Most of the Badass Lines from 300 were Actual Spartan Quotes - REISSUE

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Dave Kellett : WB wanker brothers

ghostlink2027 : You guys should've just remade the clips yourselves and slipped them in where the 300 clips were. I'd have done it in the worst possible quality.

Staedrienne Tentickles : Time to watch this again purely because WB doesn't make any money from me doing so.

P.A R.C : If those lines were said by real Spartans then they belong to the public domain, don't they?

Matt : Plot twist. Sparta sues Warner Bros for using their actual quotes.

Саня Драу : Fair use laws:*exist* Warner Bros. : *surprised pikachu face*

Mordengaard : I think you just solved copyright. Why not make it percentage based?

Julian Kirby : "You might beat my ass, but you are going to the hospital too." my dad, a retired police officer on many occasions at work.

Rota Abyssian : I do not feel this was petty at all, rather rightful indignation. It's ten kinds of bullshit that this sort of thing is STILL a thing, especially when this is by any reasonable definition, an educational channel.

Wompa Stompa : TFW I didn't watch the original, but now get to experience the George Lucas remaster.

Michael Franklin : Rewatching out of loyalty and respect for such level of pettiness. Please have an original intro all reissues please.

Nathanael Freeman : It would be awesome if you would make a video of more Spartan quotes.

Marty Mcmarty : I say Big Wangers should file a lawsuit against Warner Bros. That sounds like a sound idea.

Jr Odom : Do what Jim Sterling does and make a copyright deadlock. F'ing YouTube needs to fix its copyright system.

Ian Barkham : When Warner Brothers tried to Sue Groucho Marx He countersued over the use of "Brothers" as it was an infringement on the Marx Brothers' Copyright.

TheGamingDitto8321 : I hope this never happens again, because you guys dont deserve it. If it does you guys should shittily act the scenes out to replace them

pokésam : Thanks for the Gerald Butler facts, you can never have too many

harry hedgehog : Should have replaced the clips with Thomas the Tank Engine

wwwwlo : You got the spartan quote a little wrong, but it is a good one. Philip sent a message to the Spartans saying “If I invade Lakonia you will be destroyed, never to rise again.” The Spartans replied with one word, “If.”

The Communist Monkey : Karl what you want to do is make an original song by big wangers inc. and use that as the outro, then claim the money on your own video. If any company then claims your video you still keep hlaf the ad revenue

Eddie Kalista : I’m giving it a full watch, so your view analytics are fully maxed from me

Motoboy507 : Can't wait for the copyright strike for using the poster from 300

MaJetiGizzle : That’s actually a great compromise on the issue of fair use. Any percentage of copyrighted material used in the video is the share that a company can take from any video’s revenue. And technically other companies should be able to sue if a company tries to take all the revenue for themselves because they’re taking money from other companies’s copyrighted material. That would sort the issue of fair use out quite quickly...

Artemis Wolf : Warner Bros < Big Wangers Inc

Flux_Time : *The Gerard Butler Estate has monitarily claimed this video*

King of Being First on That Chapter Videos : You can pirate it, cause Warner Bros.

Isaiah Dobesh : Do another video of just epic one liners from history, let it be as long as you want!

Alawen Fimmion : Extra Brad and Smallwood yes please!

Conor Heduvan : You know they’re serious when a video is uploaded on Saturday.

Urii Avila : The real question is where did you get that shirt? Also maybe Warner Bros is vampire?

Takumi : I think this got demonetized. I didn't see any ads.

ShouldiAskaQuestion : I'm really happy your channel is growing, you deserve it so much!

SophiaLuiseMunoz : Yeet! Karl and Brad throwing there middle fingers at Warner brothers. That's so dumb that Warner brothers don't understand fair use laws but whatever. Great vid!

藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke : Dejavu

Raven Uzushi : Yay! It finally happened! I mean, sucks, but it’s still funny.

Jordan Harrison : The lack of WB clips improved the amount of enjoyment I received

ZobraLolz ! : Man this was the first video I saw of you guys

Cryomancy : This is a level of pettiness I aspire to

John Freaks : And in a weeks time wb claims the video because of the pictures in the background

DelScorcho S R : "i could find something in the room for you to play with" lol

AGENT78QUEST : I got so Excited when I saw the thumbnail and title because I thought this was a part 2 and the first one was one of my favourite videos on the channel so I was kind of sad to see it was a re-upload but it's better than nothing :/

TrueAmericanReject : I guess the only way I'm getting 300 now is if it's autographed personally by Brad, to confirm its used authentication.. So I'm probably not going to get a copy any time soon.

Ashna Nadesan : The one dislike is Warner Brothers

Tyler White : I guess Aquaman didn't make enough money for WB's greedy asses.

GenericDPS : I'm always happy to rewatch any video that's been reuploaded just to spite the companies who abuse YouTube's draconian policies. Good on you guys for not just taking it.

Corylus Bluefox : Wouldn't surprise me if they came back and said you can't use photos from the film either.

Finn Culver : WB: *Claims video* Karl: lmao nice try *reuploads with best boy Gerard clips* WB: RUN JEAN

Veran -1337 : You should do a video titles ‘warner bros worst flops ever’ fill it with video clips and give it to them.

owen burt : All of the dislikes are from Warner Brothers

Bullet Bourne : You should have acted out the scenes using that white mask as a helmet