How Parasites Work

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Silent Witness : Hi SyeTen, I really like your videos and your humor, you make some great points. Although I do get the hypocrisy and the attitude some pleople have when they talk about this phenomenon you are addressing in this video, I assume you are well aware of what I'm going to say next and I've got the intuition that you don't deny the scientific facts, but I must insist that this is a very real and concerning problem for the sake of making it clear to those that doubt if it's real or flat out deny it. I don't know where you stand on this issue, and I don't want to seem authoritarian or anything like that, but I'm an environmental scientist, and as many other scientists will agree on, it is a fact that the warming and the changes we are witnessing today are driven by the activity of modern civilization, not only by burning fossil fuels, but also other factors we are contributing to. I would have really liked you made that clear on the end of the video.

Mark Samenfink : THE BALLS ON THIS GUY

Russell : My take away, WHAT IS THE PERFECT TEMPATURE... Thats actually a great question I shall use if ever dealing with one of these kinds of parasites

Biggus Dictus : I'm guessing you just got your upload permissions back? Congrats man! Missed you

markxl : Is the big guy AL Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio?


BigFatMoose : Oh boy, going for the triple snowflake annihilation combo!

Shrunken Presence : glad you're back and not murdered by the peaceful Muslims

Pawelnougoed : How Parasites Work? They don't

Cheesetastical Sam : I love the earth cow

Rohan Hades : Perfect argument. Practice what you teach. Perfect counter. I'm exempt because.

Epic Journeys : The solution is Nuclear Power. Once the "green" movement realise this fact, instead of preaching about unreliable renewables such as wind power, we will actually be able to do something constructive. But yes, humans are having a significant impact on climate change.

CaptainAwesomesworld : If we reduced the global population to 1 billion, it would end "manmade global warming". So if you REALLY care about the climate, you know what you have to do. *slides you a gallon of bleach with a crazy straw in it*

Michael Black : That was awright but about five minutes too long.

tobby12347 : Two cartoons at the same time?! Lordy, I peaked.

MacAlmighty : Jesus Christ, is that a triple upload on the horizon?

Ma Hobgood : I thought this was going to be a standard "global warming not real" video but it did rase questions I didn't think about before

Cloud Seeker : "But if the temperature is heating up why does it feel cold?" That is because the arctic winds go further down the normally. There is a reason why 3 once in a century storms hit the US at the same time last year. No one said everyone will boil to death or winter will no longer exist, everyone said it will be more extreme weather and everyone else said "oh so it will rain more then normally. I can deal with that and I like it hotter anyway".

Phijkchu Shuckle : I think this video could be easily misinterpreted as "we aren't killing the planet and climate change is stupid hur duh". I realised about half way that it's more about rich people and companies that tout how good they are for the environment and how everyone else should be like them, when they are actually doing more harm than regular people.

Job91 : Immediately downloaded to avoid censor removal

Lonnie Olafson : Love me some fearporn.

A not so silent Robert : Cattlestrophic.

Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis : I can't tell from this vid if you're a climate alarmist or a realist, Sye Ten. I'm guessing that was deliberate.

guystryche : The number 1 reason for climate change is animal aggriculture. You can't respect environmentalists who aren't vegan.

Wintericed : Whoa, whoa, whoa there buddy. You can't criticize this sort of thing, because rich people agree on it.

obscure741 : brilliant analogy... you don't see climate alarmists using solar panels to heat their house do you. they fly on planes , drive like the rest of us, yet complain how evil we are.

Edin Alagić : Who's the mosquito supposed to be? Looks like a bit of a straw man.

USA/Israel/UK are source of all problems on Earth : dude chill 4 videos wtf

ReJewTech JewSA : So is he a climate denier or just pointing out the hypocrisy of "alarmists"?

K Uzumaki : Welcome back

Robert Tunstall : What they don't tell you it's 97% of the climate scientists who made a position. Only 32% of climate Scientists made a position

ChipArgyle : Someone's conflating science with religion here... Funny thing about scientists: they love to demonstrate each other's work to be incorrect. It's what they live for. They pop woodies when they do it. (I'm kind of embarrassed for them in that regard.) So when there's actually a large scientific consensus about something, well, I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Feel free to tell them they're incorrect at that point, but only if you have your own PhD in a related discipline and have the data to back up your position. Otherwise you're just being... Trumpy. If those 98% of scientists are actually incorrect about something, then we have nothing to worry about if we ignore that thing. But what are the consequences if those 98% of scientists are correct and we've ignored them? And the biggest question of all is, what's the big deal about trying the leave the smallest footprint we can? Why is not being wasteful and polluting a bad thing?

Nolsterbuckr : I haven't clicked on a video so fast.

Rationalific : It was really too long. More than double as long as it should have been. And the same point was made over and over again. Also, most environmentalists are not jet-setters and banquet-throwers. Most are regular people who actually think it would be kind of concerning if the earth's climate was altered beyond repair in the span of a couple human lifetimes. I generally like your work, but this was not the best of it.

Cameron Myers : First video of yours I don't agree with or really get the point of. Climate change is a massive global issue, and one that needs to be addressed on an international, collaborative scale immediately, and if it isn't then the results will be catastrophic. The only thing I got from this video is that some climate change alarmists are annoying. They're the tiniest, most insignificant target I can think of.

Zepie : Leonardo DiCaprio cares about climate change, he owns a giant yacht and flys everywhere by private jet(he doesn't want to debase himself by flying with those peasants in 1st class) he probably has a carbon footprint thousands of times bigger then the average American. What great guy!

General Anderson : 0.7 degrees hotter of the earths average temperature in one month is absolutely horribly. we’d be lucky to keep out temperature from raising 2 degrees it would kill so many ecosystems

Deavon Rains : Except, know.....we actually are killing the the analogy doesn't exactly work

God of Geckos : Considering the effectiveness of 'simple market forces' thus far, I doubt they'd be eager to start helping now. They're the primary causation, after all. Blaming the individual is retarded, yes, but to dismiss the solution by giving the responsibility of fixing it only to the problem itself is bloody daft. Profit margins will always outweigh the future good.

keshav jha : bro i am just glad you are alive

Seanofthehill Seanofthehill : "graph"

Smugly Otaku : Why is cenk Uyger the planet earth in this video

Perennial Cookie : (((parasites)))

Thuggee : that is pretty much a person from the church of climate change.

Devon Cooke : So we're all in agreement that global climate change is happening at a dangerous rate, and that it is a result of human activity, but that there's more fear-mongering than actual change being pushed on the side of the left?

Pantaloon Duck : Was that Leo Dimosquito

Sar Jim : Makes you think, don't it?

Familha Gaudir : Basically my reaction to every "climate submit" where thousands of people take planes to fly halfway across the globe to tell the world how urgent it is we burn less fossil fuels. But apparently nor urgent enough that they themselves would refrain from wreckless waste of fossil fuels. Maby don't blow the yearly carbon budget of a small city in a week to tell people how they must reduce their carbon footprint, and I will be more inclined to decrease MY OWN consumption that is merely a tiny fraction of yourse.

CryptoCondemnation : I don't understand. What do you disagree with? 1. The average temperature of the earth is increasing. 2. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas that stops energy from being reflected back out of the atmosphere. 3. Carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing. 4. The majority of energy production increases the amount of carbon dioxide. If you don't disagree with these things I have no idea why you would think that climate change isn't happening.

Robert Wallace : That was a fine video and all , but , now just a minute now... but doesn't a Tick drink more blood by volume than a mosquito? I mean it's only the Female mosquito that drinks blood , the males are nectar drinkers. Where as the Tick both male and female drink blood.