Manned homemade drone

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GodBlessHipHop : Excuse me sir, your grass is blowing away

onjoFilms : No room for a stewardess in a miniskirt in that thing.

Adolf Hitler : Am I the only one that realizes the presence of fucking power lines?!

Luke Godeassi : What, no flips or rolls? :-D

JBG TRAVELS : the best and simplest I have ever seen.

wowi55 : got to love them... test flight next to cars, buildings and low-hanging power guts, no glory...

David Lemon : Boy you better be skinny and small.. lol

As It Is : When was this filmed? 1970?

Rob M : amazing, best compact design ive seen

Brian Templeton : Very impressive. Equally impressive, is the choice of testing sites, with obstacles, such as power lines, trees, and fences. this guy has a pair, for sho!

Andrew Ojala : Good design center of gravity perfect with the pilot below the plane of blades nice for safety as well

Wayne Kinne : Seems like the pilot needs some protection from the blades. I see this in every piloted drone out there, have these people ever seen what happens when a blade explodes? Clip a tree branch, bump anything at all and you could have 20,000 splinters flying at 5000 mph right through the pilot. First time a pilot dies will set this back this idea for a very long time.

Fox Johnson : Flying personal transportation is right around the corner

john reilly : that is totally badass " Epic "

mspider12 : I always test fly aircraft under utility wires, fences and other houses.

steve cotterell : Do you think the words - those blades look dangerous and could cut your head off was said when the first helicopter took to the air ? Look at this for what it is , cutting edge technology, if you don't like this stuff JOG ON

Highteckhobbies : the only thing holding back this technology from going mainstream is flight time is probably less than 5 minutes. with the batteries available on the market.

Pete Zack : you have a helicopter but this bad camera?

Darryl Edington : Impressive, but can it leave ground effect? Why not just put weights in it and fly it higher.

Gixer750pilot : If it's piloted from the inside by the passenger , is it still a drone ? Isn't it just an electric helicopter ?

Beau Artson : i always wanted to fly 3ft off the ground and go nowhere. wtf?

reezlaw : No punch out test?

Dan FR : can you imagine how sketchy it will be when 75 year old betty from next door has got one of these to pop to tesco in ! hahaha. It will be utter carnage when they finally start selling these to the masses......... I can't wait lol


Clorox Bleach : Lmao, if it is manned then it is by definition not a drone. A drone is literally an unmanned aerial vehicle. Good job, though.

tony perks : There's some clever people about , awesome 👍👍👍👍👍

SpongeBob SapientPants : im seeing so many people building their own flying machine from their backyards. I WANT TO FLY!!!

rodf73 : Not for nothing...You guys do NOT have a phone/camera that is a little better than 240!!! WTF! Keep up the work...would like to see more please???

Nick B : If it is 'manned' then it isn't a 'drone' now is it?

andrew kennett : Why do they choose to fly around power wires?

Voxel Lab : This is the third viable hover craft I've seen know. It's just a mater of time until there's a real hove craft for sale.


Jay Vantol : now THATS FPV

Mantikone : Nice job man and it seems very stable.

JULIO ACOSTA OFFICIAL : what motors are those

Bob A Booey : Very smart to pick a place that was free of obstacles and trash to fly that thing.

halffulltome : If it's manned it's not a drone.

B.G.B Beezo100 : Dat shit finna revolutionize the smuggling game

Dr. Trotter : $10,000 in electronics parts?...Check Cheap low res camera?...Check!

Danny Creech : if it is manned, it is not a drone. It is a quad copter if it has 4 props.

TheDavenator7 : Lets test the drone under the power lines!!! Lets go find some bigger power lines!!!

Billy Mehaffey : That's cooler than shit! Fucking around with power lines in play too? Lol

the brain : Nice machine, and it flies without so much rpm. Get it somewhere where you can do maneuvers at speed.

steelmesh : Max Hover Time: 177 seconds Max Flight Time: 93 seconds

tuber : Manned drone? Retarded much?

Daniel Cruz : This needs to be gas power with BRS parachute than yes good to go.

Peter Dobber : This manned drone flies much higher:

J Cortez : well that is better that all the DYI multicopters I have seen on youtube.. so.. you are winning..

besprutad : South Korea is the high tech russia

James Thompson : Why do you insist on calling piloted vehicles "drones?"