The Final Putt and Celebration

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Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters Tournament


lasc perera : May be the best 4 minutes in sports history

Julian Ruvalcaba : This is like MJ coming back and wining a Championship. Wait, this is better !!!!

PHX : "Can Tiger win another major?" He can still win more than 1. He's T. Woods.

touche : This was the greatest thing I have ever seen!

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : Best part was watching his son walk with him with that look that every great dad brings out in their son...reverence and awe. Charlie was like, "THAT'S MY DAD!" So cool.

Leonardo Willi : All those who threw him under the bus, stand aside! Let the real fans enjoy! I never lost hope, never ever lost hope. YOu had to come up with Tiger to understand just how special he is and this is legend!!!

James Jefferson : Nick Faldo is 100% right. We have never seen anything like what we saw today and never will see again. The entire moment just gave me chills. Congrats to the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods๐Ÿฏ

Jeff Joy : Don't ever take back the sponsors that dropped you Tiger.

ThinkLascivious : I'm not huge into golf but anyone can see this will go down as one of the greatest sports moments in history. โ›ณ

HYBRID LIFE : Tiger "remember when u all used to watch me and I was better than everyone else" PGA Tour Players " Yeah" Tiger "Yeah Nothing has changed"

Fast diecast hot wheeling! : Amazing , beating the best in the game 22 yrs later

leew11k : Brought a tear to my eye

Voice of REASON : Thankful to come up as a young man with TIGER coming on the scene! Watched you for over 20 years, I used to live for golf. Almost a daily habit, until injury and substance abuse problems took over. Seeing Tiger overcome his demons hits me hard, I teared up when he won. A long time coming my man!! We are proud of you and always knew you'd win again!! The best champion of this generation, there won't be another for a long time to come. TY Tiger and hopefully you can win 3 or 4 more!!

Efrain Entrertainment : Tigers the goat no doubt. Ps Jim nantz called that perfectly

Dlord 12 : Tiger is back..! ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

john raposo : One of the greatest events in sports history...thank you for silencing all the haters and the doubters...Tiger Woods you are the GOAT

Joe Burns : Here's a prediction. I'll go out on a limb and say Tiger makes the cover of the next Sports Illustrated.

Vonik : Tiger Woods: 15 Major Wins 81 PGA Tour Wins 41 European Tour Wins Jack Nicklaus: 18 Major Wins 73 PGA Tour Wins 9 European Tour Wins

Linton Elite Fitness : Stephen A Smith said Tiger was DONE. Jokes on him again

Crazy Funny Cats : ๐Ÿ…go gettem Tiger ๐Ÿฏ Great ๐Ÿ‘ Ending..Does Nike still have a bad reputation? Hope they cleaned up ๐Ÿงน

Dave Bohnen : I just knew we would see Tiger on top of the Golf world again. Congratulations Tiger. How great was the crowd chanting "Tiger Tiger Tiger" brought a tear to my eye

Poetic Nation : Who else has watched this clip around 10 times since it was posted hours ago? Golf just isn't golf unless there's a Tiger involved.

Mack Revenue : Tiger knows who all u fake people showing love now.

Barry Mcclendon Jr : our greatest glory, is not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall..

conj1124 : Woke up from the other side of the globe with this news. Congrats Tiger! You make Asians watch golf because of you, even those who don't play the game . Two years ago you cant even putt in your backyard because of your back injuries and can hardly swing a club. What an amazing comeback and an incredible story of passion for the game of golf. More power and more to come!

henry estacio : The return to GLORY!

Frank piknimena II : He is human. I love this story, how inspiring, adversity= the future.

Armando Spataro : "The Return To Glory" - Jim Nantz 2019 (Best Sports Quote Ever)

Levan Moore : And just think his father made it all possible great parents who recognized his talents go Tiger

Panthera leo : Golf crowds never get this hype for anybody. ANYBODY. LEGEND. TIGER!

wvuhoss15 : Iโ€™ve been watching sports my entire life and this is the greatest sports moment Iโ€™ve ever seen...not just golf but all sports. Unreal and inspirational! The legend of Tiger Woods lives on! GOAT!

David Lane : Charlies 4 minute continuous smile is priceless

Justin Cartwright : Yes the hugs with his kids were great. But when the other golfers were overjoyed for him - THAT to me speaks volumes. To have the respect and praise of your peers is more valuable than anything. And y'all realize now that the rest of the tour is going to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to beat Tiger right? Golf this summer is about to be LIT!!! Tiger winning this tournament was the jolt that golf needed. We're in for an epic season.

Immo Evans : Welcome back, Tiger <3

J L F III : Iโ€™m not crying!!

Sajjaad Francis : Tiger the GOAT

Dennis Beacham : There was a guy who put a 82k wager on Tiger to win the Masters! His a millionaire today.....

4thquarterSuccess : One of the best scenes I ever seen when it comes to a father and his kids being able to see how great he is. Love the Son walking by his dad

Philip Y : I only have ONE question for Tiger........... "Who's your Dentist??" I've never seen him Grin and Smile that Much in YEARS!! lol... congrats TIGER!!.. the TIGER Roars !!.. the Crowd ROARS !!.. and so it goes.. Destiny will not be defeated... nor will Tiger....

Geraldrico Guevaraโ„ข : The Tiger is back in the Woods! Long Live The Tiger. Long Live Golf!

Timothy Kozlowski : One of the greatest comebacks in the history of sport's

David P : Hey Buick, how do you like me now? - Tiger

Connor Goss : Iโ€™m 20 years old and the best 3 things Iโ€™ve witnessed in sports in my lifetime in no particular order I would say is -App State vs Michigan -Michael Phelps 8 Olympic Gold Medals -Tiger Woods winning 2019 masters

Jack Wayne : Tiger Woods just did something magical . This has to be his greatest achievement . Wow


Arthur Mesa : The greatest scene in golf forever. Couldnโ€™t agree with Nick Faldo more.

Mike h : TW is back T I see you in the club house 5 GREEN JACKETS AWESOME CONGRATULATIONS โ›ณ

Jack : I love how you can hear Jimโ€™s emotion in his voice.

David Ellis : " Do You Believe In Miracles ? ! " Tiger !