TRENT FROM PUNCHY - Cancelled Documentary

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Matthew Anderson : Please post the full documentary Trent is a aussie hero

MafiaboysWorld : If you ever looked up bogan in the dictionary, there's no description, just a picture of Trent from Punchy.

MrSamcro1976 : Bad boy bubby

That 187 : Coppers coppers punch em in the face coppers coppers but your still a copper and your gaaaayyyyyyy...

rubberguy56 : How did you guys get Larry David?!

boagski : average.... just drying out something that was once hilarious

Matt Island : Trent is still a sick kent

renslo689 : We need trent the movie

MrRecklessryan : 8 years too late!

PhaimouzTV : Posting a full documentary or series with Trent would be the best business decision for your company!! So get on to it

turkey bandit : Kevs a sickooooooo

Nick Forsyth : You guys realise that this is fictional right? The actors name is Nicholas Boshier - look him up.

ColdWarKid1979 : Full movie please!!

MarkMash17 : Aussie icon

Oxidized : Bubby is looking rather healthy.

Danielle Harris : Ruined it

felix the cat : let it die already. the first one wasn't that funny

skullcam : trent is me cuzzen bra

xd blaze : Good to see his doing well after all these years

Van life Travel : Pissed myself laughing when he was chasing after that bloke flat Bicky for being on his phone while filling up 😂

marc noonan : This is my son (high pitch) "Jase".



arcticridge : you left it too long mate

Myhass Isout : Old bloke is bad boy bubby

c n : How's his mum's moot

Trent Williams : This character ruined my life

Steve : Comedy gold 😁😂

Jack Gapes : please post the doccumentary

Eion Sculley : The dude that plays Trent should have gone on a bender, then filmed it. He sounds to thespian now.

Jarno Saarinen : I grew up in Punchbowl, but lucky we moved to Mullumbimby when i was 9!

Blair Davis : Come on then! Give that sick kunt a show then alright?!

Dale Denton : Killer. 🤙🏻 🇦🇺

Community Grow : A national treasure this guy

AA Barbone : Thank God this never happened aye. Trent was never funny at all and all he ever did was copy Devvo from thick and thin.

endwido : That’s bad boy bubby

Finlay Matthews : Trent for pm

JCohensChannel : Yes please. More of this

wunderlich catt : way to go

Nathan Hobday : More

sloth sloth : This new Trent stuff looks so fake

Geordie Robertson : VICE you fools! The older haircut would've made a difference I reckon. It's kinda cos the VICE mags I remember being pretty funny in this kind of manner... those DO'S and DON'TS take the piss haaaaaaard. Dangit.

wardog2561 : Where is roasted on season 2 ????? Not even season one is on Netflix as promised so tf??? Been waiting almost a year man

fidy8dub : Thought Trent was a legit Psycho till the end..... looked a tad fake

Philmoon69 : Omg how dumb are you people the minute he mentioned super sperm i knew it was a joke (although i was already questioning when he was in boot).. Very funny. But certainly not a documentary (to all the comments asking for the full lol)

Sebastian Pinkham : Who else is waiting for rostered on season 2?

Alex Johnson : I gave him 20 bucks i still havent seen his mums moot. Trent ya dawg!

Ingrid Coetzee : Indeed this lunatic is an actor....not sure if I'm glad or infuriated that I got caught like this...can you imagine if this lunatic was actually roaming the streets. Jokes on us...

awakz100 : I'm still laughing....funny shit ay...

mr biscuits : lmfao. i thought this was serious, its the dude from soul mates ;)