TRENT FROM PUNCHY - Cancelled Documentary
VICE decided to not air this doco of Trent from Punchy I can see why

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9 years ago film maker Anthony Macfarlane found a kid at Punchbowl Station and gave him $20 to do an interview". With a documentary crew, and through his case worker, Anthony re-connected with Trent. VICE never ended up airing the series as it was deemed to "crass and inappropriate".


Matthew Anderson : Please post the full documentary Trent is a aussie hero

Dciplz : Coppers coppers punch em in the face coppers coppers but your still a copper and your gaaaayyyyyyy...

MrSamcro1976 : Bad boy bubby

marc noonan : This is my son (high pitch) "Jase".

PhaimouzTV : Posting a full documentary or series with Trent would be the best business decision for your company!! So get on to it

renslo689 : We need trent the movie

MrRecklessryan : 8 years too late!

rubberguy56 : How did you guys get Larry David?!

Sash : Pissed myself laughing when he was chasing after that bloke flat Bicky for being on his phone while filling up πŸ˜‚

rafftaman : That me mate Trent.. he a legend in punchy.. sick can’t, ! Big up 🀜🏾 🍲

Oxidized : Bubby is looking rather healthy.

ColdWarKid1979 : Full movie please!!

David Malone : Please...PLEASE make a series with Trent and bad boy bubby...nothing but dark humour πŸ˜ŠπŸ–•

Blair Davis : Come on then! Give that sick kunt a show then alright?!

Community Grow : A national treasure this guy

xd blaze : Good to see his doing well after all these years



MafiaboysWorld : If you ever looked up bogan in the dictionary, there's no description, just a picture of Trent from Punchy.

Michael Patti : Hey Adrian why are you on vice mon? it's like so main stream. like your haircut brah it's so fresh! #sorrynotsorry

fidy8dub : What! This looks to be the greatest doco of all time! Trent would be an absolute hero around the world!! DOOOO IT! Release the gaddamm footage!

Jay Pharaoh : I gave him 20 bucks i still havent seen his mums moot. Trent ya dawg!

Trent Williams : This character ruined my life

Stefan Hohensinn : This guy reminds me on Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore

mr biscuits : lmfao. i thought this was serious, its the dude from soul mates ;)

MarkMash17 : Aussie icon

brad baverstock : That be Bubby? the clingwrap killer

Eion Sculley : The dude that plays Trent should have gone on a bender, then filmed it. He sounds to thespian now.

firebirdTA : Trent from punchy was just an act . The famous "interview" was a spoof

Harrison Jones : Chuck Norris wanted to live in Australia, Trent said no.

The NJM Way : Maroota service station

Cat Likepizza Gaming : Bad boy bubby has got old

HYSTERIC CREATIONS : How did I not realize this was Nicholas Boshier *face palm* "salty snack"

Robert Cragg : Wow. This completely missed the magic and attraction of his original clip. Typical Vice timing in on something trendy from years ago with no appraise

Papa PowPow : Shout out to Shane Skillz. Skillzy n Trent.. 2 sic cnts ay.

Crate Baptist : Legend

Daniel Long : We need a Trent tv series like housos

Myhass Isout : Old bloke is bad boy bubby

Joseph McDermott : Even 8 years ago it was unbelievable that he was from Punchbowl.

HARNESS84 _ : you just smashem AAAAYYEE!!! i would have liked to see more itching and more about trev

Gareth Brohier : Cheeky lil sausage

arcticridge : you left it too long mate

Bindi Boo : What a classic! πŸ˜‚

Jarno Saarinen : I grew up in Punchbowl, but lucky we moved to Mullumbimby when i was 9!

Jack Gapes : please post the doccumentary

End Boss : From Soul mates to this? And I thought Van Vuuren was the beefcake.

turkey bandit : Kevs a sickooooooo

Sebastian Pinkham : Who else is waiting for rostered on season 2?

Dale Denton : Killer. πŸ€™πŸ» πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί