Footage Released Of Intended YouTube Stunt That Turned Deadly

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Chuck Clark : Actual proof that books are smarter than we are.

Hi, Neighbor! : Darwin award

voltrox : He only had one *shot* to get famous he blew it

The Hark : this is a DUMASS in the flesh, to bad he already reproduced.

Anthony Aguiar : He wasn't that dumb he just didn't wanna raise another kid

Khu NoPie : Step 1 test the gun with a book in a safe outdoor environment Step 2 don't do it Step 3... there is no step 3

Jose Meda : I wouldn't trust a girl named Mona Lisa.

Seth Skullsberg : C'mon guys dont judge a book by its cover. Now the girls in a bind. All she can do is turn the page and start a new chapter in her life. I wonder if they booked her into jail.

Riasat Salmin Sami : Child: Mommy, where's my dad? Mon: I killed him.

Felix Lanz : And here are the nominees for the Charles Darwin awards.....

urmaker : You can tell he has no idea what he is doing with a firearm. He holds it with his finger on the trigger. Sad to say, not hard to have predicted where it was going after seeing that.

Hazardbone : And to think kids actually watch these youtubers.

Ben Hansell : #1 Victory Royale

Joey Jaa : I would think of a smartass comment, but all of my ideas are booked

The Budget Aquarist : Good riddance to germs in the gene pool. Her parents should be shot too for calling her Mona Lisa.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Should've just gotten a job at McDonald's.

Tanvir Alif : Americans need to add ethics to their studies. They only have money and a strong army.

Ja'far, Chief of Sindria Trading Company : "whats going to happen to *my* life"

Nguyen Duong : "the thing i'm gunna show to you guys you guys are gonna say damn it boii" Didn't even feel bad for this guy

David Ferlian L Tobing : Stupidity level max..

sithlordsoup : .50 cal VS a book at arms length. Son. That’s like challenging a semi truck to go through a line of toilet paper.

totoy pogi : hesoyam

Architude : Dopey as, Dopey was.

Adam Murphy : Darwinism.

The Geico Gecko : I'm a lizard and I'm smarter than you humans. But don't forget to switch to gieco

The Gimpy Garage : I would like to announce that on one of my next videos I will have my girlfriend stab me with a Katana whilst I wear and aluminum foil chest plate. This is going to be epic!! Stay tuned! 🤣

PewDiePuday : Jake paul and Logan paul should try this no book needed

SEEN : natural selection just gets it right sometimes.


Elite GamingWolf : guess his gold digger is single now with a kid

LAZY DOG : Waste of a good book.

No Pe : Who let these dumbasses play with guns hahaha

GwolfGamer : *DAMMIT BOIII*

LEADER : The Darwin award goes to This young man! Too bad this didn't happen before he had a kid!

Jesus Christ : Another one bites the dust

Crazy Tempo : I don't feel bad for him he was stupid

Bruce Leeuh : It's crazy how desensitized everyone in this comment section seems to be towards death. The decisions they made were obviously not wise but that young man has family and friends currently mourning their loved ones death. This girl will have to live with that decision for the rest of her life. People/humans are only the sum of the experiences they've had on earth. Ignorance is the number one killer in my eyes. People who know better usually do better. This boy, like a lot of other kids in this generation, was looking to be internet famous by any means necessary. It's very unfortunate but the lesson to be learned is that we all have the responsibility of educating our loved ones on what's truly important and meaningful in life. That way they don't put their focus on the trivial pursuit of fame through social media. Also, try your best to not assume that something that is obvious or easy to understand for you is equally as easy to digest/understand for someone else. It sucks that empathy/sympathy seems to be a thing of the past. People are becoming more and more numb and callous toward the pain of others. Condescension should not be trending. I assure you, it's ok to be kind.😊 🌱

Hack Attack : Don't be a fool. Stay in school. Get an education. And always use common sense.

Michael Lacasse : I love natural selection

MAGA TIME : Bahahaha

Spider Man : *Dumbass.*

joshyextra : Lol a deagle shot won't go through a book NAAAAHHH

That Dude 50 : He wanted to die. He used .50 caliber desert eagle to shoot at a book...from a few feet away.. That gun will shoot down a helicopter get close enough. That gun will break up concrete steps. He knew this. 😕

Truth is forever Lies R4 a moment : He wanted to die. Didnt wanna pay child support

DON'T READ MY PROFILE PICTURE : I would’ve done the same if I was having a kid

41 Mhz : I hate it when they say footage released but theres no footage. Cut that out!

The Champ Is here : I guess common sense is not common anymore

1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! : He should of stuck to card tricks...Lol

InkedSylveon : Lmao one less idiot in the world peace!

Jonny Compton : Only tragedy here is ricing out that beautiful Celica. And as a GT-S owner it hurts