Footage Released Of Intended YouTube Stunt That Turned Deadly

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Chuck Clark : Actual proof that books are smarter than we are.

Lone wolf : " Every week I'm gonna be bringing ya guys new videos crazy videos " * Dies in the first video *

Nerd with cars : This is why the military doesn’t wear books.... duh

Slot Guru : Guess he missed that Mythbusters episode.

Alejandro Basaldúa : I'll make my girlfriend shoot me with an anti-aircraft cannon. I'll stand behind a pillow. I may fail, but if I fail i wanna die trying.

Jimmy J : How can you be so stupid?? 7 months pregnant as well, how is she gonna explain it to her children??

Jesse Lopez : And people wonder why Aliens from other worlds don't contact us.

Sonic Praa : So how did your dad die....? Don't want to talk about it.

VirtuallyVain : Why is this news ? Here in zimbabwe it's common practice for de pregnant mudda to shoot de baby fudda. However our military uses much stronger hard cover books for protection.

CALViN : Why is it taking so long for the next video to come out? He said 'weekly,' right?...

The Gimpy Garage : I would like to announce that on one of my next videos I will have my girlfriend stab me with a Katana whilst I wear and aluminum foil chest plate. This is going to be epic!! Stay tuned! 🤣

Stance Revolution : Sue the company that made the book they should had made there book more stronger lol

Omar Siddiqi : 3 months jail and 3 months house arrest. She doesn't deserve the jail time, totally not fair.

Kat LOLOLOLOL : *”Offensive to common sensibilities.”* That’s fitting. 😂

Solid Rock : Good, get him out of the gene pool

Leon Lush : Pro tip: test it on another book first to make sure you don’t blow a hole in your chest and leave two kids without a father

Al Bogdanovic : She will have a very awkward conversation with those two kids one day

FABIO999able : PENDEJO 😂 😆 😝.

Bec M : “I may fail, but if I fail I’m wanna die trying.” *oOOOooooOo So WiSe*

Paul Castro : Darwin strikes again

41 Mhz : I hate it when they say footage released but theres no footage. Cut that out!

Ruben Be : Idk about you guys but he certainly doesn't sound or look like some who's videos I'd watch 😂😂

B. Son : She got 90 day jail time wtf. I feel so bad for her and the baby

Tosh_is_me : Well clearly the internet causes pregnant women to shoot people. Time to ban the internet.

Alex Quezada : Let me double check if this works maybe he just did something wrong.

LaughTooHard : Unbelievable stupidity. If you've never seen proof of the Darwin Award, this is it!

Keith Ackerson : Someone out there is seeing this and saying "hold my beer"

Mark Ferrie : I call it natural selection...

Eric Zwicker : And the Darwin Award for ... Best new act.goes to....

Jairo Porras : The most powerful hand gun vs a hand book. It should be common sense which will win.

Josh Johnson : "Every week I'm going to be bringing you new videos" Lol no you won't

WeAreWallMart : That's not fair she didn't deserve to go to jail

Corey Stokes : This is the progression of our society. Nothing will stop it. It is in our nature.

Al Bogdanovic : I guess someone forgot to tell him that YouTube videos and magic tricks are all fake lol

William Elliott : This video sucked. Let's see the footage of him getting shot and killed.

Frizzable : It's called natural selection boys and girls

Big Moist : Dammmit Boiiii

Mr. Fictions : Sometimes to become famous, you just have to give it a shot.

Stephen Ulloa : I wish I had his confidence smh...

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks : One less gang member on the street now. Carrying that kind of gun he was up to no good

Khu NoPie : Step 1 test the gun with a book in a safe outdoor environment Step 2 don't do it Step 3... there is no step 3

Joanne Montali : So very stupid and immature/So very sad. 💔

palo : con esos nombre tambien.. que esperaban

R Anderson : One less Democrat.

GameLaser : Gets 2 Likes

Marvin Cruz : Clout is one hell of a drug

smokey mcbongwater : But can she still do u toob stunts.

Martin Moreno : I want to see the video

fleiva30 : Young America with guns (typical)

Grimm Tv : *damnit boy*