Beginners guide to InkTober!

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Saviroosje2 : Hello everyone!! Thanks for the amazing support on this video! Curious about my inktober journey of 2017? Watch it here! : Hope your inktobers went well! ^^

Micah Buzan : I definitely want to give inktober a try. It seems like a great challange, and the fact that it's an event that tons of other artists participate in is encouraging.

Federico R. : this is going to be my first time in inktober, i not a fan of inks so is going to be a big challenge for me

phil trash #2 : I am doing inktober this year even tho I only own a muji liner pen and a black copic 😭😂

Keira Rose : 2018 InkTober?! I'm so excited!

Tsiih : Oooohhh!!! Inktober!! I think this year will be the very first year that I can finally do Inktober!! My upcoming break will be pretty much all of October so I'm excited to give it a shot at last. ^o^ The past few years made it impossible with how intense school was. 8') My goal is going to be using mainly brush pens since those are the tools I'm literally the worst at and hopefully this will help me improve on using them! Best of luck with your Inktober too when the time comes!

j : Which pen did you use for the outline of the shirt on the girl? I'm trying to see if I can maybe get a nice pen before inktober starts and I want to give it a try so I need a good quality inexpensive pen and that seems like a good one for me (hopefully it doesn't cost a lot).

AutumnEdits : Despite the crazy amount of other activities I have going on right now, I feel like I need to do Inktober. As an artist, I find myself hyper focused on finding my style, or quickly fixing my flaws, which drives me away from wanting to do anything artistic. So, considering how Inktober is about having fun and drawing once a day, I believe I can benefit from joining in!

Bit Box : I was unable to do inktober this year. So, I'm starting a new tradition. InkNovember.

Red Berry : I don't think I'll be able to do inktober, but I'll look at yours for sure!

Something : I am a senior and probably shouldn't be doing this but tbh I am very excited :) I hope I can at least do couple of days Looking forward for yours! :)

SoftSoju : Me and my friend are doing inktober for the first time and hopefully it turns out great

Monkey Doodles : I can't wait to do inktober this coming up month

Asinine. : Ahhh, it makes me so happy that so many artists are participating in this °w°

Tephiria : I'm trying to get into Inktober this year. ^-^ I'll stick to digital art though as that is what I want to get better in. Especially the inking phase is something I am struggling hard. Coloring isn't much of a problem to me for some reason, but getting a decent looking sketch and inking that is much harder for me.

Shiroichi Art : Wuah~ I can´t wait for Inktober! Last year was my first time doing Inktober and it helped me a lot. Even if I din´t go with a list on what to draw :D but I tried to do a lot that I normally don´t draw etc. And it´s where I started to use more references and all. I hope I can make this Inktober as funny as the last one!

superdwn : Wait does inktober start in October??


Rae Santos : i really wanna try inktober this year, i found a Halloween themed one, I'm just worried about being able to draw everyday bc lack of motivation and laziness

RandomArtist 78910 : This is the month i die out of bravery

mr sandman :0 : AHHHH!!! I’m so *INK* cited!!

derpy frechy : I use a thin point sharpie... im not sure if i can participate in inktober with that...

Ayame Tsukika : I don't have money for inks and pens unfortunately... i do however have a fountain pen that has black ink, wonder if that'll work... edit:y'know what, why not. I'll try to do inktober only with that fountain pen. A bigger challenge, desn't matter!

Poppy | Shane | Gabbie | Tøp | Panic : I wish I could do inktober. I have the worst supplies

Reality Bitess : Im still 100 percent going to attempt inktober even though i will have a lot of homework and school :( but even a lil doodle on my homework will count for me 😂😂😂

Juliet Louise : Thanks for the reminder to prepare! I got so many supplies but I never make the most of them, so I really wanna try it out during inktober this year :D

Diego R. : I love how this video is in my recommendations again this year, i think this year i will actually participate and share my drawings on Instagram.

Ronny Doodles : Nice little tutorial for people who want to start doing Inktober! I did it last year and did not plan it out, which caused some ugly pieces in the end, but this time I am definitely planning out what I am going to do and sketch beforehand haha

Ririz Making This and That : I guess i should try inktober this year. Since I'm still confused with my style, so it's a nice practice to find my own style Thanks for sharing some tips!

TyLEr _dANiCO : Hopefully i can balance my studies and my 1st inktober this year

zhani alzh : can i use a red or blue pen?

Blueberry Muffin : I've tried numerous times to do Inktober, but I've quit the, like, second day every time. Wish me luck!

Essa Art : Thanks! This was really informative and helpful :)

Jae P. : I'm so excited this is my first year doing inktober!😁 Can you use marker?

The Artist's Pen : for me. inktober is a great challenge but i still beginner

Moved to another Channel! : Ooo in getting ready for my first inktober!

Ibrahim Khalid : Can't wait for Inktober! Unfortunately my exams are also in October, so I might not be able to do much.

Maia Hamstra : I want to participate in inktober this month but I'm wondering, is it okay to draw in pencil first and go over it in ink or should I just use ink?

The Pleb : Ay my first inktober next month! It's going to be great, I'm so excited

Charlotte Donnelly1 : this year im doing inktober for the first time 👉😎👉

Kikoro's Town : Good Luck on Inktober, Everyone!

Ali : Anyone else watching this for this year's Inctober?

Storm-Drawsss : Am I the only one that does goretober instead?


Cheryl Clough : Wi'm going to give it a try, I think. This will be my first time. I'm working hard at trying to improve my drawing skills. This should help!

Claudia Finelle : My first time doing inktober and Im super excited. I really want to improve my line work. I hope I can keep the enthusiasm through th ewhole challenge and complete it.

D a i s y D r e a m✨ : Do you have to use ink for every drawing?

Midnight Creations : I'm just gonna use fine and ultra fine sharpie. I don't have money to buy brush pens or actual ink

Angel Starfire : Thank you for this! This is my first inktober so I'm pretty excited! I suck at inking so I hope to improve (i always ruin the drawing by inking)

Some Random Yuri : Imma try it. I just gonna use black and the white paper because I only have one copic (which is the only ink thing I have) and it's black so :T