How Parasites Work

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A cow, a mosquito and a tick consider their future together in a video that would probably have worked way better had it been edited down to two and a half minutes. End music: "Spinning Around the Sun" by Belle of the Fall Huge thanks to everyone who's donated via Patreon. Your generosity and patience sends shivers all the way down my shaft.

Comments from Youtube

Shrunken Presence : glad you're back and not murdered by the peaceful Muslims

Serious Sam : I love the earth cow

Biggus Dictus : I'm guessing you just got your upload permissions back? Congrats man! Missed you

Captain Jurgh : Fun Fact: Only Female Mosquitoes sucks on host's blood. So... Don't assume *Its* gender or it's gonna bite you so hard. :P


markxl : Is the big guy AL Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio?

obscure741 : brilliant analogy... you don't see climate alarmists using solar panels to heat their house do you. they fly on planes , drive like the rest of us, yet complain how evil we are.

Epic Journeys : The solution is Nuclear Power. Once the "green" movement realise this fact, instead of preaching about unreliable renewables such as wind power, we will actually be able to do something constructive. But yes, humans are having a significant impact on climate change.

Rohan Hades : Perfect argument. Practice what you teach. Perfect counter. I'm exempt because.

tobby12347 : Two cartoons at the same time?! Lordy, I peaked.

Igor Ivanov : Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Samenfink : THE BALLS ON THIS GUY

P Shuckle : I think this video could be easily misinterpreted as "we aren't killing the planet and climate change is stupid hur duh". I realised about half way that it's more about rich people and companies that tout how good they are for the environment and how everyone else should be like them, when they are actually doing more harm than regular people.

CaptainAwesomesworld : If we reduced the global population to 1 billion, it would end "manmade global warming". So if you REALLY care about the climate, you know what you have to do. *slides you a gallon of bleach with a crazy straw in it*

A not so silent Robert : Cattlestrophic.

Smugly Otaku : Why is cenk Uyger the planet earth in this video

MacAlmighty : Jesus Christ, is that a triple upload on the horizon?

Russell : My take away, WHAT IS THE PERFECT TEMPATURE... Thats actually a great question I shall use if ever dealing with one of these kinds of parasites

Robert Tunstall : What they don't tell you it's 97% of the climate scientists who made a position. Only 32% of climate Scientists made a position

Job91 : Immediately downloaded to avoid censor removal

j4d3 goat : "How parasites work." 1 - Muslims move to a Western country. 2 - Muslims live on welfare and drain the West of money. 3 - Muslims commit crimes and make the country just like the Islamic hellhole they left. 4 - Repeat from step 1.

Zepie : Leonardo DiCaprio cares about climate change, he owns a giant yacht and flys everywhere by private jet(he doesn't want to debase himself by flying with those peasants in 1st class) he probably has a carbon footprint thousands of times bigger then the average American. What great guy!

Observer : Praise allah he is BACK!

ุุ ุ : Omg SyeTen is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aman Pandey : Are you against global warming? I mean that's a real issue. I didn't get your point.

Pragmatic Culture : _Comedy_ *Gold*

Aman Pandey : Your 1st video I didn't like. I thought you were logical. Anarctica is melting and that's a real issue. Idk what's your point is.

ReJewTech JewSA : So is he a climate denier or just pointing out the hypocrisy of "alarmists"?

Brad Barnes : So glad you weren't shown the peaceful ways of moohamhead in person or thrown in ThoughCrime prison! Thanks so much for your videos

xeniosaias : If you want parasites look at the greek public servants and politicians...

Omppusolttu : 2 VIDEOS IN A DAY WOO!

Ma Hobgood : I thought this was going to be a standard "global warming not real" video but it did rase questions I didn't think about before

keshav jha : bro i am just glad you are alive

Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis : I can't tell from this vid if you're a climate alarmist or a realist, Sye Ten. I'm guessing that was deliberate.

USA/Israel/UK are source of all problems on Earth : dude chill 4 videos wtf

2A42 : If they really cared for Climate Change, they should support Nuclear Power, which is the most reliable source of clean energy. In terms of deaths, it's about as safe as renewable energy, and better than fossil fuels.

Lonnie Olafson : Love me some fearporn.

Timefliesbye : Mate are you literally uploading your entire back log of the past year of something? Cause I'm loving Dicaprio Mosquito vs Pleb Tick.

Nanzer S : Scary....was thinking about ur vids yesterday and now a new upload)) Good to see you are back!!

A. J. : Global warming began in the 1830 s.. to reverse it, we will have to go back to pre 1830 levels of carbon emission.. this would involve de-industrializing the entire world, destroying all our technology and killing billions of people and livestock.. anything less merely slows the warming, and does nothing to reverse it.. So the better option is to keep things as they are, allow our technology to flourish so that we may deal with the changing climate.. humanity survived the ice age with its ingenuity.. it can also survive global warming..

badass taco : All this racism, scientific consensus, heterosexuality, and other repackaging of everyday life or history you had no part of as original sin, makes it pretty obvious who is behind these groups and ideologies. Good work and thank you Sye Ten!

efrem peters : Yesss a juicy new video from syeten

IricForset : Wow - "let the free market take care of creating clean energy" ...... There will be no soft landing

quatroflit : To think I’ve been missing all this.!!! Great video. Is the mosquito Matt Damond ?

Ethano : celebrities like dicaprio

K Uzumaki : Welcome back

我喜欢耶稣InfinityTemplar : Sums up the climate conversation pretty accurately.

IAMTHEICEMAN : Wanna solve the energy crisis? Two words. Nuclear. Fusion. Invest in that, and all our problems will be solved.

Familha Gaudir : Basically my reaction to every "climate submit" where thousands of people take planes to fly halfway across the globe to tell the world how urgent it is we burn less fossil fuels. But apparently nor urgent enough that they themselves would refrain from wreckless waste of fossil fuels. Maby don't blow the yearly carbon budget of a small city in a week to tell people how they must reduce their carbon footprint, and I will be more inclined to decrease MY OWN consumption that is merely a tiny fraction of yourse.