Footage Released Of Intended YouTube Stunt That Turned Deadly

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Jimmy Young : How can you be so stupid?? 7 months pregnant as well, how is she gonna explain it to her children??

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Natural Selection

Callsigncharlie100 : 19 and pregnant with her second child...yup she's not too bright.

Sharpshooter12345 : Bulletproof book cover can be deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover.

Nathan Harkins : What were they expecting? For the book to be bulletproof? If that was the case, why wouldn’t the military just fucking cover themselves head to toe in armour made out of novels?

Chuck Clark : Actual proof that books are smarter than we are.

SCOOBY DOO PAPA : Second baby at 19 and the guy thinks a book is gonna stop this gun 😂 i thought i was dumb but damn these 2 broke the guiness records

슬라이CooperChaos쿠퍼 : By his voice he didn't even hit puberty yet

Dirty D : This is a pretty clever way of escaping responsibility of those babies!

Jekulls : Still cant figure How this kid managed to get a hold of a .50 cal desert eagle with his 6 year old , dim witted mind...

Frizzable : It's called natural selection boys and girls

Mr. Potatoes Head : So when's the next video coming out, bro?

uknow who : Perhaps the universe was protecting this unborn child from a father with questionable judgement. There's no telling what he would have subjected the child to for clicks and views.

supervilla06 : Well, he died trying.

kev_J : ladies and gentlemen here's your simple proof that girls only pick the dumbest of the dumbest guys

Josh Johnson : "Every week I'm going to be bringing you new videos" Lol no you won't

Scott Nagelberg : Unfortunately he reproduced twice before Darwinism took him.

Omar Rivera : Dumbass Im sorry but come on man... dying for YOUTUBE!!!

zaya : Idiotic dude clearly pressured her immensely into doing it, yet you jail the 7 months PREGNANT girl? She/they already payed the price smh.

PLAYINGINCLOUDS : Omg, this is so sad in so many ways. Damn.

41 Mhz : I hate it when they say footage released but theres no footage. Cut that out!

Weldon Boethel : What a waste of my time since I didn't get to see him die.

moonsito : She does not deserve to be in jail I understand she shot him but he forced her to, she didn't want to but it wasn't her fault she was forced to do so.

Morty Smith : 1918 People: I can’t even fathom how life will be in 100 years! Humans will be so advanced and smart! 2018 People:

Richard Sanchez : I did this with an old 1970s phone book...The Yellow pages! Thank God it wasn't the White pages.....

urmaker : You can tell he has no idea what he is doing with a firearm. He holds it with his finger on the trigger. Sad to say, not hard to have predicted where it was going after seeing that.

WorldStarHipHop WSHH : Never Judge A Book By it's Cover

Shawn : I’m sure she resisted as long as she could and I’m sure he put a ton of pressure on her. She knew what would happen but as he said “I’m willing to die trying”. He didn’t care about what would happen to her.

Joeys Father : So is her relationship status single now??!!!

Tower 99 : Wow. Isn't that a .50 caliber handgun? They can punch through steel. Sad he didn't take his stunt more seriously and do some research.

Khu NoPie : Step 1 test the gun with a book in a safe outdoor environment Step 2 don't do it Step 3... there is no step 3

Nightowl358 : Darwin was watching and waiting patiently to hand out the award. Morons. Both of them. You thought a book would hold up to a close range blast from a .50? SMH.

rETarD yoU ArE ReTArd : Real man of genius

chemicalhorror : ISIS claimed responsible.

Chad Foret : More and more books are killed each year like this

The Gimpy Garage : I would like to announce that on one of my next videos I will have my girlfriend stab me with a Katana whilst I wear and aluminum foil chest plate. This is going to be epic!! Stay tuned! 🤣

ED Diaz-54 : Wake up! 50 caliber. Should of test it out on a watermelon-

Magz : What a smart guy

Ciarra Johnson : Pregnant, huh? Not surprised

Nick Diaz : He's a star now.... just dead tho

Isryel Nash : He actually thought a book would stop a .50 pistol? Like who raised this idiotic boy?!

Edward Granados : You would think they would have tested it first. No we can't do a test I only got one book.


SF2TOKYO : "What's 2+2=?" "KOOL-AID!"

illuminati : illuminati confirmed! Rest in Dorito's.

Bens sawmill : So he didn't make money off it, she didn't make money off it, CBS made money off it 👍

Subaru Tech 107 : Gangster mexican deserved what he got.

blitzrule : one less trigger happy fool on the streets...NEXT

Brian Waller : Sometimes you just can't fix stupid no matter hard you try. This guy broke 5 major firearm rules and I didn't even get to the actual shot that sealed his fate.

Mike Skidmore : I am just fascinated anyone can be that stupid .. !!!!