Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years! Amazing Time Lapse
Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years

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ORIGINAL VIDEO: Benni, Basti and Florian Füger take a photo every year for 34 years. Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years! Amazing Time Lapse


KDAWG1287 : Their teen years look like they were a punk rock band rivaling blink 182.

Trailer Park Fish Keeper : That music made me think that they were all going to be murdered at some point.

Kailer Canlas : Damn they had to wait 34 years to upload a youtube video MAD RESPECT🔥🔥🔥

ADITI : Someone inform Charlie Puth that he has 3 more brothers!!!

Andrea Eilish : They all took turns being the hottest 😂

Shahzad Ali : Forget About The photos The cardboard is the rare item

Angel Obi : They got glow ups then glow downs😢

SARANG SOHONI : 0:52, and that's when they hit puberty 😂

Jamaia : the one in the middle can like....get it 😩😍

Red Flower : Why this music so dark lol they ain’t dying???

vin ritarita : legend has it that up to this day that cardboard is still alive

I'm Sexy : Where do they keep that piece of cardboard, in the krusty krab vault???

n adams : How great they maintained their individuality through their hair styles and clothes.....Very nice looking young men...

Deonna Thomas : Why can’t the guys at my school look like them at 18

Cynth Middlehorn : It's funny how in their early teens they started to look more different and then in their late teens more alike again haha

orouba14 : the cardboard hasn't aged one bit! 🤣🤣

Daniel Clasper : According to my calculations they were 34 after this video

Ramiro Belmares : The photo at age 22 looks like it could've been taken in the 70s

Lia Covers : I just found it so cute they still had the same piece of cardboard

iiAmFrosty : Damn, ive known them since they were babies, and now theyre way older than me!

Joseph K : Ist jemandem aufgefallen dass die deutsch sind? 🤔

Chalulugi Gal : They still looked good even after their teen years, y’all gotta stop playing ✋😩

Mikey Wilson : Time actually feels this fast when you really think about.

Tashi Manna : I love how all of them were still down to take a picture every year for 34 years

Cornetto MSc : Plot twist: they switched places for every photograph.

Alek Johnson : 1:02 The one on the far right is me looking at someone who just said something really stupid

Cool Chicken : To be honest I thought one of them wasn’t going to show cause of the music was so dark.

Brook : Life is too short, man. 34 years in two minutes.

Cece G : The one on the left was the cuttest then the right became the cuttest then the middle ended off as the cutest

Nilah Williamson : Retitle the video to: *boy band hairstyles through the years* 😂😂

Pinökel : I don't know why but this kind of videos are making me sad.

Deeksha Verma : What happened after when they turned 34 .... May be they got married... And their wifes took them to some other places for dinner on their b'day s .... LOL .... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Upofsj : That’d be sad af if in one of the pictures one of them is missing...

Vernal Tie : I wonder how they will look when their grandpas.

LeahGrace Walker : The one in the middle stayed the cutest

Erica Khandaker : It's true, I was the cardboard

Alana A'ga : I thought it was a pic a DAY for 34 years. I was like....DAMN, WELL OK THEN. 🤣😂 weird flex but okay.

Tamara-Lee Jones : At least Juanpa Zurita knows how he'll look over the years

issie rose : wow peaked at 19 ahah

Ashley LaRocque : What’s with the funeral music

KatieMarie : 3 handsome young men. Well done! Thank you for sharing

Y. R : Plot twist: It was all the same guy

੮૯ɱƿ૯ς੮ z : Their mom be like "They grow so damn fast 😭" Lol

Feriha Sheikh : There is a huge difference at 16....but after 20 they have little changes.... But i thought one of them might be dead cuz of music 😂😂😂😂😂

Remco Veen : Thanks to the music i expected one of them to be dead at year 34 😕

Kaltain _ : I don't known why I'm smiling

Lexi Johnson : -24 years later- *all three give birth to boys on the same day* *the boys dont know there genetic twins until there older* THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS

kang jinhahaha : At the beginning they're identical but as time passes they look more and more different from each other

Vernal Tie : There is like so many Charlie puths in this video