Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years! Amazing Time Lapse

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TM : Link to the original video: It deserves more views! My GOSH 1 million views in this video?! That never happened to me, thank you so much! (By the way im a girl, not a guy like someone else said)

MARTIN LOUIS RESURRECTED : Plot twist. They all switched places every photo

TenThumbs Productions : I could tell by the hairstyles these dudes were born between ‘83 and ‘85, because I was born in 85 and rocked half those looks! 😂😂😂

feliciathegoat • : how did they go from cute, to not so cute, cute again and so fourth 😂

Andrea Dobrik : They all took turns being the hottest 😂

Ashley LaRocque : What’s with the funeral music

Cynth Middlehorn : It's funny how in their early teens they started to look more different and then in their late teens more alike again haha

Finn : The guy in the middle is who has the best haircut

Shani Pottinger : They went from cute to handsome to meh

Tobias Draws : Okay but OOF when 19 hit I didn't know where to look😍

All Shines : *A happy theme music would have been better.*

Shani Pottinger : When they hit 24, it was such a huge change !

Myaar Hijaz : Don’t blink you might miss a year

Raven Axe : I just witnessed 34 years of someones life in like 2 minutes. 😐

Paige Beneteau : Why this music so dark lol they ain’t dying???

Random Guy : The real impressive thing is how the cardboard is still well and good after 30 years, not a single difference was made....

X : Am I the only one that feels sad watching these videos?

Habiba Ashraf : I think they all looked their best at 16 honestly 🤧👏🏻♥️

First Class Experience : 16,17 and 18 were the best years like damn I'd smash😂😂😂 Of course they're 35 now so I don't know if that's a good idea legally lol

Jennamazing owo : Why does this make me sad

Thelittledepressedgirl : The guy all the way to the right when he was 16 HANDS DOWN WAS THE BEST LOOKIN NGL Ummm okay WOWIE i did not expect to get 11k like BUT THANK UUU

Suite Eleven : Lol we saw them go thru the late 80s...the 90s bowl cut...the 00s boy band phase...the 10s hipster phase...

swineflu11 : Amazing that the brothers came together for this photo every it! Would be lovely to see pictures of their spouses and kids..😊

mickayla saunders : Them turning 16 was the best honestly😂

DirtyMoney Narctisss : 😭😭😭😭 I was a twin Unfurtunable He didn't live that long

Millenniumforce : Really cool how you brothers stick together. Never let anything get in your way until the day you die. stick together every birthday and keep those photo's going for as long as you can.

Jordyn Anderson : they were so attractive when they were young wow

-lovingmyself- 02 : 1 second into the video Me: WHY AM I CRYING

Around You : They‘re from Germany 😂😂🇩🇪

iChry GT : The point of this video is hair make you different

Pummeluff Rules : Who else was just looking at the hair cuts?

Billy Builds : I thought it would end with two next to a grave stone!

Krishna 28 : Credit goes to their parents

king chris : I’m a triplet and there are things nobody will understand except for I and these brothers.

Glassify : tf happened at 24 years old

Neh-Bih Sangbong : I feel the growing pains. And I'm only 25. I wanna stay young forever but of course we all have to get old. 😩

Abdirahim Jama : 0:45 *So we're all going to ignore 2 hands out of nowhere holding the cardboard?*

I'm a good noodle : imagine twin girls love two boys and not the other one

Mobile Gamer : Bro this is so cool but do you ever say,I don’t want to take a pic today? 😂😂😂

Jessica Cheong : the one on the right started to look more and more like jake peralta

Mel R. : The Guy in the middle is a babe, and when he was 18 they were all cute asf

palm princess : Why they look like adam sandler tho

Adrian Santoyo : This video technically took 30 years to make

Minurva Saddler : I wish my mom did that to us. I've got a twin sister and we only took one photo in 3rd grade. Now nobody can tell who's Minnie and who Avianna

girl battle : I m staying like hoooooo

Bere Collin : After 30 they look hot!

The Trio With A Capital T : I’m a triplet! (All girls)

smart and strong : It's beautiful . We can see that they are so close , I wish them long good life and that they will always stay a strong gathered family

Happy : It’s funny to see hair trends come and go and camera quality get better

Jazzy Rose : *Wowcher*