Manned homemade drone

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GodBlessHipHop : Excuse me sir, your grass is blowing away

onjoFilms : No room for a stewardess in a miniskirt in that thing.

JBG TRAVELS : the best and simplest I have ever seen.

Adolf Hitler : Am I the only one that realizes the presence of fucking power lines?!

Luke Godeassi : What, no flips or rolls? :-D

Gixer750pilot : If it's piloted from the inside by the passenger , is it still a drone ? Isn't it just an electric helicopter ?

wowi55 : got to love them... test flight next to cars, buildings and low-hanging power guts, no glory...

David Lemon : Boy you better be skinny and small.. lol

Brian Templeton : Very impressive. Equally impressive, is the choice of testing sites, with obstacles, such as power lines, trees, and fences. this guy has a pair, for sho!

Andrew Ojala : Good design center of gravity perfect with the pilot below the plane of blades nice for safety as well

steve cotterell : Do you think the words - those blades look dangerous and could cut your head off was said when the first helicopter took to the air ? Look at this for what it is , cutting edge technology, if you don't like this stuff JOG ON

mspider12 : I always test fly aircraft under utility wires, fences and other houses.

john reilly : that is totally badass " Epic "

Pete Zack : you have a helicopter but this bad camera?

Highteckhobbies : the only thing holding back this technology from going mainstream is flight time is probably less than 5 minutes. with the batteries available on the market.

Darryl Edington : Impressive, but can it leave ground effect? Why not just put weights in it and fly it higher.

Clorox Bleach : Lmao, if it is manned then it is by definition not a drone. A drone is literally an unmanned aerial vehicle. Good job, though.

Beau Artson : i always wanted to fly 3ft off the ground and go nowhere. wtf?

reezlaw : No punch out test?

Dan FR : can you imagine how sketchy it will be when 75 year old betty from next door has got one of these to pop to tesco in ! hahaha. It will be utter carnage when they finally start selling these to the masses......... I can't wait lol

tony perks : There's some clever people about , awesome 👍👍👍👍👍

SpongeBob SapientPants : im seeing so many people building their own flying machine from their backyards. I WANT TO FLY!!!

rodf73 : Not for nothing...You guys do NOT have a phone/camera that is a little better than 240!!! WTF! Keep up the work...would like to see more please???

Nick B : If it is 'manned' then it isn't a 'drone' now is it?

As It Is : When was this filmed? 1970?

andrew kennett : Why do they choose to fly around power wires?

Voxel Lab : This is the third viable hover craft I've seen know. It's just a mater of time until there's a real hove craft for sale.


Fox Johnson : Flying personal transportation is right around the corner

Jay Vantol : now THATS FPV

Mantikone : Nice job man and it seems very stable.

JULIO ACOSTA OFFICIAL : what motors are those

Bob A Booey : Very smart to pick a place that was free of obstacles and trash to fly that thing.

halffulltome : If it's manned it's not a drone.

B.G.B Beezo100 : Dat shit finna revolutionize the smuggling game

Dr. Trotter : $10,000 in electronics parts?...Check Cheap low res camera?...Check!

Danny Creech : if it is manned, it is not a drone. It is a quad copter if it has 4 props.

TheDavenator7 : Lets test the drone under the power lines!!! Lets go find some bigger power lines!!!

the brain : Nice machine, and it flies without so much rpm. Get it somewhere where you can do maneuvers at speed.

steelmesh : Max Hover Time: 177 seconds Max Flight Time: 93 seconds

tuber : Manned drone? Retarded much?

Garimpo EUA : This needs to be gas power with BRS parachute than yes good to go.

Peter Dobber : This manned drone flies much higher:

J Cortez : well that is better that all the DYI multicopters I have seen on youtube.. so.. you are winning..

Rob M : amazing, best compact design ive seen

besprutad : South Korea is the high tech russia

James Thompson : Why do you insist on calling piloted vehicles "drones?"

Wayne Kinne : Seems like the pilot needs some protection from the blades. I see this in every piloted drone out there, have these people ever seen what happens when a blade explodes? Clip a tree branch, bump anything at all and you could have 20,000 splinters flying at 5000 mph right through the pilot. First time a pilot dies will set this back this idea for a very long time.

Gene Carr : Mr Carr is on a mission to do like wise and it's great to see how wonderful yours turned out. So many times my little drone has fallen out of that sky. Having that happen with a life sizes drone and me or someone else in it wouldn't be good.... Great job!

Michael Shultz : I like that he knocks the dirt of his shoes before getting into that inside out leaf blower. Giggles; ;But seriously how many watts do the motors require in total ? And could this be done with a generator so that having a fuel tank , say propane gas to run generator to power motors would give you a long flying time and a quick refuelling time. Add a ballistic parachute in case of catastrophic failure and you have a very safe vehicle especially if the ballistic parachute is steerable to help the pilot avoid landing in a tree or on power lines.