Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Gordon Ramsay

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Monica Gartner : “I’ve eaten worse.. I’ve ate at a couple of your places” *SAVAGE*

Markmellows 34 : Putting hot sauce on bull testicles will make it easier to eat since you don’t taste the balls and u taste more of the sauce

kimmys little mommy life : Gordan Ramsey was having a little to much fun with this game 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Stella Iman : I low key think that James secretly likes the cow tongue

Hey Yeah : If your Asian you know chicken feet is actually delish

Lauren I Want Your Camila So Bad : I want Ellen DeGeneres to do this

HorryRite : You notice how its called "fill your guts" not "put it in your mouth and spit it out asap"

that person alayna : 10:13 he just looks into the audience like *wtf has my career turned into*

Paul von Tarsus : He's had cow tongue on so many times I'm starting to think he likes it.

Janette Martinez : Is it canned or fresh 😂 so Ramsay

Let's be Honest Official : ''I've eaten worse. I've eaten at a couple of your places''. After that, Gordon killed Corden backstage

Mateo Truong : James Corden reminds me of a 9 year old he’s so energetic and happy

toasty : Come on, nobody liked the Emoji Movie.

Frozen Soft Taco : Cow Tongue is really good actually! i went to Mexico and they cooked The Tongue really good

Claire DiMenna : Gordon is the worst I love him

Thomas H : I couldn’t see Gordon’s mouth, it was censored the whole time

Skywalker : *Gordon Ramsey eats bull Penis* "it's dry and undercooked"

As if : They should get Kylie Jenner

MrTruffles : I honestly don’t think salmon ice cream would be that bad, kinda wanna try it out tbh Also, I’m part Taiwanese, and chicken feet is a very common food to eat.

Klorgmak The Smasher : I'm uncomfortably erect right now

Luke Culhane : Play with Bear Grylls he will eat everything

TheDmeg : Gordon didn’t do well eating that hot sauce. He’s going to do bad on Hot Ones

Oscar Villarreal : Damn? The questions are more poisonous than the food...

Gene N : Spill your guts or spit everything into a bucket.

Ap0c : That is not my definition of eating....

Capt Zoom : I think that's the most Gordon Ramsay has ever smiled at one time I've never seen him smile and laugh that much

Bbflake Studios : For the last one Gordon should have just answered: When I was a baby Edit: Omg *THANKS FOR THE LIKES OML THANK YOU!!*

Robert Pierce : James never actually eats anything wtf

Liz Russell : Ramsey is straight up savage!

BridgieOh : James never swallows. Doesn't count.

Katie : 2:12 "I've eaten worse, I've eaten at a couple of your places" *SAVAGERY AT ITS FINEST*

Sophia Burnside : Can we get Brendon Urie to play this

Blue : *marinated*

ItsLucas : "Is it canned or fresh?"

UnicornDreams Gari : I'm glad he did it with Gordon Ramsay because he's a professional and is good at judging people food

CoCo's Beauty reality Gonzalez : James if you see this please do this with ELLEN!!😂😂

TheeKyuubiKidd : "I've eaten worse. I've eaten in a coupla your places." SAVAGE!

Scott Anderson : I've never seen Gordon enjoy anything this much.

This is Life : im so glad he didnt eat the chickenfeet in pigjuice...this is so gross

Julian Pagano : "I've eaten worse...I've eaten in a couple of your places" WOOOH HAHAHAH XD

Ajay Poudel : Marination made that much more fun

ALPHA : Do one with Tom holland

Eden Parker : If James were to come up to me and ask me to do this I would’ve said “ Have you lost your mind” “I’ve eaten worse, I’ve eaten at a couple of your places” SAVAGE😂

Nemesis : Gordon changed the meta by marinating the chicken feet. He actually played himself LMAOOOOOO

Thomas H : Bear Grylls would’ve enjoyed it and have a glass of piss to flush it all down.

David Kim : What’s the point if they won’t swallow it...

Ndella Brown : Gordon Ramsay has smelled worse things bc he is on Hell on wheels

Graham Scrimgeour : Where's the lamb sauce!!!!!!!!

Rusho Khan : Bulls penis is a delicacy I thought he could handle it. I mean he drank a snake heart with still beating and he took a shot.

hheebbaa1993 : THIS is what you do when you have GORDON RAMSAY. Good job James! You give your fans what they want😌😌👍🏼👏🏼👌🏼