TRENT FROM PUNCHY - Cancelled Documentary

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Matthew Anderson : Please post the full documentary Trent is a aussie hero

MafiaboysWorld : If you ever looked up bogan in the dictionary, there's no description, just a picture of Trent from Punchy.

Matt Island : Trent is still a sick kent

MrSamcro1976 : Bad boy bubby

renslo689 : We need trent the movie

MarkMash17 : Aussie icon

rubberguy56 : How did you guys get Larry David?!

Blair Davis : Come on then! Give that sick kunt a show then alright?!

MrRecklessryan : 8 years too late!

Dale Denton : Killer. 🤙🏻 🇦🇺

ColdWarKid1979 : Full movie please!!

josiah mcgill : Typical stupid aussie

endwido : That’s bad boy bubby

Oxidized Gaming : Bubby is looking rather healthy.

Sambo Hambo : I said it back then and I'll say it now. This guy should be chemically castrated and so should everyone in his gene pool

c n : How's his mum's moot

Archi : ye siq wun ayy

David Malone : Please...PLEASE make a series with Trent and bad boy bubby...nothing but dark humour 😊🖕

Farm till I die Danny *Puggo* : This is hot

PhaimouzTV : Posting a full documentary or series with Trent would be the best business decision for your company!! So get on to it

Finlay Matthews : Trent for pm

BootneckJake : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiik kentz!!!!

C B : gold more immediately

HARNESS84 _ : you just smashem AAAAYYEE!!! i would have liked to see more itching and more about trev

Nathan Hobday : More

Cat Likepizza : Bad boy bubby has got old