Matthews Wresting Match

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RandysVids : RIP Vader

Cus7ate9 : R.I.P big man

The ghost of Spookwagen : Still more entertaining than The Bunny and Adam Rose.

The Goat : Feeny buried Vader!


pontiacGXPfan : It's Vader Time!!!!!!!!

Date Masamune : Jim Ross: BAH GAWD! Vader's got a chair! He's beating the living hell out of this kid! Someone stop the match! There's no need for this! What kind of human being does this?!

Raymond Frand : RIP VADER!

James Faraci : 1:40-Corey Matthews with his spear is no Roman Reigns I'll tell you that!

M4sterb1rd : Still waiting for the Texas death match

Siko1000 : i love how Vader stays in character. lol

I am Bread : vader fears feeney

Moon Of The Nightsky : rip vader

sittingduhk : RIP Vader

Nathaniel Coleman : R.i.p big van vader💯


DP30 : RIP Vader

mobywv : RIP Vader

FlukeDogg08 : RIP Vader

The ghost of Spookwagen : Imagine if Girl Meets World's Maya had a dad called Bret. I want to see that man wrestle Shawn Michaels.

kliq11 : R.I.P.

Christopher Teo : Shawn: hey Cory what's this thing do Ding Cory😱

Jesse Iese : Vader got two years to live and I really watched the episode of Vader in all the boy meets world episodes season 2,3,4

Vamparicsaiyan : I want to see Frankie on Girl meets world

Gabe Morales : RIP Vader

Antonio Basile : Still waiting to see the rating Meltzer would give a Feeny vs Vader Texas Death Match.

Nasty Nate : R.I.P Vader. It must be Vader Time in heaven

Adam Rosario : 1:42 Frankie Sr.: Make me, you little rug rat. 😂😂😂😂

Uncle Shannon : R.I.P. Big Van Vader

sickemdudley01 : RIP Big Van Vader.

Jorge Rodriguez : Rest easy Vader

Matthew Wolfe : One of Vader's greatest moments ever. Vader Time. #ripvader

VoLiTioNvx : I was wondering where Colt got that clip of Vader at the end of the AoW episode he was on. "I'M THE FACE OF DEATH!"

AJ Rashawn : At least Cory beat Joey like he was suppose to.

Peter John Joseph : RIP Big Van Vader

j.c man : Rest in peace Vader

Jon Veliky : RIP. Vader

Wolf Alpha 900 : Feeny just takes care of business and doesn't give 2 craps about it.

Alfredo Caldera : Rip Vader, true legend

Troy Eans : Rip vader it's time vader time

Bluechen : R.i.P. Vader

Larry Arroyo : Rip to a legend

Bobby : RIP Leon White aka Big Van Vader.

ssgss gogeta : Rip vader

mst3krulz : RIP Vader

Super Saiyan 3 : R.I.P VADER!!!

The New And Improved Clough : Will Friedle brought me here. R.I.P. Big Van Vader.

manicspike : Rest In Peace Vader.

Erick Miranda : RIP vader

matthew Acosta : R.i.p VADER