Flipkart introduces India’s first robot-based sortation technology

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At this Flipkart sortation facility in Bengaluru, over 100 AI-powered bots are busy sorting your packages, so they reach you faster & safer. These sophisticated robots help Flipkart operators process 4,500 shipments an hour at twice the speed & with 99.9% accuracy. This is not just a first for Flipkart. It is India’s first robot-based sortation technology!


rahul : Govt is only worried about small retailers using Plastic but careless about these gaints using hell lot of plastic

Saksham Singh : And thus creating more UN EMPLOYMENT 😑😑

Ashish Madaan : That's a hell lot of plastic packaging!!

Abhey Singh : Dislikers are employees of Amazon 🤣🤣

abhisek mohanty : Madar flopkart selling fake products Road side trolley mans are flipkart sellers

anurag sharma : Lol.....0:48 the bots will take away his job one day like others

HABIB MOHAMMED.K : Guys be prepared before choosing ur careers the robotics revolution has started affecting many....

Ravula Akhil : I won't say this is new technology ,it is adopted by all e-commerce sorting hubs. But indeed a new beginning for Flipkart

harish chilukuri : That plastic Is good plastic it is allowed and can be recycled not like our kirana store plastic covers,they are doing great job atleast encourage them

Rahul M : I don't understand people logic. There is nothing wrong automating sorting jobs to robot. There is more job created elsewhere. For instance technician for these robots and coders.

PUBG NE : We can't trust robot if we order iPhone robot will pack Redmi 😂🤣

Kunal Mhatre : Effect of walmart?

Mr. D : Don't let Amazon take over India

pramod sthavareekmath : He spoke in KANNADA.....This is awesome

Varsha Vora : Congo we are gonna be unemployed

G SW : Who is talking about unemployement? I have a question to them, haven't you sent any mails yet,...fast, free ......isn't that a creation of unemployement you could have used postal service.......technologies always try to make life easier

Rajesh Nayar : video editing was not up to flipkart's level

Kunal Mazumdar : I will not be surprised if next time a Robot came to deliver a product to my house. After all Flipkart is an American company now. 😁😁😁

samir714 : As we know flipkart is no longer flipkart it is now becoming Walmart 😬😬 but it also increase my tension also because of jobs 😥😥

Raja Raghavendra : Alibaba, also introduced this.

Sarthak Panda : A few hundred years ago: Watch out, these new electric motors are going to kill your jobs

samir714 : Now My tension is more increase about my future now 😥😥

ASHOK KUMAR : India India India keeeeeep developing country in technology but political is worst because rules is not strictly


naga sundaram : Technology going to make us suffer one day literally.some says it's creating jobs I don't understand sacking 10 persons and giving job for one.i am not a communist but logistics section it's not needed it cuts more jobs for uneducated persons.even we are in IOT era still we need to reconsider those principles.

sumit gode : India welcomes new AI technology. amazing..#flipkart

JAYJAY : The tech imported from Alibaba.

TELEPEDIA GAMING : Hope we get tampered proof ....items now

krishna murthy : Quality less card Flipkart time waste of shopping


Vinay Rao : I like this facility but Flipkart is a fraud they not return my money back and also they take product I hate this Mistake or fraud i don't know but it is fraud for me Flipkart is a cheater cheater

abhishek shukla : Just watch it buddy. They (bots) are going to replace you also one day.

Ankit Shende : Background music 👍😍

Chikati Naresh : The process behind a single click 🙄😯😯

vineet kumar : Technology is the way forward.

GODHAND GAMING : Thats Why We Recieve Soap 😆😂

Raghus Raghus : This all ready how many frog this one company

Vikram Thakor Official : Samsung Galaxy M30 Flipkart sale

Anokha videos : Bhai ek video RRB NTPC CLASS 12 LEVEL WALE KE LIYE BNAO

Varadendra rao Deshapnde : Mezzanine floor fabrication by subhadraindustries BANGALORE. www.subhadraindustries.in

krishna chaitanya : The background music is funny , just like their business .

Krazi Vlogs : Amazon started using robot 5 years back...

sooraj s nair : Amazing

SjG FunnY : This Small Roborts Can Distroy The World 😑

somasekharan Sanil : The reason y people are becoming jobless

Akshay Simply : Dislikes are from the people who were replaced by the bots!

FforFree : copy amazon lol

Rubesh Kumaran : U guys are very slow while comparing to Amazon

Bhargav Kamath : They are not the first one, just copied Amazon