Manned homemade drone

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Andrew Ojala : Good design center of gravity perfect with the pilot below the plane of blades nice for safety as well

SpongeBob SapientPants : im seeing so many people building their own flying machine from their backyards. I WANT TO FLY!!!

Adolf Hitler : Am I the only one that realizes the presence of fucking power lines?!

renge99O9 : Little close to the electric wires huh? Was this filmed with a 1978 Viewmaster?

Gixer750pilot : If it's piloted from the inside by the passenger , is it still a drone ? Isn't it just an electric helicopter ?

dodoz44 : Just one thing though, by definition, drones are unmanned air crafts. This could be called a manned hexacopter though.

Sun Temple : Where did you get your large electric motors and propellers ?.

Carlos Fuentes : Not smart to be testing around hanging (electrical) lines. Good try though

Shiv SK : Sir which motor u have used in this of how much kv and also propeller of what size u have used

Teague Hayes : Let's find a spot with the most power lines and try it there.

Byg Syxx : It would be much cooler if the passenger is also the pilot...

Spoif : This particular personal multi-rotor is not available in the US, as it is not capable of lifting pilots in excess of 350lbs.

Blaine Christensen : BTW! By definition, if it's manned, it can't be a drone!

Alessandro Ascanio : Whats the power of each engine?

Anthony : Now that's cool!

Kinzoku Shirogane : Has the money to build a homemade drone. 240p video

Ryan Holmes : its not a drone if your riding in it Todd

anna Grow : GREAT location to test this thing!!!  Brilliant!!!

Kim Win : Excellent drone design,I also noticed in the first minute, it flies so damn close to the power lines, before reading the comment right below.. Pretty STUPID.

Mr electric : Which motors are used

tonou m afandolo : what is the rpm of each motor?

AutoGeek trend :

Jefe Sincere : Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I built a drone and flew in it

Tadhgro fett : Meanwhile below the border

Profesor GreenBrain : the moment the engine turns on with the guys between the propellers becoming human chopped meat chapsui

Sid Stevens : Just a thought, my motor scooter seat is slightly higher than this thing got to !

Rob M : amazing, best compact design ive seen

Did3D : why the video quality is a big sheat

jdjeep98 : I'd consider that, but I'm taller than 4 feet~!

Mark Liles : Very Nice!

MrRob8254 : i want one

Iron Sight : Impressive if you only want to go forward and backwards in a straight line, something not right there.

B Diddy : something like this would be great for search and rescue

Patrick Aube : A little lesson in flight, faster is better, go a little higher there is less turbulence caused by prop wash !!

Jack Mac : Was this video made in the 90's?

A Monotheist Translation : I would not let someone else pilot that while I was in it.

Nick B : If it is 'manned' then it isn't a 'drone' now is it?

Pete Zack : you have a helicopter but this bad camera?

YES10 : this is only a matter of time. The russians had automated drones that carried machines guns in Ukraine in 2014. Flying drones are here to stay.

Andrew Miller : Seems like a safe environment for testing that bad boy!

Wesley Cox : Speak english

Lee Wood : you need to be small

David Phelps : Seems to me, this is a quad copter and not a drone.

Stephan Hess : Perhaps if the cockpit were a little bit smaller...

Igino zollo : Can you build a new one for me ?

krazed0451 : "Home made" my arse.

PalmettoMoon : They must not care about a malfunction with getting that close to power lines in the first part

Caleb Foote : It's not a drone if it's manned

itsrafter : amazing just amazing

R Koster : now this is real , but dont fall for the drone guy... that' s cgi