Diana Bastet Metal Bellydance. Sepultura "Ratamahatta"

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Eddie Maiden : If you pay close attention, you can hear Sepultura's 'ratamahatta' playing in the background.

tom karasu : some snowflake barbies would say this demeans her and that she is fat. no. this is the perfect woman. and powerful to boot.

Kenny Hagan : And people think twerking is hot... they should see this.


Ae86 Hachi : Goddamn... I need a blunt and a cold shower! Someone somewhere gets to sleep with this woman and I am extremely jealous.

Lemmy K. Is God : And then I subscribed...

celestial chorus : Girl! You are my inspiration!! Keep shaking It!

handyhippie65 : you have amazing muscular control. awesome job!

David Jett : Is it weird that I find myself more drawn to the outline of her abs than, ya know...her, uh, eyes?

Athena Kitty : Probably one of the coolest and most sensual performances I've ever seen. As a woman, it's nice to see other women using dance as an art and form of self expression. Beautiful!

Sn1per On3 : Witch pornography

Melanie Turner : There is so much fucking power and Goddess energy exuding from this piece of art. I am in love and will forever be inspired by you, Diana. I get so pumped whenever I watch your videos~ <3

Stax Jackson : Clearly it would be like beating a dead horse to comment on how beautiful this young lady is (and considering she appears to be old enough to be my daughter). A very sensual performance from one of my all time favorite metal bands; as well as a very beautiful and talented woman. Total badassedry \m/

Ahmad Adlabad : How could 600 not like this dude there either gay or other women hatin lol cause honestly she could do this on my face anyday

Felix The Cat : Came for the music. Stayed for the dancing

El Emonator 83 : My WARRIOR queen. Now she's a rare breed of real women

Adwersary : when you like Sepultura and find something like this, you are really horn......i mean happy :D

312vandal : Damn she is FINE

Ks Drums : *Eis que voce compra uma SHAKIRA DA DEEP WEB*

Alia Viviana Hudjinski : And then I want to change career. 😲

Aaron Turner : She is so hypnotically amazing

Belletaina : Beautiful goddess incarnate

Marcos Mora : Perfect boobs

LIL MIK TV : Creampie!

Winnetoo85 : goddess..... <3

Krista Sirmon : that is really hot. ♡

Teresa Suttorp : I would die for that!!!!! Yimmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!

Toxic Trace : Divine .... :P Regards From Poland ;)

Southernburrito : I just watched another belly dancer, she was cute Diana, but she wasn't you. She was good, but didn't move like you. Where her cuteness/beauty attracts me, you stir embers in primal desire & I think you know you have that effect on men. Just fyi, thought you should know. Oooh :P ha

Teresa Suttorp : Jerry loves u!

97 Stratocaster : Great song. Great dancer. Real women have curves.

mondo : 2mins 26 seconds OMG!!!!!

Érica Morales : Nada melhor do que uma dança mágica, uma bela dançarina e uma ótima música. Sepultura ❤🤘


Daniel Romero : 3:40 check out Diana's killer eyes!!!

ToysoldierMx : wow she is amazing hot and magic.

alvin boreo : Booooiiing🍆

wayne Edwards : I can only say I appreciate your skills. I wish I had talent like that. Your artistic value is outstanding. I know you make it seem so realistic. The time you take to make these outfits. What a gift!

MegaMikss : Bravo & Applause !!! 🖤❤️🖤 Hails from the capital Belgrade of Serbia (Europe)

Okke Loos : Terrible

Adrián Rico : If Shakira finds Sepultura...

Mark DiRamio : I am in love lol

Yazmin Sanchez : Excelente

urlight13 : Okay, it's time to take some belly dance classes! I want to channel this too!! Exquisite and powerful!! You madam inspire!! 👏🙏🔥

Natasha Alas : This was so hot!

Shelly Rourke : I am a "straight" woman in love with this woman!!! I wish I could move like this, utterly mezmerising!

EpinyOfStormrage : That was amazing. You have a wonderful talent.

Diana Silva : 👊😎🎸🎼🎼🎼 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Jerry Sowders : Beautiful woman

Diogo marassi : Apaixonei namoral muito linda gata e mais uma coisa que começa com G parabéns msm