Sid the Science Kid - Where Did I Come From? (extended)

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ElectrikStatik 900 : Sid breaks the fourth wall everytime by talking to us. To a screen that nobody sees. Nevermind, *I am confused.*

Mason's Mocs : Can we all agree that this is the best fourth wall break ever

DJ 3lectrical : This is insanely creepy. “You are a puppet and we control your every move. Every. Single. Move.......”

Friend2Fuzzies : i thought they were gonna talk about where babies come from

Nadine Radovicz : Sid doesn't break the fourth wall. He walks through it.

Mustaki : Yoooooo.... I thought this was a kids show!!! They straight up just wiped Sid's memory at the end!!!

__________________________socc : how many kids went through existential crises after seeing this

kaia lmao : This is extremely cursed. Clearly we were never meant to see this

Jay Feather : 3:44 scares the f*** out of me

NoNoise : They straight up go men in black on him

megan pang : Top 10 anime plot twists

Josephysia : this makes me wonder how many times they erased his memory

Brick Pablo : WAIT WAS THAT ACTUALLY IN THE SHOW ?! My childhood lol

Ilan Oropeza : Ok I see the intention of this episode but HOLY SHIT that's creepy. Imagine if you could go through your wall or counter and you see these aliens on these computer looking devices and they all have you and your friends and your family on it like

Angry Welshman A : 3:33 when you see kids doing Fortnite dances in public

Redey1290 : This is actually kinda cool, just to see what all goes into animating this show... I never knew after all this time they actually use motion capture. Must be pretty expensive to produce now that I'm thinking about it.


Brick Pablo : 1:25 2:11 *sid hits the t - p o s e*

Bloodstar of FireClan : Why this is scrapped (I think): 1. It’s either because it was creepy how Sid was finding out that he’s just an animated cgi film and he’s not a real person. 2. The animators said “We control every move you make” (I didn’t watch the whole video) and that’s just... creepy. 3. By the title, parents watching may think “WHY DOES MY CHILD WATCH A SHOW ABOUT CHILD BIRTH” and send a lot of hate to the show to the point where they CANCEL it 4. The producers thought that “The kids won’t get the MIB reference, so it isn’t funny” (Why did I think of that)

Bailey Tupper : This NEEDS to become a meme

Flipboy Creations : Mom: Don’t take the chicken out of the freezer, we gonna have takeout instead Me: okay Mom: *Five hours later* Why didn’t you take out the chicken out of the freezer!?! Dad: Stop being lazy for once! Me: 0:42

single celled idiot : I like this trailer to the new Men In Black movie

Trigger Bearswag : lol

Ghast505 : o-o sid the science kid has uh changed since I last saw it Is sid going to have an existential crisis now- NEVERMIND THAT WAS AN INTERESTING ENDING

Colin Wilson : Wow. I thought this was an uncut episode about "The Talk". Now I'm disappointed.

MultiRobotnik : The motion capture animation of this show is very uncanny valley.

KvNG_SxUCE : No he came from a clay alien vagina

Xavier Watkins : At the end they put the shades and just like from the movie Men in Black

DoYoUwAnTfReE VbUcKs : Why did they men and black their kid

holmrekR : looks like they just uploaded it to their youtube channel as a behind the scenes video not a lost episode... well kinda is they removed the video from their channel

Sad Boi : 3:53 when you make a valid argument and they say “no u”

Candy the Hyena : *all walls have been broken*

Alex Kyle : BOI!!!! he broke the fifth wall!!!

single celled idiot : my 2 year old cousin loves this show so now I'm gonna show this to her before she goes to bed next time I see her, she honestly might not understand the MIB reference but it'll probably just scare the shit out of her which is what I was going for 😂😂😂

Zblox : *if he is a science kid,why doesn't he know how he came from....*

SprouSprou : So... If they are actually canonically just digital puppets... Why'd they have to erase his memory?


FroSquidGamers fdh : YoU cAME OuT oF MOMiES VAgInA

FizzyCocoaMan : This.. This was creepy for a kids show.

Digital Oboro : Sid enters the matrix

Sebastian Flores Avila : So...this is actually real?

Mr. Dog : Is this a ligit episode?

eat eggs : They broke the eighth wall

The pizza crunch : Sid: where did I come from? Mom and dad: well Sid it all started in the car...

DBLproductions : Saberspark have to see this.

Dj bolanis : This is actually really fuggin cool tho. Just don’t understand how this exists...

Siamese Tango : Who else thought he would bang his head on the wall and faint.

MrJoelMan : 3:33. Wow cant wait for the new MIB movie to come out

Technical Err0r : Let’s be honest we all thought this was lost because it explains the biological way babies are born when we clicked on this video

RoseThorn : What if that wall didn’t lead Sid to the studio? Instead, what if it led Sid to a Sex Ed class?