Bounty Hunters Gone Wild - Abduct Wrong Man and Terrorize Family of 5 with Force, Threats & Weapons

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UPDATED VIDEO. VA Bail Enforcement agents came to the door with weapons drawn Threatening to kick it in as 15 year old girl opens door. Henshman Bail enforcement of VA proceed to (with use of unnecessary force) abduct a man with the same name as the skip. Prince William County PD refused to come help when 911 was called. The agent drove the man around for an hour before dropping him off at home. Prince William Police refuse to press charges on the agents. Check out the video, so you can be the the judge. I couldn't imagine how pissed I would be if this was me.

Comments from Youtube

Devin Chastain : These guys dont seem qualified enough to serve fries let alone be in possession of a gun!

Miles Barnett : Please contact a lawyer in the area, you can sue the bounty hunters and police department. Plus the agency that supplied the information, could be a easy cash settlement and teach them a thing or two. I'm sure before you read this attorneys will be contacting you to say the same. You have an obligation to take this to court, without it someone like you will suffer the same events.

J DeKlute : Seems like kidnapping to me.

Mike Rastall : bounty hunters,the fakest hard asses ever

Jiraiya Sama : If this was in Texas, those pigs would've been riddled with holes.

Kevin Krizan : Your constitutional rights were violated badly. You should escalate to the state police or FBI and sue the police Department and Bounty Hunters for not protecting your constitutional rights.

Fake Name : I not sure why bounty hunting is still a thing. Seems like an extreme form of larping. The bounty hunters are lucky they didn't try that on a responsible gun owner.

JimbobdwayneSanchez : In Virginia a citizen can swear out a misdemeanor complaint with local the magistrate. Go to the magistrate's office and file misdomeanor warrants against the first agent for assault and tresspassing.

Jon Irenicus : Why ruin the video with stupid loud sound effect and heartbeats? like no one wants to hear what they're saying right?

General Popcorn : Kidnapping is a federal crime as per 18 USC 1201. Report this to the FBI.

Sweeney Todd : You can sue them to the point they can no longer operate.

ENOREL : Cops giving favors to bail bondsmen, so is DA's office. Clearly they moved him more that 25 feet, against his will and consent. Try Sate and/or Federal level, include cops and DA as accessories. I suspect Bounty Hunter groups will slide a little cash to cops or vice-versa, to help locate fugitives. I can also see them not wanting to hurt that relationship vs enforcing a few laws.

jaystv : I would have let them bust my door down and then I would have shot them.

SL : Sue the bounty hunters, police department and city for letting some sucker highschool failure w a fake badge think hes the man.

BreadHead : My dude look like Theadore Bagwell. (sorry you had to go through this and sorry for me joking, but i have to, i have jokepheelia).

snoopdog9993 : They should get jail for threats , kidnapping etc

Skreamies : Kidnapping, this deserves prison time. Can't wait until they're sued but in reality those guys deserve a bullet.

beefyoso : You should have taken a page from the police playbook, namely shoot first and ask questions later.

bob smith : general rule--if its NOT a real cop like this 'bail agent' or 'Bail enforcement' ...they try to 'kick' the door....shoot back instantly the second they enter

Aghate Wahedi : Wow. What a perfect example of why we need stand your ground laws. These so-called agents should't be running around assuming who might be a criminal or not, they only thing they should assume is room temperature!

help all animals : If you can't get anywhere maybe contact Steve Hindi ask him for advice he is on youtube and deals with a lot of this stuff.

Wildebeast357 : should prob learn how to spell better so when u write a letter to the county or whoever, it doesnt sound dumb. lmao at 'warrents' and 'attourny'

PutMeInCoach : Next time just stand your ground with lethal force.

Startre Start : only right thing to happen now is for all of them to be arrested and taken to court, they literally kidnapped him.

HisXLNC : This is why the government wants to ban AR-15s. To make it easier for armed goons to carry you away into the night.

Josh Bailey : Shoot anyone that enters your home unwanted and unwelcome!

Hog Shark : Shouldn't this case be brought forth by federal agents and not by the corrupt Virginia idiots who chose/choose not to help that family?

ado ler : Why would these idiots be given any type of authority.

seaswirl79 : The bail guys are lucky someone didn't light their asses up with a semi-auto rifle....that just doesn't give a fu---.

Seek Truth : That is why you tell your brainless kids to not just open doors to random strangers, especially if they are dressed like fake police Rambo wannabees. Thanks to the kids just opening the door the rest was a foregone conclusion. If they would have tried to force their way into my house it probably would not have ended nice for those fake badges. The police would have been called and these goofballs would wait outside until the police got there or pay the price. These punks are civilians and have no authority to come in and snatch innocent people. They are NOT police. They are nothing but violent home invaders and can be treated as such if they kick your door in.

Greg McGrath : Yoooo inbox me if you wanna see some comments that are getting deleted! I gots screenshots lmao. $10 says they'll get sued for liable!

Mr. Nice Guy : Seems like the princess william county police need to be held accountable for denying you your rights, and civil liberties, that being said, how is your democracy working out for you? Lol our cops dont even carry guns and this portly 43 year old virgin who sports ninja turtle bedspreads is strapped to the teeth? What a failure as a bounty hunter😂🤣😅! Is he on estrogen?? He got locked IN!! is you listen to her slide the deadbolt at 45 seconds, its when his voice cracks and he says he will kick the door out!!! What a bitch that guys wife if ganster as fuck. Good luck america, seems like ya need it 😂🤣😅

Edgar Alex : Wait can u just shoot the,m in the leg ? Dude came up to the house didn’t even say who they were threaten the person i their own house and kidnap someone ? From what I know that’s legal authority for someone to shoot not kill them but let them stop acting a fool

Obe1Kanobe : even if he did skip bail, this is just wrong!! who hired these fckin psychos??? what if it was a woman? they just kidnapped him, straight up. How can these people even carry a weapon??? they can't even talk normally with a woman, typical fckin pigs

United Federation of Planets : The heart beat is annoying

smoothvirus : btw it's "Fredericksburg". Not "Fredricksburg".

MondoBeno : This does look fishy. Why would they drive around with the fugitive in the car without bringing him to the police station? And why was she stupid enough to open the door when there are armed men outside? If you have a gun, grab it, and if not, barricade yourself inside. As for the police, they're probably the incompetent ones who get the night shift.

J Briggs : There has to be more to this story. Makes no sense that the police would refuse to file a report.

Word Unheard : Are the dramatic music and heartbeat sound effects really necessary? No. It just makes it seem as though it's a re-enactment, a clip from Real TV, or a horror movie. The pictures of the family eating at a restaurant? Also not necessary. That's some CNN type bullshit. What's happening in this video is already serious enough, without sensationalizing it, and detracting from the realness of the event.

Gordon Way : Always answer the door with a loaded weapon. They can't abduct you if they aren't breathing.

Eligos Nick : I am the first viewer, and commenter on this? Who did you steal this vid from ya pilfering chumpy?

Achak Atsila : At this point, file a civil suite. However next time, be prepared by arming yourself.

the springthunderboxer : this happens because people like you who sit on juries and convict anyone who defends their family against anyone with a badge. so anyone who wants to commit a crime can just grab a badge and do what they want when they want without the threat of incoming made the laws now enjoy them.

Jay Schipp : Bounty hunters: too fat and feeble for the military, and too stupid (incredibly) to be cops.

Zen : It's too bad these bounty hunters weren't shot dead and never to do this again. Death is what will teach these cop wannabe reject retards.