Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Gordon Ramsay

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Indestructible guy : Why have not Rhett and link been on this show

J-HopeIsMyHope : Love these men

TooCrazyButLazy : Cow tongue is suuuuuper good

vishnugg : why did he lick the cow tongue like that das gay

ApeX Spectre : Are people even allowed to eat these?

Mr Banana : 3:34 how fake can a laugh be 😂

Crystalite Otaku : Chicken feet is gud tho... marinated with barbecue sauce

O K A Y B Y E : Gordon just gave head to a bull

Til Mo : Who's watching in it's like dead late and have to go to school tomorrow

Rushe Cawa : Chicken feet is just as good in a bomb ass stew😍

Mitchel Tran : Is it bad that I like chicken feet? 🙃

Rushe Cawa : Cow's tongue is delicious

SweetKeri24 : I love Gordon! I use to hate him because I thought he was just an ass but after actually getting to know more about him, he is a good guy.

terry knill : love it

The Alchemist : I honestly don’t think that tongue is that bad because once he said it tasted just like beef

S R : Still better than half the food in Kitchen Nightmares

fchokkarit : If eat then eat ..dont spt

CoolCola 120 : 2:12 SAVAGE I’ve eaten worse... I’ve eaten at a couple of your places

Hunter Welling : “Number 3 movie in the world.” Marvel movies “Hold my beer.”

Havok : T

Shawn McVittie : The fact that Gordon didn’t answer the last question means that he very recently shit his pants

Chekame Sangma : Best game for Gordon Ramsay

Noelle Stacey : I wonder what Gordon’s mouth looks like. Can’t tell by the blurs over his mouth 24-7

Jerry Rong : Damn chicken feet is a popular food in China

Keila Loredo : I love you james

the chapdingle : when gordan ramsey just speaks his mouth looks censored

ViisiionZ : 2:15

BoardWhareHowse : 1:18 The first card reads: "James which product you've been paid to endorse do you not use: Chase, Kerig, or Apple Music"

Ally Wu : Chicken feet taste good...

Marissa Flores : Too much British accent for mee 😍😍😍

Manshal Chawre : All of that was RAWWWWWW


LUNA TAFUR : Ramsey is such a good chef that when he poured the liquid in the chicken foot he twirled his wrist like a pro


Callum Moyes : 6:55 NINOOOOOOOOO

CJ : chicken feet are delicious when they are properly cooked.

Rafał Michalski : Cow tounge is actually delicious tbh. You got to try this one guys for real.

Anj Ibal : I’d rather eat the Salmon Ice Cream rather than the Cow’s tongue.

trxpped. : Chicken feet are delicious

Minyoongi Kkaepjang : I think james secretly likes the cow tounge

SGR : this was funny but they shouldnt have spit out everything, doesnt really count that way huh

Master : as a chinese person, these dont seem too bad xd especially the chicken feet, i eat it all the time lol

Virginia Charina Trinidad : Gordon: " THIS IS F*CKING RAW"

Fred Lushious : for a hot second, I couldn't tell if it was Gordon or Cody Simpson

10 subscribers with no content? : I want conan o brien to do this

近く : Corden whats so bad about chicken feet?,its amazing Edit:im asian

Ray Zhang : Man James cordons has some spicy balls to do this to Gordon Ramsey

Hi Vanessa’s Doggy : If chicken feet is cooked properly, it’s actually delicious. Stop judging

Crybaby : 0:40 when you try to speak but your interrupted

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