope AF! Nice work, man!

Pravin BMX India : 🔥dope ❤️ from India

et Parkour : Parkour ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lenext Owens : CRAZY editing on this one very entertaining

Juggling Isaac : Awesome video! I loved all of the sweet transitions!

Ursu george : that was lit , if u are in Europe please come to Romania , we have nice womens and places :)))

Авто мобиля : 25

Hipster : Love your vids nice nigel

Sir DR. : INSANE. This needs more views!! Regards from the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

SirPonzi : lets go

B4tuλan : One More Awesome Video Thanks Nigel

Target Soda : These videos are the best. Good job Nigel.

Liam Knight : This is fire

Ivan Michael™ : *Life is good, When you're rich*

F Luffe : you have the videos on youtube keep going

ZACK - زاك : who is here before the one million view?

Kevin Israel : Go Go🤘🏼🇲🇽

Henrique Miranda : Awesome as allways

Jim : So dope, respect from the netherlands! Come to Amsterdam or Rotterdam please!

[김서윤] : Hey why don't you come to Korea~

Twan Silkens : yeeaahhh finelyyyyyyy

Lukáš Filip : Finaly.... :D

LXRYLXRYTV : Im glad I can say nigels a friend of mine. Great guy man keep up the good work.

miekomuss Miekosauros : Go Turkei to Istanbul or izmir

miekomuss Miekosauros : Nice !

Mark Anthony : keep doin that thing boi

Droog Moto : Awesome video mate!!!