Beginners guide to InkTober!

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Saviroosje2 : Hello everyone!! Thanks for the amazing support on this video! Curious about my inktober journey of 2017? Watch it here! : Hope your inktobers went well! ^^

Federico R. : this is going to be my first time in inktober, i not a fan of inks so is going to be a big challenge for me

phil trash #2 : I am doing inktober this year even tho I only own a muji liner pen and a black copic 😭😂

Tsiih : Oooohhh!!! Inktober!! I think this year will be the very first year that I can finally do Inktober!! My upcoming break will be pretty much all of October so I'm excited to give it a shot at last. ^o^ The past few years made it impossible with how intense school was. 8') My goal is going to be using mainly brush pens since those are the tools I'm literally the worst at and hopefully this will help me improve on using them! Best of luck with your Inktober too when the time comes!

Something : I am a senior and probably shouldn't be doing this but tbh I am very excited :) I hope I can at least do couple of days Looking forward for yours! :)

zvi : Ahhh, it makes me so happy that so many artists are participating in this °w°

derpy frechy : I use a thin point sharpie... im not sure if i can participate in inktober with that...

Tephiria : I'm trying to get into Inktober this year. ^-^ I'll stick to digital art though as that is what I want to get better in. Especially the inking phase is something I am struggling hard. Coloring isn't much of a problem to me for some reason, but getting a decent looking sketch and inking that is much harder for me.

RandomArtist 78910 : This is the month i die out of bravery

Ronny Doodles : Nice little tutorial for people who want to start doing Inktober! I did it last year and did not plan it out, which caused some ugly pieces in the end, but this time I am definitely planning out what I am going to do and sketch beforehand haha

Ririz Making This and That : I guess i should try inktober this year. Since I'm still confused with my style, so it's a nice practice to find my own style Thanks for sharing some tips!

Maia Hamstra : I want to participate in inktober this month but I'm wondering, is it okay to draw in pencil first and go over it in ink or should I just use ink?

Essa Art : Thanks! This was really informative and helpful :)

Claudia Finelle : My first time doing inktober and Im super excited. I really want to improve my line work. I hope I can keep the enthusiasm through th ewhole challenge and complete it.


Cheryl Clough : Wi'm going to give it a try, I think. This will be my first time. I'm working hard at trying to improve my drawing skills. This should help!

Calligraphy Tuber : Nyc😊

Anita Fdz : Can we join inktober late ?

shimma thani : am i the only one wondering if digital artist can do inktober too...?

Allen Mahan : Thank you! "Slàinte!" and "Good Luck!" to you, too ... Day 4 ... So far, so good!

Raelynn Kemp : So during Inktober you can use color or no?

leah k : Im constantly busy revising for gcses but id love to actually try out a few this year

Fay2005 : It's spooky time again


Asia Krekling : If I use just a normal pen for inktober is that okay?

marspormento mars : ok tnx for that video

Sophia Llandelar : Can you use ink toner digitally?

_cheesy cheesecake_ : When you realise that you only have one pen and it's for school notes...

KONO DIO DA! : ballpens have ink

Sara/Sam Dixon : Can you Just markers? Or does it have to be like fine liners and stuff?

Dark Wisp BR Youth : Is it Ok to sketch with a pencil first before drawing/lining with the ink or?

Pao 8aD : I am actually going to do Inktober for school!!! Some classmates and me are going to do it for a class

Holly Thorndike : I’m doing inktober! But I’m doing the drawings on my iPad because why not 😂

MLP Boba : I only have a pencil and a ballpen ;-;

Sophie Thorneywork : Ehhh i tried but ive already failed lols. Well on the 31st imma just have to draw to drawings. I missed the first day XD

TARAMEEZING : are u dutch ?

Peter Chorao : I thINK i'm too late it's already inktober the 2nd i didn't know what is inktober now i do (i guess next year possibly?). Thanks!

Super Derpy Gamer : Yesterday was my first inktober and I only have notebook paper XD Im broke ;-;

Blue wispy : Can you use colour?

MSP_Unikitty : I started inktober and I just do random drawings

ralph dario : Could we use color pencils?

PivTrap Plays : I think I’m going to do it this year. * realizes it’s late October 1st * ...CRAP

The Katlure : Am I allowed to use brush pens and sharpies? Because I got a double sided one in black for this and a bunch of brush pens in different colors. This video was really helpful and I wished I watched it earlier.

Nodmax11 : Why not dip ink with a paintbrush it still counts

heyitslorena : this year is gonna be my first inktober- tbh im pretty nervous about it LMAO

• KCIV • : Wait hold on so I can't sketch in pencil??

Mastersubz 01 : I have a pencil and a marker. Will that do?

Rei Elizabeth : Idk why I'm watching this on October 1st because it's definitely too late to do anything whoops

Nyx : aaahhhhhh okay so I didn't plan at all because I just recently discovered Inktober and I'm joining this year WISH ME LUCK.

Kiwi City : Good Luck on Inktober, Everyone!