Footage Released Of Intended YouTube Stunt That Turned Deadly

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Chuck Clark : Actual proof that books are smarter than we are.

Skippy0330 : This is why we need to stop handing out participation trophies

Scott Nagelberg : Unfortunately he reproduced twice before Darwinism took him.

Call_me_kev : ladies and gentlemen here's your simple proof that girls only pick the dumbest of the dumbest guys

igloo productions : This is what happens when you see a book as something to shoot rather than something to read.

Jimmy Young : How can you be so stupid?? 7 months pregnant as well, how is she gonna explain it to her children??

Edward Granados : You would think they would have tested it first. No we can't do a test I only got one book.

Paul Racine : 19 and 2nd kid...THERES YOUR PROBLEM!!

daniel280456 : This guy reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo. He seems like the kind of guy who would have sex in front of the mirror so he could admire himself.

anuradha priyankara : Congratulations! They are finally popular. 2M views.🤣🤣

Josh Johnson : "Every week I'm going to be bringing you new videos" Lol no you won't

Joeys Father : So is her relationship status single now??!!!

DAVID GUTIERREZ : That’s one way to avoid child support

Matthew Petersen : Well... Using a Desrt Eagle is asking for it.

Chad Foret : More and more books are killed each year like this

The Gimpy Garage : I would like to announce that on one of my next videos I will have my girlfriend stab me with a Katana whilst I wear and aluminum foil chest plate. This is going to be epic!! Stay tuned! 🤣

TheProjectUnknow : He should've used a Nokia 3310 instead

Meghna Pednekar : Stupidity

Flip Flop : I had to watch this again to laugh

blitzrule : one less trigger happy fool on the streets...NEXT

41 Mhz : I hate it when they say footage released but theres no footage. Cut that out!

Gharian Price : Please God let that baby be raised by someone other than her..

Beskrock : I disagree that the video would offend common sensibilities. Not allowing the video to be seen not only defeats the purpose and allows him to have died for nothing but it also weakens a chance to educate young people in how not to kill yourself in pursuit of fame.

OG213LA : Stupidity at its finest!


Frizzable : It's called natural selection boys and girls

Izzy Dizzy : Well it worked it went viral

Light Source : The kids may be better off.

Zanny Penny : Is that book ok!

David Lopez : #booklivesmatter

Khu NoPie : Step 1 test the gun with a book in a safe outdoor environment Step 2 don't do it Step 3... there is no step 3

Tengku Said Mohd Faridh : Thats so bravest i've ever see. Congrats bro, you win the bag

Fuwa Fuwa : They deserve it for being such morons.

wnc817 : One down, thirty million to go.

randyrrs : lol you can see he had arrogance and over-confidence, probably thought he was invincible

urmaker : You can tell he has no idea what he is doing with a firearm. He holds it with his finger on the trigger. Sad to say, not hard to have predicted where it was going after seeing that.

Talaz 165 : Stupidness is over 9000!!

Kenneth Publico : Never jugde a cover by its book?

Dan More : Lol ENCORE, ENCORE !!!

Luke S : Thinning out the herd.

Isryel Nash : He actually thought a book would stop a .50 pistol? Like who raised this idiotic boy?!

Danny Geerts : Wonder what his second stunt would've been...Holding a sheet of paper in front of him and let his girlfriend fire an RPG towards it???I would've watched that...😆

Papi Dawg : The book is thicc

ED Diaz-54 : Wake up! 50 caliber. Should of test it out on a watermelon-

F0reman371 : Darwinism in purest form.

LAZY DOG : Waste of a good book.

Ted Dominic Castrence : Real man of genius

king : He should of atleast bought one of those bullet proof books

littleteethkeith : The wing on the back of that car says it all.

i have to wait 90 days before i change my name : *At least he went out with a BANG*