Mind the Gap | Cinematic Short Film

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Short Rs Photography Paul Taylor : Awesome movie love your work the editing is amazing 😍👍🏼

The Horizon Tale : good going 🤙

REACHINGROOTS : This is chill

Eastcoast Explore : I love subway shooting, found out it’s not allowed though yesterday 🙈. Still got all the shots I need though haha

Another LDR Couple : this is nice :)

Tushar chand : Keep Going...Hope for a collaboration in future

Hey_Irawan : cool 👍👍👍

Trap Music London : Nicely filmed and edited :)

StraightOutThaGudda 4U : Amazing work as always ana! I always enjoy your videos xD btw do you use Adobe P Pro for edits if I may ask?

Loci : *Ana, you're still the best! Keep up the great work, and you'll see the result! ;)*

Chini Kuli : I already watch it like 8 times!!!! Very impressive and inspiring!!! I love the quality of the video and the editing too! ❤️

Zaraahfam : Wow! I really love this whole composition! It was so beautifully shot, some stabilisation would have made some shots a bit smoother but I enjoyed watching this so much!

Greg Selby : Love this ! Very well shot , subscribed and look forward to more !

Andrew Applepie : wow looks super cool :)