Why Did This World Die?

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Nancy Volker : I love ancient and medieval ruins it makes you think about other times and people and what they were doing and how they lived their lives

Mikkel : Great video as always, I bet you have seen so much history through your journey

Nancy Volker : If I didn't know any better I would say your in the middle of the rainy season

holdmybeer : Is the driving better in this country than in Iran?

Tonefiend : Ruins are so fascinating it makes You wonder what happened and why the people left. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything else around there.

lin lee : The crickets there start chirping before dark? Maybe they r always like that everywhere, and I just never paid attention.

alex kartio : turkish language is from mongolia and central asia people of azerbaijan used to speak old azari language which was a dialect of persian language.... people of azerbaijan are not turkish by ethnicity because they don’t look like people from mongolia...