Diana Bastet Metal Bellydance. Sepultura "Ratamahatta"

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Lemmy K. Is God : And then I subscribed...

Kitchdmn3 : My wife’s in church and I’m in the parking lot watching this.

the walkin dude : The last time I was this aroused was 3000 years ago at the temple of Aphrodite and the dance of seduction. Even Calpurnia has nothing on this woman, and it's said that she danced naked in the town square and enslaved a minister, just saying.

michael hansen : I love her curves, so much more sexy than a skinny fashion model

Sonnie Loyola : Threw the beer because suddenly I want milk.

00ironcross : I can make my beer belly jiggle like that. Very nice lady. Sexy Sexy. ..

Hip Hop Blows : Real women have CURVES

fenriz89 : Porn metal

raymond colon : This is the perfect woman's body amazing so beautiful and enchanting

Eddie Maiden : If you pay close attention, you can hear Sepultura's 'ratamahatta' playing in the background.

John Ivan Oplimo : Came for the lady. Stayed for the lady.

Indraneel Bhat : ....when the devil pulls out all the stops to tempt you........

Jeffrey Doe : I'm a dog chasing cars, i wouldn' t know what i'd do to her if i actually caught her LOL

David : This girl is extremely beautiful.

Foot the Watcher : I can do a mean truffle shuffle in assless chaps! The world ain't ready. She good though.

Michael Sousa : Probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Wow.

Rock Metalhead Kid : Is this how it feels like to fap while headbanging?

Jamie Upton : The darkness she has makes it even hotter

Nommadd75 : "Fall to your knees right now and thank God you're a man!"

Daniel Davis : That woman is physically perfect!

FLOWERS OF BRIMSTONE : I'm now gay😱😍😈🔥

semaj epits : your picture is next to the meaning of perfect woman

ToysoldierMx : wow she is amazing hot and magic.

GodVen : in comparison to shakira, Shakira dances like a square

Rus : И так она могла часами...

First Last : Did...did...did I just fall in love?

rafaelrp07 : That's real beauty. No shame to show your body! Real women, curves, good belly! Awesome! Greeting from Brazil!

TrackHead Studios : Art. I love Art.

Евгений Кузнецов : Вот настоящая фотомодель а не селёдки каких показывают!

Rocco Debellis : Diana is the badest woman I’ve seen since Camille and kennerly.

contrafax : Holy crap. She is amazing.

Russian Bot : Jiggling your belly fat is not belly dancing.

daimon hellstrom : She has aroused the 3 serpents. Bathe her and bring her to me.

D.P plaster master : only a true real woman could do this pure real talent and not to mention she looks like a goddess

stel geron : hahahahahahahahaha wtf

Kenny Hagan : And people think twerking is hot... they should see this.

Dddd Nnnn : More like Diana Breasted

Bruno BRF3 : Brazil 🇧🇷👍🎸

Teresa Suttorp : Hottt as hell!!!!! Fk Pam anderson! I would rather watch Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she is a hell of a dancer! Jerry loves!!!!!!!!!!!!



Виктор Яшин : Ебанись. Серьёзная девочка!!!

Debbie Athy : Wow im not gay but this woman is and awesome she is so in touch with her female sexuality good for her no inabations about her body good for her what a inspiration to all women no matter the size you are go girl

North American Dogman Project : beyond tribal!!!  BRAVO!!

Teresa Suttorp : Fkn," awesome! J, loves u . God! I want that for x- mas!!!! Pllz!!! 😍🙊💩💜💟

tom karasu : some snowflake barbies would say this demeans her and that she is fat. no. this is the perfect woman. and powerful to boot.

xxgrim echoxx : Holy hell

rene mendoza : Bad-ass Boss-bitch 👏

Jajey 18 : Yeah that’s great and all but... *Why is this in my recommended again?*

Teresa Suttorp : Yimmmmmmmmmmmmmmy I want her for Christmas plz I will be good for ever