Sid the Science Kid - Where Did I Come From? (extended)

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reupload from The Jim Henson Company.

Comments from Youtube

Stoupti : Ah yes, casually phasing through the fourth wall.

RageMobsta. : Here from “this ain’t it chief”

Flykope : This isn’t how I remembered the show Edit: wack

YOUNG MIKE. : Like the other version better

Nadine Radovicz : Sid doesn't break the fourth wall. He walks through it.

Piper Woods : I clicked on this thinking it was an AU where his parents explain sex. So disappointing.

Dem Kids Playin Video Games : 1:29 Sid the science kid and his gang assert dominance over us foolish mortals (2019, colourised)

I Don't Know. com : 1:28 _they are all t-posing_

Smile Guy : Wait.... In 3:49 was that a reference to Men in black?

__________________________socc : how many kids went through existential crises after seeing this

korus : 1:28 T-Pose

Lucy's life in the baby alive world : AAAAaaaaand I wonder how many ACTUAL children who didn't learn about sex And/Or are to young learn about it watched this and thought this is where they all came from😏

yuni yuni : Is this a new meme?

Homie Bat : 3:46 i was like WTF IS HAPPENING

ElectrikStatik 900 : Sid breaks the fourth wall everytime by talking to us. To a screen that nobody sees. Nevermind, *I am confused.*

Daily Blank screen : 1:28 *insert halo theme here*

You're completely correct : you would think for a show that promotes science that they would have the kid character have a positive reaction to these careers in technology

ɅRCHE TYPE : 3:06 "Oh yeah, I use Linux."

Tyler Bossard : T h i s a i n t i t c h i e f

Mason's Mocs : Can we all agree that this is the best fourth wall break ever

J Jaden : 3:44 it was at this moment we knew ....the new men in black movie stars SIDS parents as new recruits where they uncover a conspiracy plot and try too not be creeped out about their existence and having too swipe their child's memory every time he "learns too much" but yea that would make a great movie right?

Philippine Ball : my childhood...

Mathias1048 danfan : PEOPLE BE COMING FOR P*RN

Hio Bio : Why not instead just not bring this topic up....... Because dirty minded people will be disappointed....

DJ 3lectrical : This is insanely creepy. “You are a puppet and we control your every move. Every. Single. Move.......”

Jay Killer : What the Hell

mjuniverselps : it may be creepy but uh its just showing us how they make the show.

Lil_mochigal : Bruh what did they give me last night

Morgan Collins : Great, now all I can see is Sid’s parents getting it on

Josephysia : this makes me wonder how many times they erased his memory

Djez Stuurman : 3:53 Sid be like: Man I am so high

Masiy Art : The wall he walks through is the fourth wall.

Sherk 12 : Now kids will think there were clay then numbers and then there *Alive*

kim and that's it : Oh my God. I DIDNT REMEBER THIS. ITS SO DARK OMG

kaia lmao : This is extremely cursed. Clearly we were never meant to see this

Game_ Goat : well... that was twisted makes sense, childhood shows make HUGE impacts on my life so.. explains a lot about why i am the way i am

SBS Memes Association : The Men in Black reference though


s a r a h : he literally passed the fourth wall

Mustaki : Yoooooo.... I thought this was a kids show!!! They straight up just wiped Sid's memory at the end!!!

Millions of people And one Izzy : The ending was a little sad

Fazbear Fright Fan : This is art. Breaking the 4th wall is great.

GsXCOMB 2344 : "REALLY BIG QUESTION" no its not big so bassically what happened is your mom and dad met and married eachother and did something and then you came out

ScorpionsFatality : Someome had to pitch this in a board room. Wonder how that went.

Aro : They straight up go men in black on him

Not Important : was this real? cause that was not expected at all

moon : I thought he was gonna see his parents bang but this is much more sweeter cute so I’m down

Ch1llyM4n : Sid doesnt break the fourth wall. He T-poses through it

noa : i thought this was some creepypasta