Firing It Up With Burger King's Spicy Chicken Nuggets

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TheReportOfTheWeek : Hi everyone, you can hear the newest VORW Show on SoundCloud here: You can also check out my former review of these nuggets here :

naked flames : I can't remember if I was happy in life before I discovered this channel

Chad Kennedy : What a brilliant marketing scheme, release some cheap nuggets on 4/20.

slimkt : Best thing about ReviewBrah is that, even when it's dead silent, you might hear a crunch, but you'll never hear any lip smacking. Hallelujah!

Digital Unity : Oh! That isn't smoke, it's steam. Steam from the Spicy chicken nuggets we're having! Mmm! Spicy chicken nuggets!

EugeneHerbsman : so much "steam". glad you had a good 4/20 review brah! hope you didn't get too steamed out!

James Baxter : Upvote to make reviewbrah go on the H3H3 podcast

Eli Boyd : I love how protective of his nugget he is at 3:48.

GodlyTactics : 3:48 he swiped that nugget away like we were gonna steal it. :)

NOLA GospelTracts : I guess the crunch factor depends on who's controlling the deep fryer. I rushed out and bought these on on Reviewbrah's recomodation and they were utter garbage. Soggy and terrible not crunchy. I'm going back to not eating junk food at all. . These fast food restuarants must vary from place to place depending on the employees.The channel is still great though!

Slaughter Food Creations : Glad your tongue didn't detach and flop around hysterically on the floorboards!

Hannah-Grace D : Burger King will always try to redeem itself, but Reviewbrah will never forget.

Afrikan Baloney : those nuggets look like a nice snack but ReviewBrah lookin like a whole ass meal 😍😍😍

defshrimp : "A bit laconic." That is one word not used very much in the English language. Thank you my friend for the your rather astute observations.

tomasruckett : there's no middle ground at burger king THAT'S A FACT

Diarmuid O'Kane : Probably the most intriguing character i have ever viewed on the internet......i have so many questions i dont even know where to begin 😅

Justin Mebes : Every time: "this is the _________. Goin' in" 7 suspenseful minutes elapse *review commences*

Atlee Shanaberger : That chewing noise on his first bite is like ASMR heaven

melissa saint : Wow, they certainly *sound* crunchy

Nick Jackelson : I am orgasming a rate not thought possible by human scientists

Mani the Monkey : one of your nicest ties

Excavy : Look at all that "steam" 1:08


ThePeej : la·con·ic ləˈkänik adjective (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words. "his laconic reply suggested a lack of interest in the topic" synonyms: brief, concise, terse, succinct, short, pithy

Keyser Söze : 10 nuggets for $1.69, yikes. To compare, in Sweden, a 12 pack of nuggets at McDonald's is around $10.

DammitSinged : M I D D L E O F A V O I D

Michael Blakesley : *T H A T S A F A C T*

Katame : Lol 4/20 spicy nuggets with "steam" in the background...def not promoting marijuana

Katie : the amount of times he says 'spicy nugget' in this video gives me life

Ben™ : Rip off since there's no sauce distribution center.

Shag504 : My boy looking cleaner than Easter Sunday right now

McKailey Ervin : My dream has been to meet Shane Dawson.... and now I have another meet this man and have him review me😂

Kevin Kelley : 🔥 Q U E N C H T H E F L A M E S 🔥

Alien Son : Whenever I see Reviewbrah take a bite into food and look blankly towards its direction, I can feel the wise words cooking up inside of him.

Esben Gunnarsson Nolsøe : S P I C Y N U G G E T P O U C H

Nyko X : He makes every day better

The Rhino : today is my birthday. happy to see a review.

Rachel Cooke : Just ate mine they were sog city

Top Notch Indeed : This video has the best like-dislike ratio I've ever seen.

TheCobra : the spicy nuggets resting inside the spicy nugget pouch

Nicholas : "I could get struck by lightning and killed but it doesn't matter, I've got to get these nuggets" lol great line

Donovan Chilton : I'll spice your nuggets.

insanemreric : 10 for a 1.69? That means there is no chicken in thoses nuggets at all.

Moe F. : I didn't even eat for 19 days because of water fasting to lose weight but after watching this vid I went and got spice chicken nuggets from BK and while they taste great the way that processed food makes me feel isn't a thang I want to experience again.

sithjohn80 : Sup brah

NanaNEET : The man, The myth, the legend has returned to give his audience another quality review.

Ashlee Lewis : 3:48 || reviewbrah: *holds nugget up to camera* me: wow they look nice reviewbrah, can I have a b— reviewbrah: *snatches nugget away and eats* me: ... there’s ten in there I’ll just have another, it’s fine

DJ Bresette : 3:48 when you show your friend ur legendary scar when he doesn’t believe you

Mr. Biscuit : you look really nice in your car

butt cheek on a stick : you’re almost at 1 mil!!! only legends