Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years! Amazing Time Lapse

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Shani Pottinger : They went from cute to handsome to meh

NaMae X : Danggg when they turned 18

Theyãd0rë. Fáith : They had baby faces till they hit 17

Shivam Sinha : I made eye contact with them for 34 yrs

astrojae : they look like different variations of charlie puth

MARTIN LOUIS RESURRECTED : Plot twist. They all switched places every photo

Mateo Banda : 16, 17, 18 & 19. Smash Years

Royyan Ahmed's Random DIY : That cardboard is a legend

Sara X : 16 was their year !! 0:55 And the middle guy at 18 tho !

Remco Veen : Thanks to the music i expected one of them to be dead at year 34 😕

Random Guy : The real impressive thing is how the cardboard is still well and good after 30 years, not a single difference was made....

Anjiya Kazani : Y’all can’t tell me that when they came to ur age, u said to yourself “oof I’d date them😍” If you’re past their age that’s a big oof

iiAmFrosty : Damn, ive known them since they were babies, and now theyre way older than me!

James Hamilton : imagine if at 34, one of them wasn’t there

lexi thomas : wth happened from 15 to 16?

Cynth Middlehorn : It's funny how in their early teens they started to look more different and then in their late teens more alike again haha

Google User : The fact that their parent kept that homemade birthday plaque thing for them to hold every single year is just so sweet!

AJ Mathieu : Is it just me who thinks that when they were 16 they kinda look like Nick Jonas?

Bangtan Citizen : 16, 17, 18, 19 was 👌🏻 so fine.

Deeksha Verma : What happened after when they turned 34 .... May be they got married... And their wifes took them to some other places for dinner on their b'day s .... LOL .... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shani Pottinger : When they hit 24, it was such a huge change !

Hannah Tillman : They looked really good at 16 and 17 and 18

PRO-TONE : Their noses just got bigger and bigger

Ebunoluwa Taiwo : Are we not going to talk about how they kept the same piece of cardboard for 34 years

Issie T : wow peaked at 19 ahah

TenThumbs Productions : I could tell by the hairstyles these dudes were born between ‘83 and ‘85, because I was born in 85 and rocked half those looks! 😂😂😂

Rizzerex : Irgendwer deutsch?

Richard Peen : Nice glow up until 24🤢

Rawman : Title should really be *Triplets have someone else take a photo of them every year for 34 years*

Kaltain _ : I don't known why I'm smiling

tipsycakestoesy : The guy all the way to the right when he was 16 HANDS DOWN WAS THE BEST LOOKIN NGL Ummm okay WOWIE i did not expect to get 11k like BUT THANK UUU

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Whats the song called ???

Bob Smiff : They got piercings and it all went to hell

David : Actually they did not make the photo, the person behind the camera did.

Lina Bdeir : 20 is the time in life when u start lookin well like a gang of hipster banjo players

Millenniumforce : Really cool how you brothers stick together. Never let anything get in your way until the day you die. stick together every birthday and keep those photo's going for as long as you can.

Finn : Wer ist noch alles deutsch?

Mona.M Almuhanna : The one in the middle looks The BEST OF ALL 3 IN ALL THE YEARS

CEKROM : Alle guten Dinge sind drei =D _All good things are three_

The one most loved : 0:56 The middle one looks like a captian, the right one like a manager, the left one like a flirting guy, no ?

Pummeluff Rules : Who else was just looking at the hair cuts?

Kong Panha : They grow up so fast literally they grew 34 years old in 2 mins

Mutafa Rahmani : The good news is the never will end up depressed or be lonely. The bad part is.. wel there is no bad part about having a twin.

Jamaia : the one in the middle can like....get it 😩😍

B l o o d H ø u n d : Was that one on the left??’s on the right?....naniiiiii???

Alana A'ga : I thought it was a pic a DAY for 34 years. I was like....DAMN, WELL OK THEN. 🤣😂 weird flex but okay.

Ansgar Gille : Die sind deutsche 😗

Patronus : more handsome than me

Louisa Birch : Plot twist it’s the same guy wearing different clothes

Neh-Bih Sangbong : I feel the growing pains. And I'm only 25. I wanna stay young forever but of course we all have to get old. 😩