Sunrise over Sweden - An aerial journey

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Drone Aerials Inc. : WOW! Så vackert! Bor själv i Skåne och älskar denna delen av Sverige :) Var i Skåne är det filmat?

ADMR1985 : beautiful video and good edit too. Nice place to live. New supporter here :) Andy

Pixies Channel : That was stunning my friend, Well done, I really enjoyed this one.

aaandjo : Underbart! 👍

DroneWolf Media : Very nice!! Thanks for sharing! ✌️

Molle Nifkin : wow snyggt! :D

Alle090 : Min Bekant... helt otroliga vyer du presenterar!

Albin Andersson : Snygga granåkrar

Brett H : Loving the tree shots from directly above. Can't get enough of those.

KRUSER : Incredible shots here, especially with the slow fly overs and the golden hour lighting 💯 You edited this in an amazing way. Thanks for sharing this! I'm excited to see more of your drone videos. I'm checking out the rest of your channel right now 👊

Elisabet Kedziora : Mycket fin film....

Mike Miz : Nice1