Insane News Man
Pausing between statements is useful

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Newscaster speaks very calmly and casually about his co-anchor being killed.


RazrHack : Whoever killed Dana must've killed this Jimmy guy too, their deaths were way too similar.

sleeming88 : "He was murdered and then set on fire while celebrating his birthday." Wow he was still celebrating after he was murdered and while being set on fire. Now that's commitment. Never let anything ruin a good birthday.

Kassquit : i feel so bad about laughing at the death of this jimmy dude

Joetatoe Productions : Work be like: "Do you think you could still try to come in?"

hwinkler4343 : Dana had a rough day

Paul Gibbon : You only get one day off for being murdered and set on fire? That's a harsh sick leave policy.

Cambodia2007 : Where I work, they would still expect you to show the next day.

CristalViper ღ : That's what punctuation is for :'D

Raye:Creative : Dude. Take a breath between sentences!

j2times2006 : does this go under sick leave, or vacation time?

AndorianBlues : seriously tho I feel bad for that Jimmy Frezghi guy

aRagingCanadian : Well.. at least they gave him the day off. 

PIX Promos & More : This is made all the more funnier by the fact that "Dana" can be both a Male And a Female name, so the blooper works in any context.

greenimp111 : Guess he got tired of playing the understudy all these years, decided to take action.

sila : I don't get it, he was obviously talking about Jimmy being murdered, so why did he just say 'he was murdered' before even clarifying who he's talking about?

Havi : Haha I'm pretty sure that was a mistake by the people who set the prompter.. Good one lol

ZachValkyrie : Sounds like an awesome way to spend your night off!

moebear : I'm Ron Burgundy?

NobbyKNobbs : I live in the bay area, I know who Dana is, and I still find this hilarious.

curly_ games : think you'll ever be back into work

Aivan M. Vaughn : I think the fire did the murder, but you cant really blame fire for this. It was man that created fire

Jackson Carter : "... on Monroe St. at Tisch Way-" Hold on! What did you say earlier? "Good evening" no, after that. "I'm Ken Basteda" no after that "Jimmy-" NO! WHAT HAPPENED TO DANA?!? "Who?" The anchor! "No, I'm Ken Bastena the Anchor" DANA! "What?" The guy who was murdered! "Jimmy?" No, the man who was lit on fire! "That sounds like a story we should cover! Who got lit on fire?" DANA! "No, Dana is out today, I'm Ken Bastena."

tripjet999 : A pause and a switch to another camera just MIGHT have helped. Or the phrase, "And now, for something completely different."

Cat : Whos here from PewDiePie?

moebear : I'm Ron Burgundy?

John Chessant : Who's here from John Oliver? :D

Static105 : Oh it took a few times for me to realize what exactly is going on here lol. He said Dana is off tonight then failed to pause and started the news segment about a guy being killed. Not his coworker....

Bitcoin Motorist : Most shocking is that the woman who stabbed and set Jimmy on fire was only given 11 years.  I wonder if it had been a man stabbing and setting fire to a woman if the sentence would have only been 11 years.  

Word Unheard : When you've used up all of your sick days for the year.

Justin Miller Gaming -JM Gaming- : next you'll be telling me that the news reporter started randomly saying "o shizl gzngahr"

MosX : So that explains it!

Tobi the Tabby : I'm here because of John Oliver.

Kelvin Fernando : So when someone you know is murdered your just cool and calm about it? Jeremiah 17:5 “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” KJV 1611

RancidCoffee : Punctuation Marks: Am I a joke to you?

The Chodester : If only he'd paused lol

Charlie Dallachie : He’ll be back to work next week in spirit..

Lyn Caho : Now that's a hell of a birthday party!

FishyLogic : Leaving in the bit about Jimmy kinda ruins the effect.

snow white’s sister : CONTEXT MATTERS

Mxtilldeath : wow. dana shifted back to his Spanish or whatever form. see you have to burn a shape shifter to really kill them. rip dana or whoever you were.

dirkdigler21 : This serial killer has a "MO" two guys in same town

TheErciyaslar : Not sure if anyone actually gets that he talked about Jimmy.

Michael Badger : He seemed less insane in my previous deminsion. This is ridiculous.

JustARandomUser2001 : Periods... They're used for a reason.

dragonsky799 : Okay, obviously the cue cards were off. That was bizarre though. It shows just how detached these news anchors are to reality.

DogsWithChips : I always thought dana was killed

outherefilms : Well I hope Dana will be back soon.

Mike Lutton : has anyone ever brought this up to him in person asked him about this or anything?

HannibalOrJustRex : That's an excuse you can only use once to call out of work