Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 5 Days - Marangu Route

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Sunday Funday : Nice video - We are planning to climb through marangu in May. This is very helpful!

Tellacky Kavishe : Awesome man...big up..I did 3 days up one day down....and it was weed..all the

Tellacky Kavishe : I started the assent at night to the pick...and I was out of the gate by the evening. understand how you felt...but it's awesome. one can understand this ..until you make it man

Rafik SAFAR BATI : that's great, i like

Dia Premiado : Did you take one Diamox a day or only half? I'm going to hike up same route first week of march. Any tip in special you wanna share? Thank you for the great video!

Adventures of Cait & Adam : great vid !

Daniel Niekel : Great vid! What organisation did you use? Thanks :)

mark ngolo : whats the song playing at 1:29